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  1. pandamanda111
    Tonight i (very nervously) handled the fishies for the first time! (I washed my hands better than ever before before i reached in!) I want to be able to see how much they grow compared to my hand
    Here are the (really bad) pictures!
    (April 30, 2012)
    Bert! (not too hard to catch )

    Ernie! (nearly impossible to catch! fast little dude!)

    Sorry the pics are so bad! better ones next time, i promise!
  2. pandamanda111
    The guys are doing well, I still really need to get some plants though! If anyone has some trimmings they can send me, that would be SUPER fabulous!
    The bubble wand was getting yucky and algae-y, and it wouldn't wash off, so i got a little cube airstone. It doesn't look nearly as good, but that's the best i can do. i don't know what else i would use! My dad loved the bubble wand, he was super bummed

    And now, Mowgli the betta!
    Tithra was SUPER sweet and sent me some trimmings, and they are growing wonderfully! I didn't think they would, but even the flame moss has grown a ton!! Mowgli is doing really well, and seems to enjoy his tank

    eep! look at the flame moss!

    here's the flame moss when i first got it:

    it was just a flat little blob it's grown so much!
    thanks for looking!
  3. pandamanda111
    So my family is seriously considering getting another tank. probably a 30g. I would get two fish from the LFS, my first non-petsmart fish! I'm thinking an oranda and a ryukin. they have a bunch of all orange orandas with pom poms so cute! and an amazing orange/white ryukin. i have it all planned out (which could be a bad thing, considering we arent positive that we're getting one ). I want a long tank with a glass hood and either 1 AC70 or 2 AC50s. I'm not sure yet. And im still deciding which light fixture, but i want one with a moonlight setting, and 2 bulbs. Im not sure if this is possible, but it would be so cool if there was one with 3 bulbs- one moonlight, one plant-grow light, and one white light. I want to get a couple tall anubias and a couple small ones from the LFS. i want only anubias in that tank. i think it would look cool I want a blue background just like the one on my 25, and no gravel on the bottom, just bigger pebbles. the fish will be bigger than Bert and Ernie, so i dont want any gravel getting stuck in their mouths. Ahhh! I cant wait! hopefully we get it sometime soon. i think we will.
    tell me if you have any suggestions! I know im getting too excited about something i might not even get, but i dont really mind. Even if we dont get one (even though I'm 85% sure we will), its still so fun to think about. I've never had an oranda before! :)
  4. pandamanda111
    hey guys i didn't want to make a D&D thread for this, but maybe you can help me out?
    bert used to have a little hole in his tail fin-- like someone poked it with a pin. really small. now where that hole used to be, it is fuzzy and white. is it healing, or is fungus growing on it? here's a pic

