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  1. So I ran up to the store, a mile in the snow uphill, and grabbed some epsom salt. Doing at 50% water change to dilute some of that aquarium salts. Going to add 1/4 teaspoon to the 10 gallons. This is my first time. I really love all the other forums I was able to quickly search through to find out what to do. Wish me luck!
  2. Oh crap! Valcore's got dropsy. I'm afraid he's not going to make it. He's ballooned up like a little bear except for his head, rapidly over night. This is 2 days after putting them back into the normal tank. The other fish that was quarentined has been bottom sitting and his eyes are buldging out as of the middle of the night. We just rushed them back into the quarentined tank (new water been cycling for a day just in case). I feel horrible!!! I think maybe it was over exposure to bacteria without a long enough dosing. Should I use prazi or melafix or pimafix? They've got nothing but prime & a little salt.
  3. Thanks Koko!!! First you make this awesome site to help out us fish nerds to geek out to and next you're helping me personally with my tanks. Yay internet! Yay Koko!!!
  4. In a hypothetical scenario when someone, say... forgets to 'clean' or bleach their plants before sticking them in the tank, what are the possible diseases that could crop up? Theoretically this could be zillions of different problems but I'm more curious on the more common stuff that if you were to get your plants from the garden center or LFS that could host just which fish diseases exactly? What should we look out for?
  5. You guys are so funny. The sick kiddos are still in their hospital tank and they are doing okay. The big one, Valcore, that had the seizures is still pinning to get back to his best friend in the big tank. Zoe, the healthy best friend in the safe tank has been stressing out swimming back n forth the last few days searching for his friend but other than worry they appear to be healthy. Tonight is the last dose of tetracycline and then I'm thinking of giving them a course of pimafix & melafix just to be certain. It's also what I did the first time this happened. I saved the white thing that came out of the scale and this time I'm taking it to the store that sold him to me. I took it to a different store last time and they had no clue what it was. It's really bizaar and even after googling it, nothing shows up. Total mystery. The two fish that are in the hospital tank came from a different lot than the rest so hopefully treating just them will take care of the problem but that's being overly optimistic. I noticed some mild itching on a couple of guys in the bigger tank. They've already been treated with prazi pro. So maybe just another round of that for them? uhm.... oh yeah! Sooo the craziest thing I figured out last night. With the Pur water filter on the sink, the ph level was 8.8!!!! And straight tap no filter was 6.6 so I'm thinking I could just use some of the extra filtered water, eh? Koko, thank you for the offer. Getting out to Beavertron is a bit hard as I'm bus bound.
  6. ph is still 7.6, can I add the tetracycline now? Slowly perhaps and keeping an eye on the ph during, say, a 15-30 minute process?
  7. Good to know. There's a couple stores I think that might have it but at least I can order it online. Yesterday I did a 50 gallon water change on the 75 gallon tank. I feel so stupid that I didn't even think about the ph levels. I use the hose/sink attachment now and got a little better about temperature control. Still, I like your idea of sitting small water changes overnight because we woke up to eggs, again. Only a couple after the eating frenzy but they are safe and sound in the nursery. Big sigh. I didn't realize what I was getting myself into. They take up so much more time than my swordtails do. Don't get me wrong, I love them, a lot. I could be out at the clubs right now but I'd rather make sure they don't die.
  8. A hard scary lesson to learn that I'll never forget. What kind of ph buffer should I be using for a QT tank?
  9. I only waited 2 minutes but it jumped to a 7.6 ph level. He flicked a few times while it slowly came in but he kept swimming towards it. Seemed to like it. I'll post back in an hour if there's any changed. Seems to be better. THANK YOU!!!
  10. oh and the water here is normally pretty good however low, 6.6
  11. It's only a 10 gallon tank. I'll add it slowly but how much should I add for that size? btw THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for helping me out and so quickly too.
  12. Gah! Yeah previous tank ph was 7.4 and now it's 6.4 Do I add baking soda?
  13. ah, okay. Lemme check if anything changed since yesterday.
  14. The sore on his side is redder than this morning. His tail veins are also bright red, normally light pink. I think what's happening is he had a few problems and the medicine might be killing off so much at once, maybe the immune system has been over-complicated/stressed out.
