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  1. Hey guys! As you may know, just yesterday I bought a 45g tank for norton! I'm ordering a raingarden fish this week to be his buddy I'm so excited!here is a picture It isn't decorated yet! Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated! Im Not sure what kind of substrate to do! Thanks for looking! -Mandie
  2. Thanks!! Yes, Henry loves the camera, and the camera loves henry!
  3. Bonjour! The guys are doing well, I still really need to get some plants though! If anyone has some trimmings they can send me, that would be SUPER fabulous! The bubble wand was getting yucky and algae-y, and it wouldn't wash off, so i got a little cube airstone. It doesn't look nearly as good, but that's the best i can do. i don't know what else i would use! My dad loved the bubble wand, he was super bummed And now, Mowgli the betta! Tithra was SUPER sweet and sent me some trimmings, and they are growing wonderfully! I didn't think they would, but even the flame moss has grown a ton!! Mowgli is doing really well, and seems to enjoy his tank eep! look at the flame moss! here's the flame moss when i first got it: it was just a flat little blob it's grown so much! thanks for looking! -Mandie
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    EEP! He is adorable! Love him! Congrats!
  5. pandamanda111


    oh my goodness! They've grown so much! Good work! They're precious
  6. Thanks!! it's probably around a half inch or 3/4 deep...I used almost 10lbs
  7. Thanks guys! Bert and Ernie seem very happy Jess- Thanks!! I like the blue background too, it's like the ocean! Perfect! I'm thinking I'll get some anubias, italian Val, And some swords
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