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  1. Thanks guys. I'm at the airport and hoping these next 7 days are going to be better than the last.
  2. Leonard has officially passed away. Sheldon is very anxious, he appears to be searching for Leonard I leave in 5 hours and haven't got any sleep yet
  3. Just been to vets for the 3rd time in as many weeks for Daisy's eye. Looks like she's going to need eye drops for life. This is turning into a horrendous week
  4. I think the last time he ate was Monday
  5. Water now reduced to half tank
  6. Think I may have some blood worms in the freezer. They do enjoy them. I'll be gone a full week, to tenerife so dunno if I'll get wifi to be able to use my phone :/
  7. Yes a sinking C. I will be home briefly in about and hour so can lower the water then. I leave for my hols in less than 24 hours so if he's still alive what should I leave my friend doing? Also what do I do about Sheldon cause he seems healthy but very stressed at being alone it's an awful time to have this all happen
  8. http://i1096.photobucket.com/albums/g333/ninzah/Mobile%20Uploads/th_MOV_0051_zpsc0jpaqjf.mp4
  9. http://i1096.photobucket.com/albums/g333/ninzah/Mobile%20Uploads/th_MOV_0048_zpsv9ubx7fh.mp4
  10. I popped him in a bowl and changed his water fully, primed, temp matched and salted to 0.1%. He will hold food in his mouth if I hold it right up to him but never eats it just spits it out up to a minute later.
  11. He is still alive this morning! Ok what do I do? Will a water change help or stress him? I genuinely believed he was gone last night. What a fighter this wee chap is I don't think he's going to ever be ok but if he's going to fight then I've got to try and help him, he clearly wants to live!
  12. Thank you everyone for the guidance and support.
  13. I don't have any, and it's nearly midnight here. There has been no movement for a while so I think he may be gone.... poor soul. Sheldon is freaking out and swimming all over the tank, I think he's looking for Leonard?
  14. When I returned home he was still twitching and occasionally trying the swim/rearrange, but this has stopped being the case in the last few hours. Feel so helpless.
  15. A small part of me wish he had just passed during the day so he didn't have to prolong the suffering, he already seemed almost gone this morning
  16. He has not yet passed but it is only a matter of time. He is in the C in the corner of the tank and the only way I know he is still alive is the occasional gasp every minute or so, apart from that there is no indication of life
  17. It's 5.30am and I'm getting up for work, he's curled into a C so not holding out much hope for him making it through the day :'(
  18. I've split an mm in half and popped it in, he had a nosy but didn't want to try it. I'll leave it for a wee bit before I scoop it out to give him a chance to investigate. He's used to such small pellets he may be unsure about the mm.
  19. No idea tbh, I was weighing them for a while but not done it for absolutely ages. I'm away on holiday for a week on Friday so I'm hoping my friend will be able to cope with whatever may need to be done :/ my mum is having the dog but she's too far to pop in and see fish daily, she'd probably only manage 2 or 3 times in the week.
  20. 40 grams then as I know it's pretty much 40L
  21. It's roughly 10 gals. Our gals and yours are slightly different, but I don't think too much :/ I don't know, he's shown little to no interest in food but worried I'm going to lose him so couldn't hurt to try....?
  22. Oh I checked the metro meds, it was opened May 2013 so over a year ago they've been kept in cool & dry conditions but guess they're no good now?
  23. Thanks, can you please help with salt measuring, it's been so long and my head is mush right now.
  24. It's nearly 10pm, I start work at 7am so need to go to bed soon. Is there anything I need to do tonight so I can do it now. It has not been a good day today even without poor Leonards issues. Had some very sad news confirmed today which we at work were praying was untrue. Just feeling very helpless about everything right this minute.
  25. http://i1096.photobucket.com/albums/g333/ninzah/Mobile%20Uploads/th_MOV_0047_zpsmgclfxlk.mp4
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