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  1. I'm a bit ashamed to say the size of their tank but it's only a 10 gallon. However, great news! I finally got them their new home, a whopping 75 gallon tank. I'm just starting the fixing up process and will post pictures of that when it's all done.

    Thinking though, that it's such a large tank that the small jawed shubie would do better in it and grow maybe a tad faster than currently, with all the swimming around it'll build up a mighty hunger.

  2. Thanks Sakura. I've been using that food interchanged with flakes and the occasional peas & bloodworms.

    I did get some advice from the LFS lady who said that he's probably the runt of the litter and when I upgrade their tank size soon, to keep him isolated and feed him more so he can be the same size as them. Then reintroduce him when he can be a little more competitive.

  3. omg cute. I'd take that ryu if I had more space. The dream was obvious cartoony colors, I think the only way to get them is man-made and probably cruel. Like those glow-in-the-dark cats that have insomnia because they can't get it dark enough behind their eyelids. Sad but true. Anyways...

    Yeah, purple?! Neat! Where can I see one of these lavender fish?

  4. That's the little kiddo, far right calico. This picture is about a month old or so. The others are slightly bigger now.


    I think the real disadvantage Zon has is his mouth is set lower on the head, pointed downwards instead of forwards and his mouth, when fully open, is only 1/2 - 1/3 the size of the other fish from the bunch.

  5. This is a comforting read, it's exactly what I do too.

    On a side note, every other day I do their 2nd feeding something different then flakes ie: pellets, smooshed peas, bloodworm, algae flake, or brine shrimp. Just to keep it interesting. :carrot: (I wish that were a dancing pea.)

  6. Perhaps an evolutionary trait? One of my shubies is shaped much differently then the rest. The main 3 are growing fast and distributing the weight evenly across their bodies in a nice, mostly oval pattern. My jawy shubie, Zon, the 4th fish of the tank seems to actually chew food instead of just sucking on it like the rest. He/she takes tiny bites and takes a long time eating food, therefor getting much less food then the others. Zon was once the 2nd biggest fish and now after a few months he/she is the smallest shubie.

    I've also noticed that Zon's weight isn't distributing as nicely, the butt/lower back before the tail is narrow and pinched looking, while the head has a defined neck and skull shape. Zon is skinnier but not for lack of trying to eat, he's out there getting food and chewing it but since it takes so long to consume he get's less in general.

    I'm thinking of getting some nutrients that dissolves in the water and absorbed in their scales. Has anyone ever tried that? I don't know what brands to look for. Also a note of concern, the other fish getting enormous while Zon catches up to a healthy weight with that method.

    They were all born in Spring 2011 and measure between 3-5" in length including tail.

  7. I didn't mean to get anyone's hopes up high with the idea of a pink telescope out there. I dreamed it after getting my new rainbow owl shower curtain.

    It was a fantastic dream of a fish shop with lots of cute pink, blue, green, yellow, and other cartoony looking telescope fishies.

    Are there any out there in the world outside the 'normal' color range? What about man-made like an albino fish with pink food dye in the water or a color casting light? I wouldn't dare do anything dramatic like compromising the health of a fish with dye, it was just a hypothetical, in case someone already has.

  8. I have the same exact thing happening with my tank of 4 shubies. They've been in the tank for a few months, it's cycled and the water parameters are perfect. Same normal feeding schedule. Temp also 72. When one starts shaking, they don't all do it. If it were electrical then they'd all shake at the same time. They only do it for short bursts and it has been a few days. I would've got on here sooner but I had to reinstall windows. Anyways, I am noticing there's a tiny white fluff growing on some of the plants but I don't see anything on the shubies bodies. They are across the tv and I do run the tv on late at night; insomnia. Maybe it's stress? My fancies have the same water, as with another tank and they don't have any problems, but then again, they aren't near the tv. hmm?

  9. Oh and the blindess, he/she's still young, eyes are clear but just as bad depth perception as the other telescopes in tank. They find the food eventually but it's hard to watch without talking to them "Just a smidge to the left!!!"

  10. My signature has Uriel aka Admiral Ackbar which is an albino telescope, with I think a possible ryukin mix. He/she was the only white fish in the batch of about 100 at the store. I almost grabbed the only albino ryukin but my neighbor called dibs a minute before I got to it.

    Anyway, I think they are rare and as far as I know, happen only accidentally.

  11. I think in order for them to see a reflection, you'd have to use actual mirror panes. I think the goldfish might enjoy the "company." I wouldn't expect any Betta-like aggression.

    I've put a mirror up a few times for my different beta's to watch them fight. It's funny and a half-decent way to get sad fish up and fishying about. You know, when they're just depressed, shine a mirror and they're no longer board. But don't do it too often with beta's because they'll be really agitated with no rest and that's just not nice.

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