    thank you!
  5. pandamanda111
    I made gel food for the first time tonight. It turned out really well! I'm excited to see if the guys like it
    Here's the recipe I used- its a halved and slightly modified version of Alex's. :
    It made the perfect amount to last my two little guys for about 3 months or so. I was worried it would make a ton.
    Gel food recipe:
    - 6 tablespoons canned or bagged tuna (low sodium is best). Substitute: steamed fresh fish (weigh before steaming).
    - 8 tablespoons baby food. I've used peas, carrots, and mixed vegetables. Substitute: 4 tablespoons veggies cooked and then puree with 1/2 cup spring or distilled water. (Do not use broccoli [gas] or spinach [interferes with calcium absorption in same food])
    - boil 1 egg and use only the egg whites
    - blend this together until you get a nice thick pur?e consistency.
    - 2 teaspoons of wheat germ
    -1 fish oil pill
    - 1/4 teaspoon garlic
    - crush pellets etc. to a powder, and mix together.
    - in a pot with lid, add 1 1/4 tablespoons of agar to 3/4 cups distilled spring/distilled water and turn heat on high
    - add the fish eggs mixture and stir slowly but well
    - cover with lid and let mixture come to a boil
    - once boiling, occasionally lift lid to stir mixture, and let boil for about 3 minutes.
    - remove from heat
    - in about 5-10 minutes, when mixture has not yet congealed and is warm but touchable, add powder mixture and stir slowly but well
    Pour into baking pan. Leave at room temp for 1 hour. By this time you should see a very well gelled product. Cover with Saran wrap and refrigerate for 3-4 hours. Then, cut into 1/4 inch cubes. Separate and freeze on a baking sheet for an hour. Then Put into plastic baggie. Thaw before using. Thaw enough to feed only for 2-3 days max.
    For maintenance, feed 1% body weight daily once or several times a day. For growth, 2% - 3% divided into 3-6 meals/day.
    *please note: I didn't write this! Alex did! I copied and pasted his recipe and modified it to what I wanted to do. thanks Alex! I hope you don't mind.
    If I remember, I'll post pictures later, and I'll tell you how the guys like it. Bert and Ernie are hungry! They only got spinach today, everything else makes Bert really floaty
    Thanks for looking!
  6. pandamanda111
    Hi! i made this video for you (I even narrated for you! ), but its so blurry! Why is that? I made it on my cell phone, because i don't know how to put something from a video camera onto the computer. If anybody has an idea or can help, that would be great! but for now, enjoy the blurry video!!
  7. pandamanda111
    I was inspired by tithra's fish measuring, and so i tried. After about 10 minutes of struggling, i finally caught Bert, and turns out he is exactly 2 inches (without tail). He's getting to be such a big boy! well..maybe a girl. He's giving me mixed signs one day i decide he's a girl, and the next I'm sure he's a boy...i guess we'll never know!
    so anyways, i tried to catch ernie, but he (she?) made it very clear that that was just not gonna happen. Maybe i'll try another day. He's smaller than bert though. I'm not sure how you guys catch your fish so easily! after this i think they hate me!
    please, share your "fish-catching-by-hand" techniques with me!
  8. pandamanda111
    Hey guys! As you may know, just yesterday I bought a 45g tank for norton! I'm ordering a raingarden fish this week to be his buddy I'm so excited!here is a picture
    It isn't decorated yet! Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated! Im Not sure what kind of substrate to do!
    Thanks for looking!
  9. pandamanda111
    Okay, so, I'm warning you, this is just going to be one big, long post about my ridiculous amounts of excitement over the tank I will be getting soon!! Nobody at my house wants to hear about it, but if I post it here, you can read it if you want, but of course you don't have to you probably don't have the time or energy to read this, but if you just skim it I'll be happy
    So, as you know, I have been waiting for quite a while (okay, only like 2 months) to get a new tank, and we are finally getting serious about this!! we are currently stand-hunting (my mom wants a piece of furniture rather than a stand made for fish tanks... :-/ ), and we need to find a stand that is both pretty, and able to hold the weight of the tank! depending on how big the stand we find is, we will be getting either a 29g or a 40. I hope I can get a 40! :)
    I want to get two fish from raingarden. here's the plan:
    -2 ac70s or 1 ac110
    -really good lighting for plants
    -a powerhead rather than a bubble wand
    -barebottom other than a few rocks and plants (easy cleaning! )
    And the rest we'll figure out when we get the tank!!
    I am more excited then you can possibly imagine! I am so jealous of you people with your fancy raingarden goldies
    We should have the tank in less than 2 weeks! we are going on a major stand-hunt this weekend
    Prepare yourselves for an even longer, even MORE excited blog post in a couple weeks or so, when I get everything!
    Sorry this was such a ramble, I'm just so excited! I've been driving all the subies in the chat room absolutely crazy talking about all my tank plans, so hopefully I got it all out with this blog post
  10. pandamanda111
    Hi there, guys! This is my new blog
    After going to the LFS yesterday, I am determined to get Bert and Ernie big!
    I asked around, and I'm going to order Progold, and probably Spirulnia Flakes too :) I'm excited to see if it gets the little guys to grow!!
  11. pandamanda111
    Hey there!
    so, Red asked for pictures (big mistake) of the guys, so i thought I would post some! But what she hadn't realized, is i am a HORRIBLE photographer, so nine tenths of these pictures are horribly blurry. So i figured i'd post 8 million pictures so that there is more of a chance that you will actually be able to see the fish in at least a couple of them. Good luck!

    full tank shot, excuse the sad dying plants...im going to figure out what to do with my tank soon...it looks horrible, and i have no clue what to do with it...

    Ernie! please excuse the brown algae...


