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  1. Too cute. Their mouths wide open are funny.
  2. Oh sure. I'll get the camera out tomorrow (later today technically).
  3. Your project pictures was finally what helped my convince my fiance to do this with me. Thanks! Big question, how much did all of this cost you?
  4. We change out the filters about 1-2x a month. Good mention on that though, I've been curious how often ya'll switch them out on average.
  5. Lovely little piggies. Good idea to stick the ruler in with them.
  6. Wow that testing is way better than the strips my store only carries. I'm gonna do some shopping around.
  7. I totally LOVE that episode of Pompeii from the Doctor. He's so dreamy. I'm not sold on the newest Doctors though. Sorry, a little off topic.
  8. I like the idea of using a mirror. Pretty. But then I'll see myself staring at them all strange-like.
  9. I am totally amazed at your vision, dedication, and attention to detail. You're hired! You gonna be in Portland, OR anytime soon? hahaha... I kid but no really, I'm so jealous! I'd love to have one built up for me. If I tried doing that myself I'd totally mess up. Way to go!!!!
  10. The seeding a filter topic reminded me that we make our own filters. We take a regular white one, a carbon one, a white again, like a sandwhich. Then we sew the edges so it's like a pillow and then sew a criss-cross X in the middle. That helps to reduce the puffiness so the water doesn't just gush over the top. We tried staples which sorta works but kept a very close eye on them to make sure they didn't get rusty. That worked in a lazy pinch but cause far too much worry so we got over that. Does anyone else do anything like this?
  11. Awe Mary I'm so sorry for your loss. It sucks not being able to really hold their fin or tell them a sweet story as they pass. Storms kill many and at least Pip had someone loving him, not many animals have that.
  12. Anderson Cooper, LMAO I thought this was a metaphor for like when he was on the news and choked up laughing so hard he started tearing. I'm glad your fishy is okay. CPR with q-tips? nah... I'd imagine pulling it out while gently holding him with the other hand. But I'm a noobie so this might not be helpful. I didn't know that frozen food was that bad. huh.
  13. I bet they're in mild pain or irritation all the time.
  14. This might be a little late but it's still a fascinating video related to your question.
  15. I can also relate. One of my 3 feeder goldfish I got as a 2nd grader from a school fair lived for about 12 years. His name: Michael J. Fish since I had such a crush on him. One day I came home with another few goldfish and I told my brother (8 yrs older) to not touch them, leave them alone and I'll get them into a new tank. I had a feeling if he saw the small fresh fish he'd realize how old he was and die. Well... when I got home my brother had added the other fish to Michael J. Fish's tank and he passed away. Such weird explanations from the mind of a child.
  16. I'm pretty new to shubies but what I've heard is the blueish ones are the ideal and show the healthiest of traits. I'd love to know if that's just some rumor or real or not.
  17. I don't know how fish are so great at studying, I end up just studying them and not my books. But I've caught my fish studying me and the tv. Cute.
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