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  1. Thanks Sakura! I made the net protector myself. Used some PVC pipes and glue
  2. Really nice! These will become 'monsters'! I love your imported TVR as well!
  3. Thanks for the nice comments people! @Bodoba: these fish are all between 0 and 3-4 years old. @Dieselpower: Fancies, in the end, are goldfish. Very capable of dealing with low temperatures. Low temperature ‘seasons’ are good for the fish’ health. Metabolism comes to a rest, the fish gets rid of excess spawn, etc. The pond however needs to be deep and have a reasonable volume in order to prevent temperature fluctuations. The most sturdy fish in my pond are the side view ranchus. @Pearlscaleperfect: I had one fish which I purchased with the LFS that suffered from SBD. I had to put it to sleep last month Most of my fish are Japanese/Chinese (one Thai ranchu) import which tend to be HQ fish. I do not have SB problems with these. However with two of the shorter bodied fish occasionally you see their tail coming up. @ Sakura: yeah, the first one is too fat.. out of proportions but it will slim down during wintertime Some more pictures of this season One of my smaller Ryukin, this one has potential to become a ‘Jumbo’ within a few years 6 weeks later Shorttail 6 weeks later SVR Single-tail tiger Calico I bought this Demekin with the expectation is would become a nice kumonryu. It now has more yellow/orange on the sides and a black stripe on its’ back And as requested some pictures of my pond (length 8.5feet x width 4feet x depth 4.6 feet – 800 Gallon) This is how I protect my fishies from cats and herons This is what it looks like in winter The plant-filter in summer. Filtered water is pushed up through the bottom for the plant to retract nitrates
  4. You call them FAT!! They are just big boned! LOL They need some extra flesh to get through winter though. I feed until the water gets below 46 degrees. Below 54 degrees I only feed wheat germ. Fancies in ponds are awesome. Next year I will expand my pond to approx. 2100 - 2600 Gallons.
  5. It has been a while since I have been here! Therefore it is time to post an update. Currently the water temperature is 48 degrees and dropping so I will feed for the next couple of weeks and after that I won’t bother them till March or so. Pictures!! Pics August 29: Calico Ryukin This oranda is becoming a nice tri-colour A young brightly coloured SVR Ryukin Pics September 1, I filled a small tank with pond water SVR Broadtail Ryukin 12-point black Demekin Shorttail Ryukin Single-tail Tiger Ryukin Oranda and SVR Offspring! Pics October 28: Offspring. The left one has some good potential Oranda SVR 12-point black Demekin SVR SVR
  6. Nice vid! Beautiful SVRanchu you got there!!
  7. I think ponds have many pros over cons.. Easier to create more livingspace for your fish, natural light, 24/7 food sources, different seasons (depending on where you live offcourse). Where I live the water temperature is below 46F approximately from October/November to March/April and temperatures below 39F down to 32F for longer periods are not uncommon. Typically my pond freezes over for several weeks in a row. The only and best way for your fish to survive in these circumstances is to create depth in your ponds.. This depth creates problems if you properly want to develop Tosakin and TVRanchu. My pond is 4.5ft deep and I keep the following types of fancies year round in my pond and which I have experienced to be very winter hardy: Oranda, Ryukin, Wakin, SVRanchu, Demekin and offcourse the normal goldfish, shubunkins, etc. The trick is to keep the temperature stable and to prevent sudden temp. drops or rises.
  8. That looks great!! How do you flush your plant filter?
  9. That's a nice Tiger pattern. Nice fish! I can imagine that you picked this one!
  10. Ahh! It has turned into a math topic But, yes, 12-point refers to a pattern (on the tips of the fish's fins and lips). 12-point red is often used to distinguish the quality of Jikin.
  11. Funny you mention that.. I have plans on buying a large 130 - 150gallon tank but I think I will stock it with two 12+ inch Orandas and one 12+ inch SVR. Just for show. I think the demekin is nicer to watch topview in the pond. I am pretty confident that with natural light the black will remain black.. but you never know
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