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  1. *never mind listen to helen
  2. Does anybody have a clue as to whether norton is male or female?
  3. very cool! are you going to draw it?
  4. I wish I knew more, but until somebody more experienced comes along, I'm just here to wish you luck! I'm sorry you aren't feeling great today. I think it might be a little difficult without the questions filled out, people here generally try not to recommend treatment without knowing the answers, or they have a hard time knowing what the issue is. When youre feeling up to it, i highly suggest filling them out. Feel better!
  5. here you go I have these http://www.amazon.co...ish+tank+gloves theyre great! Most rubber dish gloves are okay for fish tank use too.
  6. They actually make special fish tank gloves! THey are shoulder length, I have a pair! Let me find you a link
  7. Hi It is day 5 of prazi treatment, and I should be doing a water change and adding salt (should I up it to 0.2?) but I just got home from a trip, and i have a killer headache from being in the car so long...I was wondering if there's any way I could do the ex in the morning, and then another one at night for the day 6 wc? Sorry
  8. Yay for cleaning and ordering! Hmmm... I've got no idea. I don't feed bloodworms though.
  9. This is actually a suggestion for fancies, which has been found incorrect. Edit: Oops! Alex already said that! My bad 2 or 3 fancies will be very happy in a 55 and you're doing the right think, your fish will be very happy in a pond! I know it sucks, but it's the right thing to do!
  10. Hello What kind of goldfish do you have? A common or a fancy? Commons can get as big as 12" and fancies as big as 6-9! Do you have a bubbler in your tank? How many goldfish do you have, and in what size tank?
  11. hi! I was just wondering (somebody might have mentioned this already, but I don't think so. sorry if this is repeat info) about your filter. I know that the Top Fin filters aren't great, and they have cartridges with carbon in them, which most of us here at kokos choose to remove. I'm not sure whether you have already done so, but I would suggest putting two or three of the empty cartridges (without the plastic, just the padding) into to the filter, including the one that is already in there so you don't lose your cycle. just remove some of the carbon if you would like. just give then a good rinse every now and then in a bucket of tank water. if you are looking for a better filter, I would recommend an aquaclear 70 I have two on my 45 gallon tank, and love them. tey don't make much noise, and they come with great media, including the ceramic balls. two filters are usually better than one, because if one breaks, you have the other one going, so consider 2 AC50s. I feed my oranda Omega One sinking pellets, though I may soon switch to gel food again. also have fun with spinach and cucumbers! they love that stuff. Live plants are great for sucking nitrates! check out Planted Aquarium Central's website. they have wonderful plants and always include freebies! Don't forget to sterilize them before putting them in your tank... 1 part bleach and 19 parts water...put in the plants for a minute, then take them out and soak them in conditioned water for 5 minutes. For water conditioner, try Prime, by Seachem. it helps with nitrites and ammonia for substrate, I suggest sand, because some sizes of gravel can get caught in a fish's throat. my plants seem to like the sand too. (oh! ps with your lighting, I would suggest buying root tabs if you decide to get live plants.) again, I'm so sorry if somebody already said this, I skimmed through everything before posting. good luck with everything! -Mandie
  12. aw man I've been commenting in the wrong giveaway! D: well.. just my luck happy Easter!
  13. When Bert and Ernie were in the 25, they both got sick and died. Do you think that whatever they had could still be in the tank and get the new guy sick?
  14. 6 rounds of prazi is about a month if you use the 5 day protocol (5x6 = 30). I would start the newbie off with just .3% salt for a week when you get him (unless of course he has obvious symptoms of flukes that would require immediate attention), then after the first week of just salt, drop the salt to .1% and start the prazi. okay sounds good thanks jess
  15. ohhhh okay I guess I misunderstood that then. okay. so 6 rounds of prazi is about 1 month? and should I start the prazi treatment right away when I get the newbie?
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