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  1. Yeah it's been hard to tell if the shallow water helps. I haven't been able to leave it shallow for too long, because the ammonia builds up pretty quickly (it becomes like 3-5 gallons of water, and Gus is a pretty big fish...). So pretty much only when I'm at home and I'm able to change the water frequently. It seems like he stays on his back/side mostly regardless of the water depth. But - I have been noticing something I thought was interesting lately. Sometimes he hangs out near the bubbler, and seems to eat the air? And sometimes he tries to get to the top to take a gulp (and sometimes fails =(). I don't really know how the swim bladder works - is it possible he needs to refill it with air or something? So maybe the shorter depth would help, if it's easier to get to the surface. If it doesn't improve, we can try the large shallow tub you linked to. Man he's hungry though. I tried helping him to the top so he could gulp, but he just kept trying to eat my hand instead. I thought 1% of body weight was a lot of food...
  2. Huh that link is super interesting. The tank is just a 10 gallon, so this one is maybe...about the long end of a piece of paper, I think, so maybe 11 inches. I'll try lowering the water some - I can't see that it'd hurt. I'm changing the water about 3 times a day right now, so I'll see how much worse the ammonia gets. Otherwise, I'm taking the epsom down to zero (by not replacing it during water changes). Gus really seems active, and super hungry, which is good. Just the upside down thing going on now... Thanks! (And thanks for the info on the epsom duration - just wanted to understand).
  3. Here's an update: http://i1194.photobucket.com/albums/aa368/dancingclown/Gus_62715%20001_zps5bdsvlwr.jpg http://i1194.photobucket.com/albums/aa368/dancingclown/Gus_62715%20002_zpschbk0bzh.jpg Feeling good about the scales. Don't see any sticking up. Gus is still upside down though. His poos look good, and he's very hungry and active when I go to feed him. But otherwise he sits on the bottom upside down when I have the lights off, and can't permanently right himself up when he's swimming. We've been keeping the temperature around 80 F. Any ideas about additional actions or whether to keep the epsom at this level (1 tsp per 5 gallons) given his swim bladder issues? I am curious: what happened so that we don't mind leaving in epsom in longer at higher concentrations any more? Thanks!
  4. Hehe yeah... I've tried not to say anything out loud so I don't jinx anything... . Do you happen to know what to do about the epsom? I know Jared said something above about the duration and amount of epsom, and reevaluating that - do we start reducing it now that the scales are starting to flatten? Thanks! Edit: Managed to miss that... Thanks, I'll keep it in a few more days.
  5. Hi all, So...good news (I think)! Gus's scales look like they've gone down quite a bit, almost all the way, I'd say, although it's a little hard to tell when he's upside down: For reference 6/16/15 (posted already above): http://i1194.photobucket.com/albums/aa368/dancingclown/Gus_61615%20002_zpsmx1pnhng.jpg 6/22/15 (new): http://i1194.photobucket.com/albums/aa368/dancingclown/Gus_62415%20004_zps1on5kcxw.jpg 6/23/15: http://i1194.photobucket.com/albums/aa368/dancingclown/Gus_62415%20010_zps2ak5v2xc.jpg 6/24/15: http://i1194.photobucket.com/albums/aa368/dancingclown/Gus_62415%20017_zps4g272hgs.jpg It is a little scary how effective the MMs were (relative to the other methods we tried)... He's still upside-down though. His balance *may* be getting a little better; he can halfway right himself to get at food, but can't stay upright. He also is staying off the bottom less than before (so sort of bottom-sitting, but upside-down). Ammonia hasn't gotten above 0.25. I know we do the full 14 days for MMs - what should we do about the epsom? How long do we keep it at 1 tsp per 5? I'm hesitant to get too excited, but the scales really do look better. I'm not sure about swim bladder damage, if it's permanent, and what we do about that... But I figure I should ask about the epsom first. Again, thanks to all of you so much, and to Lisa for the MMs... =).
  6. Ok we are at 1 teaspoon per 5 gallons epsom, no metro in the water, and started the metro meds. Many thanks to Lisa for her help and generosity! We'll update when anything changes. Thank you all again!
  7. Thanks for answering my questions. We're just worried, I think. I guess I am also not sure if the scales are going down, looking at him with better lighting, and given the fact the view is from his belly: http://i1194.photobucket.com/albums/aa368/dancingclown/Gus_61915%20005_zpsiyi1t5qd.jpg http://i1194.photobucket.com/albums/aa368/dancingclown/Gus_61915%20003_zpsbliipr6l.jpg I'll go check my messages now.
  8. Thanks so much for the help. I sent you a message, Lisa. I believe we would need 213*0.01*14 = 29.82 grams of Metro Meds. We will up the epsom to 1 teaspoon per 5. I also had a question regarding another 14 days of MM: we've already done 14+ of metronidazole in the water. Do we need to worry about overmedicating (damage to liver, kidneys, etc.)? For example, a couple posts back we were warned about overdosing the metro. I'll also take two more pictures and post them. The scales look better, although he is still upside down. I wonder if his swim bladder is just permanently damaged though...
  9. We have metro powder and solient green gel food. Rather than feeding 3 year old MetroMeds, can we make our own medicated gel food? We were actually feeding medicated gel food before, but was told to stop and just have metro powder in the water. Is it safe to feed both medicated food and have metro in the water?
  10. Our MMs are opened. I could only find a receipt from 2012. I'm not sure if I'm just missing a receipt or if they're really that old. We're currently at 1/2 teaspoon per 5 gallons. About going up - is there a maximum time you're supposed to use epsom for? I thought I remembered something like that...? Or is this not the situation where it is relevant? Thanks!
  11. Sorry, on my way out the door, but first guess I'd think the metro meds are least more than one year old. (I need to check purchase records or medication records to try and detective out an exact date, when I'm back home). His tail used to be bent, but not so much any more. It's also hard to tell if the scales are coming down. They're definitely still up, but we can't tell if maybe less than before. He's so hungry... One thing I'll note is we've been on metro + epsom for more than 14 days now. Thank you again.
  12. Here are two updated pictures: http://i1194.photobucket.com/albums/aa368/dancingclown/Gus_61615%20002_zpsmx1pnhng.jpg http://i1194.photobucket.com/albums/aa368/dancingclown/Gus_61615%20003_zpse5lr5lds.jpg Metro and Kana are the only meds we have on hand, besides old metro-meds and old medi-gold, although we can try and get whatever we need. We have continued metro and epsom. Gus is still very hungry, his poos look good, but he's still upside down and his scales are still out. I am not sure what is happening here. Thank you for the help =). We have had fish with dropsy before, but I don't think any of them survived this long.
  13. Gus is not doing well... His appetite is still good, but his dropsy is worse and his spine is curved to one side. We stopped the Kanaplex, but still giving him Epson and Metro powder in the water. Today is day 14 of meds. Can we continue the Metro and Epson?
  14. We want some advice-- at the end of tomorrow, Gus will have completed 12 days of Kanaplex and Metro powder in the water. His scales have gotten worse, and he spends all his time belly-up. However, his appetite has not changed (he always seems starving and begs when we come near the tank). Given we're nearing the end of the antibiotic treatment, and Gus has gotten worse, not better, what do we do? Can we extend Kana past the 12 days? Do we try another kind of medication? Is epson salt ok for 12 days?
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