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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGKkupSFQJY&feature=youtu.be Love them. Got them at 11 am today pst. They are still resting.
  2. In my first reading of 0 ammonia and 0 nitrates are off....... I may have read the results wrong. It may have been 5 ppm of nitrate. It could've been I was really frustrated from the dozens and dozens of time that I tested the water in my previous cycle attempts that I thought I saw 0 ppm of nitrate when it might have been 5 ppm. I don't know. I will let my 20 gallon tank cycle overnight. When I do return my small goldfish into the 20 gallon tank, how much of a water change should I do on the tank? (I wasn't my intention to continually bump this thread. I just wanted to add something and the time limit already ran out.)
  3. At around 10 am pst this morning, I divided the biomedia from my 20 gallon tank to my 40 gallon tank. I also transferred around 10 cups of water from my 20 gallon to my 40 gallon tank. I added 2 ppm of ammonia to each both tanks. Here are the results of my nitrate test at around 6 pm pst. The tube closest to the color chart is water from my 20 gallon tank. I looks like 10 ppm of nitrate to me. The tube further away from the color chart is water from my 40 gallon tank. I looks like 5 ppm of nitrate to me. (I honestly think that I'm on my way to two cycled tanks. Just in time for my 2 Rain Garden fishes. They arrived tomorrow at 7pm Pst.)
  4. Okay, first and for most the biomedia , during fumigation, was stored in a bucket of tank water (from my 20 gallon) for roughly two days. Two days after the fumigation, I started up the tank again using the media in the bucket. I will share results of further test. (At Art the only part of sequence that wasn't correct was I did not know that 20 gallon tank that has been running for two months was cycled or not. Plus the reason I think I have zero nitrates was because my fish produces around .25 ppm of ammonia a month(the last time I checked regularly ))
  5. I do understand the nitrogen cycle. I spent six weeks trying to cycle my tank . I tried countless times to get an instant cycle.
  6. I wound up almost evenly splitting the foam and bead between the two HOB'S and my fluval. The fluval got a little bit more more seeded media. Wish me luck.
  7. I have two HOB filters with 20 gallon capacity each on my tank right row. I stuffed both HOB with bio foam and beads. I have five pieces of foam and two bags of beads total for both HOBS. I have a fluval with lots and lots of foam and beads running right now for my uncycled 40 gallon tank. How do I go about seeding the foam of my 40 gallon tank? Should I take all biomedia and beads from my two HOB (on my 20 gallon) and put it into my fluval and then wait for all the biomedia in the fluval to be seeded? (It takes my small goldfish around a month to produce .25 ammonia ppm)
  8. I have a 20 gallon tank with a very small goldfish in there. Turns out my 20 gallon tank is cycled.My 20 gallon has been going for two months I had to fumigate (for roaches) two weeks ago so I took down the 20 gallon but ;unlike last time when I moved my tank I emptied out all the water and dried out my filters and bio media; this time I put the media in a bucket with water. My 20 gallon has been going for 2 weeks now. Last night I checked the ammonia and nitrate ; they were zero and zero. I took my small goldfish out of her 20 gallon and put her in a tupperware container. I added two ppm of ammonia to the tank last night .......this morning I have 10 ppm of nitrate. I added two more ppm of nitrate to the 20 gallon.
  9. How should I go about buying this new adapter? What information do I have to give them or what do I have to bring?
  10. My bathroom faucet DOES NOT fit Aqueon water changer. I'm buying a new faucet, any ideas or tips on which is the best faucet to buy that works best with the Aqueon water changer? Anyone have suggestions?
  11. It did not work. I did add ammonia tank at the level of 2 ppm of ammonia.
  12. My forty gallon tank has been sitting idle for months. I just restarted it.
  13. I did not download the pictures of the fishes before Steve took them down from his website. I already sent Steve an email requesting that ;if he didn't already permenately the pictures, to please send them to me. If I sends me the pictures, I will share them.
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