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  1. Thanks fang, the problem is that we are downsizing since my sister is going off to college, and my parents have wanted a smaller house for a while. No room for norton :(

    I'm sorry you have to rehome your fish and having to get rid of your tanks. :(

    I live in the North County (inland) of San Diego so I'm probably close by. Unfortunately, I'm not looking for any tanks or needing a new fish for I'm stocked at a good quality now. I'm sorry and feel bad. I do hope you find a home close by where you live on here. That would be awesome.

    Bummer! If it doesn't work out we might need to take norton with us for a little while, so if you ever need a new tank or a norton within a few months let me know! ;) don't feel bad!!
  2. Hello!

    My family may be moving and I have been told that I will not be able to keep norton or my tanks :cry:

    I really want norton to go to a good home! He's a cutie, an orange and white about 2.5 inches with a really long pretty tail.

    I also need to get rid of my two tanks, as well as 2 AC70s if you would like them.

    I hope I can find somebody here that wants him so that I don't have to give him to somebody random :(

    Let me know if you're interested in any or all of the three!



  3. Hey Alex, if you don't mind, would you still send me the mms please? Norton is hanging out on the bottom now and I want to have them just in case...I'd really really appreciate it!

    No problem! I will do it today, since I am sending some to Sean. :)

    I'm so sorry about Wallace. :(

    Thanks so much!

    Thanks, really weird how fast that happened

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