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  1. So are they in the 10 gallon or the 132 gallon? What filter do you have? It really depends on the fish and the water quality, I can't tell you exactly how big they will get, but I can tell you that commons can get as big as 12 inches
  2. Hi! Here is my new RG fantail! I just got him in the mail today! He's super cute and chunky! Thanks for looking! -Mandie
  3. that's sounds good! thanks! I'm going I lost a picture thread in just a minute he is super cute and chunky! edit- I already put the seeded filter on the tank is that ok??
  4. The new guy is here!! He has a lot of redness in his tail, will the salt and prazi take care of that?
  5. hi So i came home today (I was gone for 2 days), to this big gross pile of poop, and i just wanted to make sure this looked normal? He's been doing some weird stuff lately (surface gulping, yawning...but he''s always opened his mouth a lot), hopefully just because of the prazi, and i just wanted to make sure you guys thing everything is okay...sorry for the gross picture...be warned! he must be eating the plants or something because the last time i fed spinach was like a week ago! (there's a little sand on the bottom because he takes it out of the plant pots)
  6. Oh no I've been reading more things on here, and from what I'm reading it seems like people are getting sick veil tails from RG? I remember you mentioned this Jess.. Any idea if it is only veil tails, or should I be worried about my fantail that's arriving or Friday? I don't have mms or that other medicated food on hand (hmm...I should really order that stuff for just in case...), so I'm worried that if it came sick I wouldn't know what to do! Oh boy
  7. Unfortunately common goldfish need much larger tanks than 10 gallons 20 gallons or more per fish is recommended. They will not grow large in a 10 gallon tank, due to poor water quality, which can stunt their growth. How many commons do you have in that 10g? Is there any way you can get a few large plastic (food-safe) storage tubs for your fish until you can get a larger tank? I understand that sometimes it is not possible to get a larger tank for your fish, in which case I strongly recommend reforming your Goldies. I know it's hard, but sometimes it's best to wait to have fish until you are able to give them what they need. Do you have a filter in your tank? Which one? And how often do you change your water? They are probably rising to the surface due to water quality issues
  8. Okay, I'll try again tomorrow maybe! He wouldn't let me grab him today! Thanks anyways!
  9. Thanks Helen! <3 Any ideas on norton's gender?
  10. perfect thanks Alex sorry I keep asking so many questions! I'm super paranoid an dont want to mess anything up!
  11. okay! I'm in the middle of the 2nd WC of the day. I add back another 2 1/4 teaspoons of prazi correct?
  12. What a fun idea! Harvey Maurice Humphrey Glen
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