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  1. Cool! Be careful, those things can sure jump!
  2. okay! sounds good thanks. yep I'm going to do every other day water changes for the first week I think
  3. This is hysterical! BUT a great idea... I often hesitate or delay tank maintainance or a tweek here or there because I'm worried about hand lotion leftovers. Thanks for the link. no problem! I'm always worried about left over soap on my hands, so these gloves are really awesome. I have really little hands so they are kind of big, but the water tightens them around my arm if that makes sense I definitely recommend them!
  4. thanks fang! he is really yellow! I just LOVE his coloring
  5. I was going to weigh both of them tonight to see how much I should be feeding, but should I wait on Wallace so I don't stress him out more? he keeps yawning should I be worried? sorry for all the questions, you guys are amazing
  6. OOH! I just dropped a pellet in and he ate it!! it took him 10 minutes to find it, but he ate it!! goooooooo Wallace!
  7. okay thanks! would it be bad if the filter sucked up pieces of food? (like would it rot in there or something?)
  8. Hmmm he still won't eat! How long will it take for him to de-stress enough to eat? He must be starving, he hasn't eaten for a while
  9. Thanks guys! I totally agree Mel! :rofl I'll tell him you think so Thanks Helen!
  10. Okay it almost looks like a red vein is sticking out of his tail?? He moves too fast when I get close, I can't get a picture no matter how hard I try!! Yes, I have it at 0.1 at the moment
  11. His tail looks pretty red! It even looks a little red in the RG pics...should I really not be worried?
  12. thanks koko! I'm really excited about him!
  13. I just put in the salt, and Wallace is going crazy, he's swimming super fast and weirdly! I've covered the tank with towels... He's so stressed out is there anything else I could do?
  14. Lets wait until tomorrow to offer food And yes, you can add .1% salt now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Okay thanks!
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