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  1. Turns out my mom was being overly dramatic! She made it sound like he was completely shredded, but turns out his tail just has a big tear in it. I might put some salt in in the next few days, but other than that it looks like he should be fine! Sorry about that and thanks for your help
  2. I will get pictures up when I get home later, I don't even know what shape he's in to be honest! I'm at school so I have no way of taking pics right now, but when I get home I'll add more info Thanks!
  3. I always have mesh over it, but I guess it came off when she was doing the wc. Will salt make his injuries hurt?
  4. Thanks Heidi, me too I'm having so much fish drama lately!
  5. Hi, I'm not home but my mom just texted me that Norton got stuck in the water changer and is really torn up. He is eating, but bottom sitting a bit. Is there anything I can tell her to do until I get home? I feel so bad for him he must be in so much pain
  6. He seems so much better already!! He hasn't been bottom sitting at all!
  7. Oh okay:) is there anything else I can do? He is still bottom sitting
  8. Oh okay, haha I wasn't sure if it was instead if his regular food or additional!
  9. Okay, will do. I haven't found anybody that can take him yet, but I'm working on it! I should definitely make sure he's all healthy before he goes to somebody else, though.
  10. Uh oh...Norton is bottom sitting. Should I give him the mms you sent me, Alex?
  11. Thanks fang, the problem is that we are downsizing since my sister is going off to college, and my parents have wanted a smaller house for a while. No room for norton Bummer! If it doesn't work out we might need to take norton with us for a little while, so if you ever need a new tank or a norton within a few months let me know! don't feel bad!!
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