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  1. That makes sense. I bought all of mine for body shape alone. My oranda had a huge growth spurt and now seems to be growing a lot of wen. The lionheads are still growing and filling out...waiting to see how their wens develop! I can see how too much went too early would be a problem for a variety of reasons. I'm actually a little worried I may wind up having to do wen trimming for my oranda in the future.
  2. I was researching this topic myself, as I have two young lionheads with very minimal wen growth. What I learned from keepers in the west and in asia was that it can take a few years for it to develop, unlike with orandas. Sometimes it can be nothing, nothing, nothing and suddenly WEN! Anyone here with several of these kinds of goldfish, does that seem accurate? I know I have one who is now slowly growing a wen, the other (smaller) has not really started much.
  3. Generally the bigger fish are still under a year with plenty of life left in them, so that is not a factor. Honestly, I don't see it as outrageous at all. These bigger fish are almost never full grown, just a lot bigger. So you are looking at fish that are eating more, need more space to be raised in, need more filtration, more water changes, and everything else that goes with a large, growing fish. On top of ALL of that - these fish will cost more to ship. They weigh more, have to be bagged with fewer fish per bag but also generally with more water. Taking all of this into consideration, I would say the high price point is rather fair. If that much effort has been made to raise and provide a larger (but still young) fish that is now closer to or at breeding age...the price is completely justified.
  4. That's a very pretty fantail - good luck!
  5. I'm another one of those people using heaters to keep the temperatures stable in the winter. If I didn't, I'd get huuuge temperature fluctuations in 24 hrs alone.
  6. Well, these are two I love: http://goldfishnet.com/ItemDetails.asp?i=6430 http://goldfishnet.com/ItemDetails.asp?i=6432 In comparison, from RG: http://www.raingarden.us/7672a.JPG Here's an oranda I just love: http://goldfishnet.com/ItemDetails.asp?i=6420 In comparison, most of the orandas on RG look like this: http://www.raingarden.us/7834a.JPG
  7. I have to admit (please don't hate me for this!) that I do not actually like the look of a lot of the fish from Raingarden. There are the odd ones, but in general they aren't my thing. I appreciate that they sell awesome, healthy fish...but I often find the finnage, patterns, colours, body shape kind of...messy? On the other hand, all those goldfish from goldfishnet make me drool. All of my goldfish have been imports from China, brought over by a local aquarist who is now working with goldfish in China and has a partner here. Is there generally a difference between what what western and asian hobbyists breed for?
  8. I can't stand UG filters - and not just for goldfish. Like Lucerne said, they aren't really good for any tank or any fish. Hard to keep things clean, don't filter anything properly, and cause havoc with water quality. I think everything has been said really. My mom is an oldschool fish keeper, and she used to swear by these. When she saw how much easier of a time I had with proper HOB filters and canister filters, she switched!
  9. It looks like the pit bull of goldfish! I would definitely love to know what's up though.
  10. I have to say, crushed coral and definitely helped me. The pH and hardness of my tapwater is so incredibly low it's horrendous for keeping goldfish. Crushed coral in just the filter alone increases and keeps the pH and hardness relatively stable. However, it would appear I need a buffer as well for water changes so that the pH doesn't swing too wildly when I do them. Sometimes I have to wonder though. I have a friend who keeps goldfish very casually and knows very little about water chemistry etc. She uses the same tapwater without any additives and her fish are just fine. When I used tapwater without anything my goldfish suffered severe stress and the related ailments related to low pH. I don't even...
  11. Pearlscales are my favourite and that one is amazing! Good luck with the fry.
  12. Went into the pet store near me that I quite like. They actually had a lot of really nice looking goldfish - crowned pearlscales, nice ryukins and orandas...but the whole goldfish system must have had parasites...the fish were so sickly. They usually do a great job looking after their fish, but still so sad to see.
  13. A black oranda would be lovely! I'd have a hard time resisting that. Would they be the same as black moors in that the colour often changes? I love the deep, velvety black...but always worried the colour would change.
  14. Like everyone else I just love the colours on this guy! I got a pearlscale that had similar colours to start, but the red has been fading to more of an orange. I think the only goldfish I have that's staying the same colour is my calico lionhead. @_@
  15. Love that red and white oranda! I do love the blues, but is it hard to keep them blue?
  16. It's already looking good. I'm feeling the itch to set up a planted tank really badly looking at all these photos!
  17. Well again, whatever it turns out to be...it's a gorgeous fish!
  18. I wouldn't set up a tank for tropicals without a filter of some kind, ever. There would be nothing agitating the water (oxygen) or cleaning it. Instead of a proper cycle, toxins would just build and build until a water change - highly stressful on the fish. If you want low-maintenance, you need a filter.
  19. I thought I'd show you this video...it's not great, but you can see my lionhead and see what the differences are in comparison to yours. I hope I get my proper camera fixed soon so I can take nice pictures D:
  20. It might be...I personally find it hard to tell where an off-standard lionhead or ranchu end and a lionchu begins! But I agree, definitely has potential. My lionheads were also this size when I got them, and a few months later their wens are only just starting to grow a little. I've heard it can take them a while. Also I found this post, it seems relevant. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/96285-the-differences-between-lionhead-and-ranchu/page__p__1139958#entry1139958
  21. The back doesn't seem quite curved enough for a ranchu, but that tail tuck seems more pronounced than would be on a lionhead. For example, I have a lionhead who looks nearly identical to that one in every way, but does not have the tail tuck.
  22. Love kuhli loaches! They are at the top of my list for when I set up a planted tank.
  23. I'm so sorry to hear that. It is worth it to have a pH test on hand. My fish started having some troubles, and I tested everything including pH. I found that the local tap water had dropped VERY low, and as such every time I did a big water change I was stressing the fish out.
  24. I just...can't bring myself to like celestials! The eyes weird me out. Definitely does have character with the pom poms though....and I do love pom pom goldfish.
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