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  1. Couple of thoughts in my head :)

    One. The filter could you tell me what you got in it?

    how often are you feeding?

    your close, so very close... plus you know eventually your going to need a bigger tank :):thumb:

    Okay so I took care of the problem. After taking out a piece of bogwood (from another tank that was healthy in every other way) and I stuck the wood in a wet bucket, by a couple of days the portion of wood that wasn't in the water started getting this funky white mold. So I took out the bogwood from the shubies tank that I've been having this thread of problems with. WELL... overnight it's magically cleared up and all the levels are perfect! wtf?! So happy I found the problem.

    I did boil the wood before putting it in the tank but I think the problem was that I couldn't get the whole piece of wood in the boiling pot at the same time so I kept rotating it. I should've boiled the whole thing at once then baked it in the oven just to be sure, then take an extra measure and soak it in a tank with no fish just to see if anything develops. That would be my advice if anyone has a similar problem.

    So yeah. All better. Thank goodness!

    Koko, last night I also took out the small 10gall filter/pump. I had both the old filter and new filter go on together for a little over a week now. The current pump/filter is AquaClear 30 with CycleGuard BioMax. Poifect! :)

  2. Today the tank is rather cloudy yet again.

    Ph: 7.2

    Ammonia: .25

    Nitrite: 0

    Nitrate: 30ppm

    Hardness: probably still 180

    Temp: 74f

    New small pothos plant yesterday.

    Both old and new filters & pumps are still running.

    Still just a 10 gallon with four 4" shubunkins.

    Xander is shaped a little different, the smallest, and I think is a guy and seems to be getting a little randy with all the other shubies.

    I've not done a water change in a few days. Do I just leave it alone since it never set up properly? This tank has only been up & running for about 4 weeks.

  3. I saw him squeezing the belly of goldfish, a group yellow stuff, is it excreta?

    No that coloring is the roe, fish eggs. If you ever have them at a fancy restaurant they are quite delicious. As for goldfish roe... I have no idea.

    The part two video after that clip plays is scary. It looks like the fish was out of water waaaay too long and he pushed on the belly too hard. The 2nd video is a definite do not do example in my opinion.

  4. I would pack them exactly if they were being mailed due to the time-frame involved.

    A little side-step question...

    If I were to move from the US to Scotland, would I be able to get my fish there?

    No way. I ship research fish all over the world and Scotland is a lot of work with all the documents and endorsements possible and you won't be able to meet any of the import requirements.

    :( okay. I know that starting Jan. 1st 2012 they will be changing their quarantine rules for pets. Providing they meet vet approved requirements ahead of time they no longer need to be detained, at least for dogs, cats, and any types that might carry rabbies. As for fish, I have no clue what they require.

  5. Coco, where in the UK are you in? Are you in an agricultural area? If so the farms nitrates maybe running off into the water supply. I ask 'cause my fiance's from Glasgow.

    I also love the idea of sticking my house plant in the tank. We have tons of them. I'll give it a whirl. Thanks.

  6. What type of aeration do you have in this tank any bubble stones connected to an air pump? Is it just the overhead from the pumps? Proper aeration helps bind H molecules and keep your pH stable. You can even use it to 'age' water before you put it in the tank at water changes.

    What is your water change routine right now? (how much do you change and how often)

    I change the water 1-2x week about 60-80%. I don't understand about the water aging thing, could you please explain that to me more. I do however understand the air filtration and molecular bond of the oxygen atoms. As of last night this 10 gal tank now has 2 filters on it. The old aqeuon 10 pump with a polyfiber & carbon filter yet the motor was giving out (even after dismantling and cleaning it last week). So the new pump is a AquaClear 30 with an added ammonia buffer.

    Koko, Thank you! You were totally right about the ammonia in the tap water. That's gross! Meck! I just tested it and it's .25pmm

    So the tank this afternoon is as follows:

    Ph: 7.2

    Ammonia: >.25 it's between .25 and 0.

    Nitrite: 0

    Nitrate: 5

    Temp: 74f

    Very mild cloudiness.

    Side note, the new pump isn't loud but the water crashing on the surface is. Woke me up from the other room. I changed the flow from + to - I guess that's max to min but it's still loud. I'll probably top the water off.

