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  1. What a nice idea, fang! I'd love some, if I get picked! But I am not most active in a goldfish topic just FYI
  2. So can I weigh him and give him the amount he should regularly eat starting Friday? (That will be one week from the day I got him) Sorry I should have added this to the last post
  3. I don't see why not btw.... I have been a terrible person and am just sending out the pg tomorrow! Sorry!!! I have been so busy this week so far, but its all packed up and ready to go and I have time tomorrow afternoon to get to the post office. I am going to send it priority mail so it shouldn't take long to get to you Okay cool! Thanks. Don't worry about it! That's totally fine. Take all the time you need
  4. Can Wallace have 15 pellets tomorrow? I've had him for 4 days and I am doing daily 75% wcs
  5. 50-75% daily will be fine, the prime will cover the ammonia that builds up between water changes. If there is a day where you are unable to do a water change for some reason, you can add a double dose of prime if ammonia + nitrite are under 1 ppm. Please do raise salt to .3% I'd like him to be at .3% salt for a week. Lets asses the need for prazi after that. okie dokie! thanks Jess I have been adding a double dose of prime with each water change
  6. okay! thanks. that's what I told my mom but she started freaking out saying that I hurt him when I weighed him yesterday... Wallace is fabulous! do you think 50-75% wcs every day will be okay? he wasn't acting weird when the ammonia was 0.5, when I had a cycle bump a while ago norton started acting weird so I knew something was up. Wallace is happily eating his food and the redness in his tail is almost gone. I don't really see anything to be concerned about besides occasional yawning. am I eventually going to prazi him or no? and should I up the salt to 0.2?
  7. urg. norton is missing a chunk from his tail as of this morning and it is on the bottom of the tank! he must have caught it on something, but I don't know what! I want to take it out whatever it is. I just have plants. could it have gotten caught in the filter?
  8. And we have Wallie poop! Woo! (But come on, right after a wc??) I just stuck with the 0.1 for Wallace because of the ammonia, and did a 75% wc. He freaks out when I add salt. I raised norton's salt to 0.2. It is day 1 of round 3 for prazi norton's tank parameters are still looking good, and Wallie's seems to be half cycled? No nitrates, but .5 ammonia after 2 days
  9. okie...apparently wallie's filter is not cycled...yesterday the params were fine, but today he has 0.5 ammonia poor guy. daily 50%-75% water changes should be okay right? how long until I should do prazi? or am I just not going to treat him with prazi at all? and should I up the salt to 0.2 or no because of the ammonia?
  10. would you prefer if we just make you a forum of your own? I think Jess loves it as a mod here, so why would she want a new forum when there is this perfect one. We'll stick with the fan club. I vote myself president! fine fine fine you win I'll be the party planner!
  11. haha thanks Alex! she is! we should start a whole new section of the forum just reserved for complimenting Jess!
  12. Give him a week at least. I promise you that the 10 pellets are totally fine for now. He's probably just not used to the tank life, after having been a pondie all this time. okay Alex! thanks a bunch
  13. how long until I can weigh Wallace and see how much to feed him? I feel bad he must be so hungry! I fed him his 10 pellets today, he doesn't catch them while they're falling, he finds them 5 minutes after they've hit the floor...either he's blind or just not the brightest crayon in the box.
  14. Right? She also makes awesome videos, too, and has inspired a number of flattering emulations on YouTube! Go, Jess! yay for Jess!
  15. thanks soooo much mel! I was wondering where to find that, I knew there was one really appreciate it
  16. my scale doesn't measure food! it's too little! does anybody have a really sensitive scale and omega one pellets that they could measure for me? I'd really appreciate it! 0.06% of 22 grams is 0.132 grams.
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