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    2 Ryunkins, 2 Telescopes, 3 Shubunkins, 1 Demenken, 2 Black Moor's, a seperate tank of other fish (neons, rasps, swordtails, bettas, and frog), and now with the fancy crossbreed offspring babies. Oh my!

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  1. WOW! 4 TBS for only 10 gallons?! I think that may be way too much!!! I've got a touch of dropsy here too so I'm trying to refresh my memory on what to do but I think that much salt will kill her. One time I lost a shubie to oversalting and his gills started to bleed. Worst death ever. Please use less salt.
  2. Wow that's just beautiful sand. My sand is just plain old boring beige stuff and I keep it about 1/4inch in some areas (maybe less) and up to an inch near the plants. The fish do a good job ripping the plants up and playing with them near their normal feeding spot. I suppose that's mental stimulation. lol
  3. I don't seem to have a problem with the filter and the sand, my intake wand is a good 6 inches above the bottom. Curious how thick of a sand layer you successful folk have. Maybe it's that I don't have it deep enough so the bacteria isn't getting trapped like it use to in the gravel. I worry about the gravel because the fish choking on it was becoming a regular occurrence.
  4. I wanted to weigh in on the sand choice but also perhaps to see if you could help me figure something out. A few weeks ago I had completed the stages of slowly removing out the gravel and adding 'clean' sand. I say 'clean' because I must've washed it over a dozen times and it looked fine to me. It was regular plain sand from the LFS, a good store I've had no problems with. Well since then I've not had my tank clear for more than 6 hours after massive water changes. I even cleaned my filter out (perhaps too much), twice. I did have a massive algae explosion but that was most likely due to leaving the hot lights on too long. I stopped leaving the lights on so long. So I added some phosphorous anti-algae pads recommended by the LFS to my filter, the filter with sand, gravel, and regular filter medium; no charcoal. The water still very cloudy. So I added some water clearer drops. Within an hour all these white dots and waves of cloud & clear water start rolling around. This was 2 weeks ago and 4 massive water changes ago. Still, the same problem. The parameters are technically great. Ph: 6.8 Ammonia: 0 Nitrates: 0 Nitrites: 0 Not much in the way of algae growth but the water is icky! All the fish seem to be doing fine except one baby that got dropsy. To be fair, we had a heat wave and the place was stuck in the 90's and the tanks were crawling up in the mid 80's and climbing. So one of the water changes I made the water way too cold. Oops!!! Don't worry, she's being treated and warmed up in QT. Anyways... I don't know if that helps with your sand decision or if I have my own little water world of problems.
  5. So for the last few months after Zon passing, Valcore was doing well and seemed healthy. Until about last week. He wasn't acting normal. Then his scales started to raise a little bit. He then developed full blown dropsy again and his fins started to fray. I quarantined him and when I did a very quick salt dip his gills started bleeding. I screamed and put him back in QT but he died later that night. There is finally closure to this sad story. I believe if I had treated them from the start with metro meds maybe none of this would've ever happened. I hope others can learn from my mistake. RIP Valcore.
  6. Thanks! I laugh every time I see the "SOON" which the last picture would be great for too. I should change that next time I post it. The adoption thing is really just personality. I think Goldie Lox, the 'Tro-lo-lo' ryukin just doesn't seem to like me. I think it was the first couple times they laid eggs and the shubies were so rough and hard with her that I got scared and separated her. Ever since she's like "What B?! What's your problem B?!? You gonna mess with me, B? I mess with you!"
  7. Thanks, and that's very good advice. I've been looking at those guys for a couple months at a very trusted LFS fully well knowing they have already had a basic round of treatments. There's another store where I know to always qc them from now but that's another story. The tank is 75 gallons so yes, I know I'm over stocked but they are so small right now and I may be adopting out 3 of the adults. Plus I have real plants and clean my filter good. I know, excuses excuses.
  8. So I accidentally picked up a couple babies while getting some new food. In hindsight I say it was us celebrating our lease renewal and deciding not to start selling off fish for a big big move but really they were just too darn cute!!! Looked like the healthiest outta the bunch too. Sweet! Here's the new fishies. Sorry for the poor picture quality. ...because he nibbles all the other fishes butts! Grody little fellow.
  9. I've got a healthy 29 gal tank mixed with swordtails, neons, rasboras, frogs, snails, and my new little additions 3 bettas. One male named King Tutu and 2 females. At first they did display some fighting but after the initial battle, all other arguments are only over territory and it's pretty mellow. They were all introduced to the tank the same day, all very healthy and skinny. There are LOTS of areas for them to hide and keep peaceful. The problem now is they're all so FAT! Since it's a community tank with lots of little baby swordtails and other fish I haven't found a good method of feeding them all without the bettas overeating. They have nearly doubled in girth. Beyond setting up a whole new tank, what are some feeding options I can do to put the bettas on a diet but keep the babies properly fed?
  10. Good point. We can dance around the issue. As if fish are wet lab mice being tested for various illnesses. The ryu-bellies a creation to figure out stomach cancers. The tele's a test to figure out glaucoma. So I've been told. I don't know what the beautiful double tails are all about.
  11. I came across this on pinterest and it doesn't lead to an article or shop or anything. Wondering if anyone knows if these fish were dyed to look this way or if it's a real thing.
  12. Oh this is neat. I didn't know we had this. Do you know what I would need to do to auction off my babies there?
  13. That may help some of the babies that are bottom sitting. I've added more aeration and do more water changes too. Best...sig...EVERRR! Hahaha! Admiral Ackbar, lol! Thanks!!! I felt a little redundant doing quotes and source but that is proper protocol.
  14. Do you think it's good for babies that are 1mm big?
  15. Success! I've created MOLD! Looks like I'll have to stitch together a bunch of store bought stuff and do the long wait method. le sigh. Lesson learned, don't leave stuff out to get moldy. DUMB! Maybe if it didn't have the yogurt or excess water and all stayed in the cold or fridge it might work.
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