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  1. Thanks everyone! I LOVE taking photos of these guys - they are slow moving and come right up to the glass. I spent an hour trying to get any of my other 4 (much smaller) and got ONE good one of the oranda. As soon as I go near the tank they go to into 'omg food spaz' mode and...don't stop. At all...so long as I am standing there.




    The ONE of the oranda.


  2. Having worked in a few stores that catered to fish, I can say with certainty that yes - sometimes some sources for angels are just poor. This is also common with guppies.

    If you can find angels that have been locally produced it would be your best bet. But otherwise, yes, definitely find a new source for them!

  3. That sounds like a good plan. And I would love to not have to medicate them. I figure they were certainly under a lot of stress - I know for a fact the shipment was held at the airport far longer than was ideal due to some import SNAFU, and that they have been overcrowded, in a low pH, and bullied. So hopefully with some TLC meds won't be necessary.

    I'm going to give the baking soda a go, and I will update here. :)

  4. You may have been confusing me with them because I DID have pH issues I came to the board with some time ago. I couldn't figure out why my fish kept getting stressed after water changes - then realized the tap water pH had crashed significantly.

    My main concern was that the fish were kept at a pH of 6 for months (they arrived at the store in December) so they haven't been in the low pH for just a short time, it's been a while. However, I can most certainly bump it up with baking soda.

    Do you think I should wait to see the effects of changing the water chemistry before trying to medicate? Also - this fish, as well as the healthier one, are both eating with no issues. I can't comment on their poop yet. ;)

  5. I'm going to go pick up some more buffers tomorrow (I need this for my main tank as well). In the meantime, I put the coral in there to bring it up slowly. When I did this in my main tank, the pH was brought up to 7.5 in a few days. (I think 3 or so.) In my experience, a fast pH swing can be a bad thing - so my plan was to let the coral do what it does, and then have the buffer on hand for water changes.

  6. This fish was given to me when I purchased another, to see if I could turn it around.

    It was imported from China around December. According to the owner, when she consolidated a couple goldfish holding tanks into one the trouble started. A pair of highly aggressive Ryukins bullied one to death and this one took quite a beating as well.

    The fish is in QT now with a filter seeded from a healthy aquarium.

    The pH at the store was the same as our tap water - about 6. Far too low. I don't want to shock the fish, so I've added coral to slowly bring that up. Anyway:

    • * Ammonia Level- 0
    • * Nitrite Level - 0
    • * Nitrate level - 0
    • * Ph Level, Tank - 6
    • * Ph Level, Tap - 6
    • * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? API
    • * Water temperature? 70F
    • * Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 15 gall QT set up a couple of days ago
    • * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? Aquaclear 30 I think

    The only symptoms the fish shows are raggedy fins (but no open wounds or fungus or anything, even on the fins) and general lethargy/weakness. I do not know if the fins are a result of weakness or the beating it was taking from the Ryukins...or both.

    I'm having a hard time locating any prazi pro which I'd like to use as a general QT measure - but aside from that, how should I go about treating this fish?





  7. So, I went to pick up this guy today:




    ...and was given this one, to see if I could save it. It's a large butterfly tail telescope who is ill. It appears to possibly have fin rot, and is a bit weak. I will be posting in the diagnosis section, but for now - photos.






  8. The colour changing thing can certainly be frustrating!

    All I want in the world is a panda and tri-colour (of any fancy variety really) who keep their colours. It might be a long wait. :)

    Some fish can look kind of 'messy' when in transition. You never know how gorgeous that fish might be when it's done the change!

  9. Has anyone asked or confirmed what the pH of the tapwater is? When large water changes were suggested to me it made things worse, and I discovered that with all the recent rain my tapwater's pH had gone down significantly and every water change was causing huge fluctuations that stressed the fish.

    The first symptoms happened to be red streaking in the fins.

  10. I disagree in some way... as in "Generally the bigger fish are still under a year with plenty of life left in them, so that is not a factor" I don't agree with because some fish tend to be slow growers as others aren't, so you could have two decent size fish, lets say 6-7", one orange and white, one calico. Calico is a fast grower, and is only about 2 years, as O/W could be a really slow grower, and is about 5-8 years old. You decide on O/W.... About a year later he dies and you're wondering why... for all you know he could've been 10 yrs old, and his growth was stunted because of the poor living conditions he was in that you are completely oblivios of. While Calico is 2, youthful, and the pet/fish storeBarely ever cared for him,m but he is at the same price. He could've lasted a good 10 more years. Cased closed.

    Where exactly do you get the info that 'calicos' grow faster? It's a colour variety found in most types of goldfish. And I'm sorry, but no. Stores do not carry 10 year old goldfish unless they have been brought there by a customer who has torn a tank or pond down. In that case, the employees will say so or they will be labled as such. A 10 year old fish in a store would be exceedingly rare occurrence. Case most definitely not closed.

    Ok so what if THis large fish is young, it needs more filtration, a bigger fish tank, lots of food etc. wouldn't/shouldn't the LFS take into consideration how much this lil muncher is gonna cost later????

    So, you think a pet store should be charging less because it costs more to maintain? Seriously? Sorry but that makes no sense. The fish costs them more, they charge more. YOUR costs of looking after the fish do not factor into their sale price.

    On another foot, I agree with shipping as it is heavier, but if you bought it at a LFS, its different...

    Just My honest opinion...

    How do you think they get to the LFS? Horseback? ;)

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