    Bert and Ernie

    Oh! hi there!

    the end!
  12. pandamanda111
    I changed the plan a bit while i was decorating. I really like how it turned out I still need to get plants for the little pots! They're actually tea light holders (tithra's idea!) but i found some shaped like pots and thought they were perfect! for now my moss balls are in them.
    The pictures make the background look super bright for some reason. its not that bright blue, dim your screen a bit
    please excuse the brown algae, i have to clean that off

  13. pandamanda111
    Today I decided that I would redecorate my tank! I want to sort of go barebottom, just for a change. I think it would be fun to try So i went to micheals and bought some river rocks, some glass pebbles, glass plant pots, and a little glass bowl! Over the next few weeks or so, I will gradually remove my gravel, as to not disrupt the cycle (unless somebody knows a faster way! ), and i will redecorate it something like this:

    I planned it out on a towel, if you couldn't tell Any suggestions/ideas/criticism is appreciated!
    I am going to scatter a little bit of gravel in the empty space to keep the little guys entertained. They sure do love sifting through their gravel, those silly little guys.
    And i will put some plants in the glass pots, of course!
    Pictures soon to come after it's done!
  14. pandamanda111
    So, as you probably know, I have been waiting a long time to get a tank. Another tank. A 40 gallon probably but I've been talking with my mom, and we've been thinking. There is a chance we could be moving soon (still house-hunting), and as I'm sure all of you know, that's a lot of work. On top of finding a house, packing, unpacking, redecorating, painting, recarpeting...(etcetera, etcetera...), there isn't going to be tons of time for cycling a new tank and all that. At least not for a year or so, when everything's all settled. So if we move, we're thinking of getting a 45 or 50g to replace the 25, and getting maybe one more fish. I like this idea, because that means i could use my current filter (already cycled) until the other filter(s) is/are cycled, and then only have to WC one tank a couple times a week rather than two. Because let's face it, if we move, there just won't be time to do the work involved in getting another tank.
    Yeah, yeah, a lot of you (especially the subscribers!) know that my mom has come up with so many different ideas, and I keep saying different things about whether I'm getting a tank or not, what size I might get, when I might be getting it... But we haven't really decided yet, to be honest. There's still only an 80% chance of me actually getting a new tank. But hey, a girl can dream, right? this is still just an idea, and I know I keep sounding so sure that I'm getting a tank, but to be honest, I'm really not so sure. And the more I talk to my mom about it, the more I'm realizing that . I just wanted to put this out there so that if I don't end up getting another tank, you guys aren't all like "Whaaaaa??"
    So anyways, my point is that This new tank idea is causing so much tension between me and my mom, and I'm not really sure if it's worth it anymore, to be honest. We'll see I'm not even sure If I want one anymore after this. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be.
    I still have little B&E to keep me company!
    So keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best!
    Ps- could somebody link me to that thread about what to do with the tank while painting the house, and how to keep the fumes outta the tank?
  15. pandamanda111
    This little dude is getting quite the round belly! Oh, Bert...

    And this guy's belly is turning yellow!

    Bert is really difficult to take pictures of! Dork...

    Look at this little guy, showing off his little hump!!

    Whatchu lookin' at?

    "Look! She must be here to give us food!!"
    They're such dorks. I love them
  16. pandamanda111
    Hi there!
    Today i got a new light, and even though i've only had it for about 6 hours, i absolutely love it! It is so bright and pretty, and it is so much smaller than my old bulky hood i also got a glass lid, which is really great because i can see my finned friends from above! So cool! and after i got my new betta, (in this thread http://www.kokosgold...2-my-new-betta/ ) i decided i love the look of the sand! so of course i HAD to get some for B&E's tank! I plan on getting lots of plants from Planted Aquariums Central, but i am completely and totally broke at the moment, so that won't happen for a few weeks at least...looks like i'd better get started on my chores!
    so, finally, here are the pics! They are so precious how they stick together

    okay, i'm pretty sure this is the cutest thing ever...they just LOVE the sand, and they are happily sifting through it (they started the second i put a tiny clump of sand in!! lol), and when they sift through it, it leaves these adorable little prints:

    Ahh!! too cute! Can't handle it!
    Well, I hope you like it! Tell me what you think! Don't be afraid to be critical! Criticism is fabulous! It helps me make my tank prettier! (just remember that I WILL be getting plants, i just don't have the cash at the moment ) more pics when i get them!
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