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  1. Here is an update. The eggs hatched, and I have fry now! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvJgUA0MJMY&feature=share&list=LLLsh7BvszZXoLebx-2HEH8Q
  2. The Easter bunny brings eggs to some people, but my fish bring eggs to me!
  3. I guess my fish were inspired by Easter, because they were spawning and laying eggs:
  4. OK, I'm really confused now because I definitely don't think I can get another tank right now. This pretty much rules out getting the pearlscale, but now I'm concerned because I don't really want to give up any of the goldfish I have now. I've had them for about a year, and I'd miss them so much. Still, if I have to, I would prefer them to have a better life...
  5. Okay....(sigh)...I've been tormenting myself for a long time debating about getting what I believe would be the finishing touch to my menagerie of waterpiggies: a crown pearlscale. I'm going to describe my setup and the goldfish I already have, and I need some real honest input. If it's not a good idea to get this fish, then I need to hear this right upfront because I don't want to take a fish if I can't give her a good quality life, so here goes... I currently have two goldfish tanks. The smaller of my two tanks is a 55 gallon with 2 ryukin, 2 black moors, and 2 bristlenose plecostomus (not sure of the plural form of 'plecostomus'). This tank receives a 20-30% water change every third day and is filtered by a Tetra Whisper 60, Penguin 350, and 2 Hydro Pro IV sponge filters powered by air stones. There is also some java fern and some apple snails in this tank. My larger tank is a 75 gallon with 2 ryukin, 1 oranda, 1 common (I think he's stunted due to a serious illness he had when he was a wee thing), and 1 shubunkin. This tank also receives a 20-30% water change every third day and is filtered by a Fluval 306 canister, Penguin 350, and 2 Hydro Pro V sponge filters powered by air stones. There is also some java fern and a few apple snails in this tank as well. I'm aware that theoretically the shub and common should not be with the fancies, but so far they have not out-competed anybody for food. If anything, Rose, my oranda, is my most voracious piggie. I'm thinking if I get the crown pearlscale I will put her in the 75 gallon, but I was also debating about moving my more assertive ryukin to the 75 gallon and putting the crown pearlscale in my 55, since most of my friends in this tank are more gentle and passive. I'm also aware that I may already be fully-stocked or even overstocked, and if so, I need to hear this from someone so I don't make a mistake. Any input will be welcome!
  6. What a cute video! I don't have any goldfish who like to be pet, but my roommate has a balloon molly who enjoys being handled. She will swim into his hand when he introduces it into the tank. When I have transferred my goldfish, I have always used my hand. It seems less harmful than using a net, although I'm sure it's not ideal to handle them every day. Like some of you, I have also heard it can affect their slime coats.
  7. Does anything just die of 'old age'? Isn't there ultimately some underlying cause?
  8. I've been watching a lot of youtube videos of peoples' goldfish, and I notice a lot of them are calm and quiet, sitting on the bottom of the tank, which got me thinking... On my 75g tank, I run a Fluval 306, Penguin 350 and two Hydro Pro IV Sponge filters run on airstones. Consequently, there is quite a lot of water movement in my tank. When I first installed the Fluval, Rose, my Oranda, used to entertain himself by swimming against the current from the output, but I don't see her doing this anymore. However, my fish in this tank are quite active during the day. Rose, my Oranda, and Maria, my red-and-white Ryukin are forever looking for food. If I even open the lid, they will be right there with their little mouths. Angeline, my Shubunkin, is forever exploring the driftwood and nibbling at the java fern. Pip, my common, is often in heat and looking to spawn. Helen, another ryukin, is the most mellow, but even she swims about quit a bit. They do begin to settle down at night when they know the light is about to go out, but I wonder, is all this water movement stressful to my fish, or are they just an active lot? I do have a 55g tank with four goldies who are much more subdued, but of course this is why I put them together in the first place. Any input? Is there a such thing as too much water movement in a goldfish tank?
  9. Nearing the one-year mark for most of my piglets. Rose, my oranda, and Lil' Mama, my calico fantail, have been with us for maybe 8-9 months.
  10. Helen - Ryukin named after my favorite great aunt Miss Havisham - Ryukin named after a Charles Dickens character Mr. Pip - Common named after a Charles Dickens character Lil' Mama - Calico Ryukin with red lips(see )Angeline - Shubunkin named after a tasty Pinot Noir Rose - Oranda named for his wen Maria - Red and white ryukin named after main character on The Sound of Music Akilah - Black moor named after my favorite American Idol audition I have one male black moor still awaiting a name. Any suggestions? Besides my goldies, I have: Fiona - Mollie named after character in A Cinderella Story for her big lips The Chicken - Balloon Mollie Cookie Monster - Male betta Lady - Female betta (I swear my bettas know their names) Mr. and Mrs. Micawber - Male and female gouramis Cosette - Flower shrimp
  11. That's the most beautiful Potato I've ever seen! Seriously, though, we saw her on Ebay and almost bought her. Congratulations on this beautiful fish!!
  12. She's a beautiful fish, and I think it's cute that she eats bubbles
  13. I made this video to celebrate this holiday season. I hope you all enjoy!
  14. It's clever and cute Sometimes people ask if I have kids. I say, "I have a lot of kids. They're into swimming."
  15. There are four kinds of pet owners in this world: 1. Those who don't know everything, but are willing to learn 2. Those who think they know everything and therefore never learn 3. Those who are completely apathetic 4. Those who are deliberately cruel I hope to be the first.
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