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  1. I need to get some pictures of my calico lionchu/lionhead/whatever. 2.5" (without tail) and no sign of a wen yet. I think he's my most active/spaz of a fish, and every photo comes out looking like a calico blur
  2. I don't have any more advice to add to this- but I wanted to say I'm glad he's feeling better, and gorgeous fish!
  3. I do have to say that although there may be fish marked wrong and that sort of thing, the PetSmart locations near me have been clean with healthy animals and staff with the best of intentions - and that is more than I can say for most.
  4. Well, a lot of pet stores couldn't find their own butt with both hands. Based on that alone, it would not surprise me if they (or suppliers) mislabel fish. Having worked in pet stores when I was younger, I can also tell you that the same type of fish will have different names on order lists from week to week. Or you order the same thing two weeks in a row and get two different kinds of fish. The employees simply put them in tanks as they were marked.
  5. "Moor" is a reference to the colour of the breed - black. To me the term 'black moor' is actually redundant. (Kind of like saying tuna fish, instead of just tuna.) They are part of the telescope (or dragon eyed) family of goldfish breeds. So how do you tell a moor from telescopes? Well - they are black.
  6. Haha, I love Flushy...and his name. I have such a soft spot for tele's...
  7. Nope, no wen at all on the telescope. Though I did see at some point the pustule appeared to have burst...but there was no injury. Then it was just gone. The ones on the lionchu/ranchu (whatever it is!) went away without any leftover mark either.
  8. I wanted to update. So far, so good - mostly. Both fish are more active, eating plenty, defecating normally and seem fine. You would have NO idea the telescope looked to be at death's door when I got it. Yesterday, both fish looked to have one or two little...pustules or something. On their heads - these looked like little whiteheads. By the time I got batteries for my camera 24 hours later they were gone and have not come back. Definitely wasn't ick, and really and truly looked like a whitehead. Any ideas?
  9. When I saw the first picture I was sad - I love blue goldfish and knew it meant he'd be changing from that. But...wow, stunning!
  10. Looks like water under the tank to me. One of my filters got bumped and was trickling down the back of the tank and the water settled between the tank and stand to create an effect much like this.
  11. Same here - love the stuff. And sorry for the confusion all - yes, Fluval Bio Max as made by Hagen.
  12. I love biomax in particular. It's a type of ceramic ring, but so far is the most porous I've seen thus allowing that much more surface area for bacterial growth. I'm sure there are comparable brands - it's just the easiest to find in my area.
  13. I am also jealous! I would give my right arm for a nice panda telescope or oranda or almost anything. Heck, I'd even take a panda bubble eye at this point. Very nice fish - I hope they do well for you!
  14. Actually a buddy of mine is part owner of Ocean Aquatics, he can order some for me if I can't find it so I think I'm good. Love North American Pet Store. My oranda is from her.
  15. I've almost given up on trying to understand goldfish colour changes. I have an off-standard (the whole head is red) red-capped oranda who I've had since December or so. This fish is suddenly going from snow white to orange. One side is developing a lot of orange on the body, and the fins are going orange fast. So if they are still juvenile green, I guess almost anything is possible still.
  16. I love bettas, but I don't have the room to have a million tiny tanks with tiny heaters and filters etc. So, I just look! I do miss having at least one around though.
  17. Haha! He belongs in everyone's tank. When I saw that racing stripe I was basically done, hehe.
  18. I'm pretty sure the white stuff (fuzzy, semi-trasparent) is established as being a mold or fungus. (Or, I haven't heard otherwise if there's new info on that.) It's a very common occurrence and harmless...some fish even eat it. A blurb on it can be found at the bottom of this article: http://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/driftwood.php
  19. In my experience this is quite common with 'new' wood (submerged for the first time), is harmless and will go away on its own.
  20. Thanks for the tip! I guess i might have to hike out there - I can't find it anywhere in Vancouver.
  21. I bumped up the pH to 7.5 today and have a proper buffer again. The telescope is eating, pooping, and swimming normally. Once in a while surface breathes, but not a lot. The ends of his fins do not appear to be fuzzy or red or irritated, so I'm hoping for the best.
  22. Thanks everyone! I LOVE taking photos of these guys - they are slow moving and come right up to the glass. I spent an hour trying to get any of my other 4 (much smaller) and got ONE good one of the oranda. As soon as I go near the tank they go to into 'omg food spaz' mode and...don't stop. At all...so long as I am standing there. The ONE of the oranda.
  23. Cories are schooling, so you should stick with one species. However, I'd suggest a species of dwarf cory. If it were me, I'd do something like a tiny school of dwarf cory and a tiny school of lamp eye killies and lots of plants.
  24. Having worked in a few stores that catered to fish, I can say with certainty that yes - sometimes some sources for angels are just poor. This is also common with guppies. If you can find angels that have been locally produced it would be your best bet. But otherwise, yes, definitely find a new source for them!
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