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  1. Wallace is good! lots of missing scales for some reason though. I'm on snorting last round of prazi, and Wallace's 2nd-to-last. can't wait to put them together!
  2. I've seen Norton bottom sitting 2 times this week. he gets up the minute he sees me though...any ideas?
  3. Hmm just saw this thread http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/109535-milky-water-overnight-and-no-nitrates-in-the-water/page__pid__1455632#entry1455632nand I've noticed norton's tank being a little cloudy! After I'm finished its prazi maybe ill do carbon for a couple weeks, but will it mess with the cycle when I remove it?
  4. Just for the record, my mom is making me ask this, I already know the answer. Here's exactly what she says "Wallie seems pretty healthy and she seems to be doing well, can't we just move her into the big tank with norton now?" So, the answer to that would be no, I need to do three more rounds of prazi, correct? I just need somebody to answer so I can show my mom! If she is right, let me know, but obviously I'm not agreeing with her at all. Sorry guys
  5. haha thanks! really? they just do that periodically?? awesome hopefully I don't get fry, my mom wants them but I know I would kill them by accident!! hope you're feeling better Jess oh okay! thanks
  6. dang it! I got home really late last night and forgot to do Norton's WC! what should I do?
  7. Great choices, smegy! (Why do I keep wanting to give you an odd nickname like smeggles or smegiddy? ) the names are perfect! Who knew that a topic about fish names would turn into one about homances? this is beautiful
  8. Oh okay she doesn't pick around in the little dusting of sand in the tank, for some reason, but ill check in the morning :! Thanks Really? Oh. My bad! Maybe that's why she's so chunky? Full of eggs? Oh god when I get her in norton's tank this is going to be a mess Thanks for your help alex
  9. Holy cow! That guy's amazing! Thanks for sharing
  10. Okay Leave me alone Alex : (I figured that she was with boys at RG!) She hasn't eaten tem all, there are a few on the bottom...should I get them out in the morning? (It's 11 and I'm in bed! Oops) Me too! If baby J is a girl, I think it just might be the perfect name!
  11. would I? are the fertilized? how can you tell? and why on earth would she do a thing like that? I didn't squeeze, but she started flipping out when I picked her up, which might have done it...poor little thing, she's probably super stressed!
  12. oh no now he's bottom sitting (so sorry for the secondly updates) I just looked up goldfish eggs and these are definitely those
  13. okay now they're all over the bottom of the tank! Wallie lost a scale too, hopefully that's okay
  14. what on earth I just grabbed Wallie to put him/her back in, and something squirted on me, and it's this tiny little clear round egg like thing...is Wallie a girl?? holy cow s/he did not enjoy that water change one bit
  15. I always soak the food for both of them, they do eat it, but norton doesn't seem to eat it as fast as omega one. who knows, maybe I'm going insane it's day 4 of prazi I'm about to do 100% WC. do I add any prazi or salt after?
  16. oops sorry! I've been busy these past couple days. he is eating the food now, which is good. norton seems to have trouble eating the new food though. gills look good
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