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  1. Camera has decided to start working again, silly android platform. Today I moved these babies from the nursery which had a sponge filter to this tank, same size of only 10 gallons but different filter type. They are so much happier with all the new stimuli. I had them in a small plexiglass container for moving & mixing water levels but first introduced them to their parents. They were all like.. "Whoa...?!?!" This is about an hour after getting into their new tank. I know I sound kinda funny. Kinda like a feminine fish version of Bob Ross, eh? Oh and I dooo know how to pronunciate acidification when I'm not brain waving. Forgot to mention, they were all white a month ago and just started developing their spots & color last week. Oh! They were all spawned the same day too so that's strange they are such different sizes. Different mama's & papa's most likely. Mind you I was speaking as if I were telling a few of my friends who don't know anything about fish all this since they may be adopted out in a few months here. <embed width="600" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" wmode="transparent" src="http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf?file=http://vid6.photobucket.com/albums/y230/EccoBell/Fishies/1stdayofmiddleschool.mp4">
  2. They are just the sweetest little things. The 2 boys are back in the main tank and just as social as ever. They are the social glue for the school. Now all the fishies are cuddled around them swimming on, under, & over each other. Too cute. Cuddle puddle!
  3. Eating an eyeball?! Wow what a meanie. Poor poor baby. Sending mental fish hugs.
  4. Right. So, I ran the full course of meds and gave them an extra few days in QT just to be sure they're fine. All the swelling has gone down and all the scales are laying flat. The smaller one that didn't have the seizures, he was kinda lumpy and always been that way, but my oh my has his body shifted. I thought he was just growing crooked because of the whole 'flukes as a fry' issue. Well he's actually looking a LOT smaller and leaner. Last night I started giving them water from the main tank to see if there's any immediate reactions, nope. Hooray. Then today I gave them a few more water changes of the main tank again today. Still no visible reactions. I'm about to move them back into the main tank but the last few days the smaller guy's dorsal fin has been clamped. He's eating, looks about as happy as he can be trapped in a miserable qt tank. The big guy doesn't have his dorsal fin clamped. So... hmm.... I wonder what that's about. I'm hoping it's just as simple as him not getting enough aeration since there's no bubble in the QT and his mouth is set so low he can't easily get it above the water line. Both tanks are now at 76 degrees F. so the transition is easier.
  5. They are sooo beautiful! Those red pebbles are also pretty neat.
  6. Okay so today there is mild improvement on one side of the fish's scales, they are not as raised up as the other side. The raised scales are localized in only 2 patches on either side near the pectoral fins extending to behind the gills. Whereas the other day it was almost his entire body raised up so that's better. The swelling hasn't declined much but he is eating food. I wish the swelling would go down faster. The temperature is up to 81degrees, that's about as close as I can get it with the heater otherwise it's down to 78. You were right about the stringy things in the mouth of Zoe in the other tank, about the ph drop. Now that it's been stabilized for awhile those have gone away. Big relief that I don't have to treat that tank.
  7. I have already started the General Cure by API that has metronidazole and praziquantel.
  8. Okay. I'll do a 50% water change then also include 1/2 packet of medicine. The medicinal course is 4 days. In line with the epsom salt the water changes should be good. I didn't know about the 8 day max for salts. Thanks for your help.
  9. I don't know why you both mentioned anemia & pale gills because the gills look like a good pink. I said melony but what I really meant was a hint of orange tinge, not like a pale color. Just wanted to clear that up a bit. What are some other signs & symptoms of fish anemia? I know it very well in humans but the osmotic process is just so different. Because of the difficulty of doing a full 100% water change, in my case, do you think 2 or 3 smaller changes would be sufficient? If so, what percentage and how would I retreat the epsom, after it's all done?
  10. Really? Many other forums and sites suggested 1/4 tsp to 10 gallons every 12 hours with a total of 4 treatments until 1tsp is met.
  11. The gills do have some color. A tad more than normal but nothing extreme like when they were gasping from the acidification.