  15. Started the first round of prazi & tetracycline yesterday. Was about to do the 2nd round of tetracycline when he started freaking out. Only a little powder fell in, not much of the dose at all. I'm afraid to add anything at the moment.
  16. He's a white fish with grey underpatterns and usually soft pink gills on head but now it's dark red. Twitching. Quick breathing. sore on side seems to be opening up..
  17. No electricy in the tank. Other fish didn't have any problems like crazy like that. I thought he was in the process of dying. It looked really really painful. Episode is over but he's scratching. Been bottom sitting off n on the past couple days.
  18. shubunkin 1 year old in hospital tank having seizure. tank is treated with prime, salts, prazi pro and tetracycline as of about 24hrs ago. Just opened lid to add more tetra and he started siezuring out, swimming upside down. He's looks function. No video capability. oh crap what do I do? The other shubunkin in the quarentine tank is fine. Both are there because of a mysterious side bumps. Same fish about a month ago had tail polyps that went away and immediately followed with an open scale in which white puffy looking rice came out. Nothing alive like worms but was white and solid. Treated previously with prazi, melafix and pemafix. Now he just swam upside down and sideways. He freaks out when I'm near the tank. Away from the tank he's just a little shaky. HELP PLEASE!!!
  19. Well that was dumb. Turns out the fish I thought was the daddy is a female! So alas no eggs were fertilized that round.
  20. Oerba, Ooh single tail telescope. That's neat. I learned last night that this breed is not exactly genetic diversity. Read somewhere that shubunkins were originally made by crossing the classic old standard goldfish with a telescope. So... it's almost like inbreeding I suppose. I personally LOVE the double fan tails so my fingers are crossed that I get a few of them. Kristi, I've got a few bulbs already popping up. Fortunatly they're protected from frost & wind but last year that early spring then frost month was havock on the plants here. Stakos, thanks! I'll post pictures as soon as my camera gets fixed.
  21. Oh and I think the giant full moon had something to do with it. Today in another tank, my little green male swordtail had a giant growthspurt.
  22. That's too funny. I'm glad it wasn't a real torture story.
  23. Yesterday it was my 2 female ryukins I had to seperate into a bucket because they were getting harrased too much. Today it was the 2 female telescopes. So I tried to put in a tank divider and oops, grabbed one only up to a 55 gallon (I've got a 75g). Went to home de*ot and grabbed some meshing and jimmied a *ghetto* tank divider. Even though Charlie (female telescope) kept getting big time chased by the fellows, she somehow kept escaping female quarantine and went after the boys. After a couple hours trying to figure out how, I still couldn't figure because she only escaped when I got coffee or wasn't looking for a split second. I finally gave up and just let them spawn. Putting them aside into a bucket and just let the calico shubie Xander who was way too interested in Charlie have at her. Had to do a little hand spawning just to make sure they were done with it and weren't gonna chase her anymore. Now I've got way more eggs than I know what to do with and have to put them aside into the nursery tank that I was in the middle of taking care of. Jeesh! Wont these fishies lemme have a single day without fussing over them? Recent water change too. I tried soooo hard to keep the temperature the same. Here in town it's sunny andd beautiful outside. The wind is pretty cold but the heat is cranked up in the house so the fish are getting an artificial spring. Not much I can do about it now. Hopefully they'll give me a break and figure out what to do with the fry before spawning again. It'll be really interresting what they turn out like. Will they have single tails, double tails, flat eyes, bubbly eyes, long or short bodies? Only time will tell. Anyone have experience with these cross-breeds? I've also got 8 fry from a female ryukin and male shubunkin or telescope. Don't know about that because I woke up to find the eggs that time.
  24. In order to make way for the unexpected babies I very relunctantly am selling my shubies. They are buddies and can only be sold in pairs or all 4 together. All are a little under a year old ranging from 4-6 inches in length. 3 males, 1 female. Calico blues and one of the males is all white with the silver/black undercoat speckling. Pairs for $150 or all four for $250. Please reserve asap because I'll just sell them to the LFS if no other buyers speak up quickly enough. Please, only Portland Oregon region, no mailing.
  25. Neat vacation. Thanks for sharing. I love seeing pictures of countrysides that I've never been to before.
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