    Thanks everyone for your help. :clapping:

  7. API tap water conditioner. I don't know how much he put in... said around 1mill but it's hard to get it exact.

    I redid the tank ph: 7.0

    Straight from the tap ph: 6.6

    Perhaps earlier I read it wrong since the color difference is so slight.

    I've also got a giant rose quart in the tank and rose quart pebbles with the pebbles and white sand. The tank looks less murkey.

    As for the hardness, every test we've ever done for the last couple years shows around 180 so I'm guessing it's the same.

  8. I'll post back often. I know the general hardness is pretty good. However I ran out of those strips and just bought a large testing kit (the drops) and it doesn't include hardness. Now that I finally have the drop tests instead of the insanely overprices strips I can check the water everyday.

    Have no idea why the ph is so low. The color was between 6.6 & 6.8 so hopefully I only read that a little wrong.

    Thank you for all your help and ideas.

  9. I appreciate the idea of the tub but it would be on the floor and our cat would get them, he's really strong and already hates the fish with a passion. We'll be upgrading to either a 70 gallon or a 120 gallon in a few weeks.

    So I've got both filters running now and did a 60% & 80% water change and waited about 30 minutes to test the water. It's looking much clearer.

    Ph: 6.6

    Ammonia: 0.25

    Nitrite: 0

    Nitrate: 5

    Temp: 78f

    The real test is what it'll be like in a few days. ;)

  10. Hiya. So my shubunkin 10 gallon tank (yes soon I'll update them to a bigger one) is cloudy. I made the mistake of not cycling the tank enough 3-4 weeks ago when putting them in there.

    I did frequent water changes, 1-2x a week 30%-60% and just a couple days afterwards the water would be cloudy. I also was doing gravel cleaning. oops. I see that I cleaned too much now.

    So 2 days ago the levels were this:

    Ph: 7.0

    Ammonia: 0

    Nitrite: 0.5

    Nitrate: 160

    Hardness: 180

    Temp: 74 degrees F.

    No water change. Cloudy. Pump at a trickle.


    Ph: 7.2

    Ammonia: 0.25

    Nitrite: 0.25

    Nitrate: 80

    Hardness: dunno, new testing kit doesn't have that.

    Same mineral salt mixture and water conditioner. Standard recommended amounts.

    No water change. Cloudy. Pump still at a trickle.

    I just got back from the store with a brand new pump. My current one is about 3 years old, brand: Aqeuon 10.

    New pump still in box is a AquaClear 30 with CycleGuard BioMax and I also bought AquaClear Ammonia remover filter insert for a 30.

    Should I just yank out the old and stick in the new pump with it's new filters OR should I do something with the filters for the old bacteria???

    Plus the new AquaClear pumps seem to be non-water resistant? The warnings in the label appear strange. Is it not a standard enclosed magnetic system?

  11. Did you have another video on youtube with a lot of negative comments of overcrowding? If so I saw that. Too bad people can be mean. If not, sorry.

    It's good to learn how MASSSIVVVE your tank is and all the gadgets/filters. Way to go!

    The fishy with the lost eyes, that's sad but a great lesson to be learned. I didn't know they could just be sucked off like that! wow!

    Very lovely set-up, fish, and plants. I'm inspired to get some fresh plants like yours.

  12. My 29 gallon & 10 gallon are in the dining room that you have to walk through to get to the kitchen. Across is a big couch where we can chillax with a book and stare at them.

    The other 10 gallon with the shubies (I'll upgrade as soon as I can afford to) is on top a filing cabinet in the living room across the tv and computer.

    When I upgrade they get the larger hallway wall where they wont have to watch tv if they don't want to.

  13. It's an intentionally created line that is used in studying eye development and Myopia and Glaucoma.

    We are working on importing thousands of lines that essentially have a mutation in every known gene of the genome so researchers can solve human disease.

    WOW that's insane and so cool. Of course I don't want any harm done to any animals but knowing that there's a good reason for these funky varieties is somehow very reassuring. Like knowing what breed of dogs are prone to what illnesses ie: German shepherds and hip dyspepsia or Chihuahuas and panic attacks or Terriers and crazy (too small of skull but brains keep growing). Anyways.... neat.

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