  12. Oh I didn't make myself clear. The 1/4 tsp dosing was in the quarantined tank of only 10 gallons. Only the 2 sick fish that were showing signs are in there. They were the same 2 guys that had been in qt the week prior. I think the puffiness has gone down just a little bit but the scales are still raised on Valcore. The small guy, Zon had his eyes bulge out a little (nothing like a telescope but more than what's normal for him), mild body puffing compared to the big guy. None of the fish in the 75g tank is showing anything unusual except that stringy bit in the mouth of the sexually active male shubunkin, which given your idea of the ph drop makes a lot of sense.
  13. 1/4 tsp a few hours ago and a 1/4 tsp 12.5 hrs before that.
  14. Yes, the heater, epsom salts, and filter are in use. Thanks. It would take a lot of burden off of me to get some free meds. Arranging the shipping cost on a personal message would be good.
  15. Valcore that had the seizures and is worse off, his body is normally white so it's easy to see. The gills are pink melonish. Not red like the other day but not the faint pink of his normal self. The smaller shubunkin that had flukes as a fry, his coloration on the gills are black and impossible to see. I'd guess they'd be a soft pink. He's not having as bad of time as Valcore is.
  16. Oh that might explain it! When I did the giant water change I used the tap hose after the rains here which dropped the stupid ph down to 6.6 - 6.8 ish for the big tank. The darn qt tank originally had a ph of 6.0 ish when the seizures happened. The water here isn't usually that bad so I wasn't expecting the level to drop that much. I'll use buffer from now on and I finally got some coral today.
  17. They've been in the qt for about a week for the tetracycline and only were back in the regular tank for 36 hours for when this erupted rapidly. They were in qt because of the raised side scale, singular, and had treatment before. Both shubunkins have been back in qt for 24hours with prime, epsom salt, metronidazole, praziquantel, buffer, (baking soda before I got the buffer), and coral. Nitrate 0, nitrite 0, ammonia 0, ph 7.4 and 50% water change today. Slowly moving the temperature from 78 to 80 now. Side note: I just noticed that one of the healthier looking shubunkins, who was mating all morning with the ladies, he's got 2 or 3 stringy things attached on the inside of his mouth. I'm suspecting that might be the source of the problems and the majority of the fish have just been tougher in dealing with it. Parasites? Now I'm up for suggestions to treating the regular tank, 75 gallons. I'm thinking the General Cure since I've already treated them with Prazi pro a couple times in a month. When I gave them the melafix & pimafix they got shivers & shakes so did a massive water change and they then mated again after that. They sure like to mate. If I do treat their tank, I'd like to just do it once, perfectly cuz' that many gallons is expensive.
  18. Oh I'm so glad you mentioned the technical medication. The General Cure has 250mg of Metronidazole and 75mg of Praziquantel per packet. So, I wont bother with the Furan-2 but will use the General Cure then, right, sound good?
  19. My other half got Furan-2 and a general cure. Since he got to the store after they closed he had to go to another one that didn't have the same stuff. I'm hesitant to use either of those other things since they've had prazi treatments and a full course of tetracyline. I don't want their bellies to turn to mush. Can we just soak their food in the Furan-2? Thank you, I appreciate the help. I don't have a camera available, my phone camera has been returned 3x and my normal camera's is currently broken. There is some definite pineconing going on, all the scales are very raised and he's all puffed up all around as well, double his normal size.
  20. Whats the temp? we need to get it to 80F. We also need to get Medigold. We're about to get to the LFS that have something like Medigold. When I called they said they'd never heard of it but have 2 other things that work for this. Can't remember the name, sounded Latin. He said one dissolves nutrients into the water if they aren't eating and one they eat, so I'm supposing it's the triple antibiotic medicated food. We'll also pick up another thermometer as that tank's sticker one is busted. The heat is on but low until we figure out what the temp is. In case things go bad we also have 2 liters of soda water, clove oil, & the only vodka on hand - raspberry vodka. Not sure how to do all that and hopefully it wont come down to it. Koko, you can understand how difficult it is to get liquor around town if not timed perfectly in your day. So just double checking, it's 1/4 tsp of epsom salt every 12 hours?
  21. I haven't buffered yet but have been keeping my eye on the ph level like a hawk. I'm still a little confused by it, do I just add it in even when the ph level is set? I check it 2x a day now. It's been a few hours and they don't look any better yet, if anything the big guy's scales are extended out a little more, near his gills. Been really distracted though, the other tank is mating now and I've been hand scooping the eggs out with a net.
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