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  1. Daily water changes are fine, just add back in the prazi you take out, and do a 100% change at the end of day 3 or beginning of day 4 (you can also do two large back to back changes if you want to try to leave him in) okay so is 2 75% wcs like 1 100%? do I add back all 0.3%? Is he eating some of his food or spitting it all out? Can you take a look at the color of his gills and try to look in his mouth to see if there is any obvious irritation/lumps etc hmmm...I'm not home right now, but I'll check ASAP Also , did the spitting start when you switched to progold? yep Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. ughhhh there is no way i can go a day without a wc. it has been one day and nitrites are at .5 and ammonia at 0.25... so daily wcs with prazi...will thatbe ok?
  3. Okie dokie! Sounds good! One question. The filter isn't cycled enough to go 3 days without a wc.... What should I do?
  4. He's moving a little faster than normal, he got scared when I sat in front of the tank
  5. hmmm...if he is, I didn't notice it yesterday! I'll check when I get home, and then I'll post that video!
  6. Sorry to post in an old thread, I just saw this because I was wondering why you had a new beta in Campy's tank! Oh my gosh this is SO weird. Sorry you lost him Jess the new one is gorgeous though
  7. okay, gotcha. so it either needs to be sand or rocks too big for them to pick up. so it has officially been a week with the new guy! he hasn't really shown any concerning symptoms. should I continue with salt, or should I do prazi?
  8. thats trye, but Goldies seem to enjoy having some sort of substrate to search for food in! anybody know if regular sized gravel would be okay?
  9. hey! why size should pebbles be so they won't choke on them? I want to get some for them, and I want them small enough for the fishies to pick up and spit out, but I'm not sure if they could choke on regular sized gravel? any ideas? thanks
  10. i was thinking about that! i wanted to get some small pebbles that he can pick up and spit out, but i've heard they can choke on them, plus isnt it better to have a bare-bottom tank during QT? I would like to get gravel again though if i can.
  11. I wouldn't worry about him not moving too much Paprika is the same way. He's got a favorite spot and when he does move around it's almost like he's looking for a way out. I think he believes this "pond" is too small lol okay hopefully he gets more active soon. thanks like what?
  12. oh lord I just looked it up, yeah, they're supposed to break down wow. I'm so sorry about that Alex...my bad!! it did not do that last time!! next question! (I'm so sorry) Wallace is still not very active. he stays in one spot most of the time! do you think that's just his "personality," or could he not be feeling well? I'm really sorry for being such a drama queen guys
  13. I think they are supposed to break down like that lol thy didnt last time! I had them in there for 6 months and when I took them out they were solid oh GOD Amanda :doh11:
  14. oh my gosh...I just put on gloves and looked through one of the pots...the root tab turned to MUSH... root tab mush shouldn't cause any harm to norton, right? I mean it IS in fact meant for aquariums
  15. really??? what about the smell?? I have root tabs with the plants, which are black...but I've never bad a problem before! I took the plants and the pots out, and threw away the sand and put the plants in a bucket, but I'm not sure they'll live too long in there... could this have anything to do with the salt or prazi reacting with the root tabs...? thanks SO much
  16. URL=http://s1089.photobucket.com/user/pandamanda111/media/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_5311.jpg.html][/url] I'm trying not to panic! but this is so gross and there is still a little dusting in his tank!!
  17. oh my god help what is going on the sand in the plant pots in my tank turned black and I took them out and it smells HORRIBLE and there is some of the black sand in the tank still what should I do I can't get it out will he die if he tries to eat it??!!
  18. oops sorry I thought you changed the rules my bad! never mind
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