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  1. Awe thanks CMB. I'm fine. The first few days as I drifted off to sleep I'd see him floaty staring at me for farrrrr tooooo loooong. ugh...

    I also have a video of the moment I was figuring out if he was gone. Practically hysterical. Yelled at my man to get out of bed and scoop him out. I couldn't watch.

    Oh well, these things happen. And that's why the man is around the house. lol ;)

  2. When I was taking pictures the other day to see what was wrong with my little Zebadoo I wanted to show you his fins to see if there was something I could do.

    As I was taking the pictures, that's when he croaked. It freaked me out because I noticed he wasn't breathing and he was just floating there. He didn't look any different. No leaning on his side or anything. I started yelling at him to move, don't die! And I thought maybe it worked. He bobbed his mouth and flinched his little fins but alas, it was the final reflex. Sooo sad. :bye2:

    I wanted to show this picture to see if there were any signs you could notice of any illness or problems with the water. I don't want it to spread to the other fish if it was communicable. This was a few days ago (almost a week) and I've changed the water 80% and all the other fish seem to be fine and happy.


    ...and then there were 5


  3. I am totally amazed at your vision, dedication, and attention to detail. You're hired! You gonna be in Portland, OR anytime soon? hahaha... I kid but no really, I'm so jealous! I'd love to have one built up for me. If I tried doing that myself I'd totally mess up.

    Way to go!!!!

  4. The seeding a filter topic reminded me that we make our own filters. We take a regular white one, a carbon one, a white again, like a sandwhich. Then we sew the edges so it's like a pillow and then sew a criss-cross X in the middle. That helps to reduce the puffiness so the water doesn't just gush over the top.

    We tried staples which sorta works but kept a very close eye on them to make sure they didn't get rusty. That worked in a lazy pinch but cause far too much worry so we got over that.

    Does anyone else do anything like this?

  5. Anderson Cooper, LMAO I thought this was a metaphor for like when he was on the news and choked up laughing so hard he started tearing.

    I'm glad your fishy is okay. CPR with q-tips? nah... I'd imagine pulling it out while gently holding him with the other hand. But I'm a noobie so this might not be helpful. I didn't know that frozen food was that bad. huh.

  6. I can also relate. One of my 3 feeder goldfish I got as a 2nd grader from a school fair lived for about 12 years. His name: Michael J. Fish since I had such a crush on him.

    One day I came home with another few goldfish and I told my brother (8 yrs older) to not touch them, leave them alone and I'll get them into a new tank. I had a feeling if he saw the small fresh fish he'd realize how old he was and die. Well... when I got home my brother had added the other fish to Michael J. Fish's tank and he passed away.

    Such weird explanations from the mind of a child.

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