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  1. I paid a rare visit to my local fish store and purchased some Hikari Oranda Gold, bloodworms, filter cartridges and (don't be hatters) TetraFin goldfish crisps. My fish always love these crisps. I pretend they are candy/brownies/popcorn or some other unhealthy treat for them because they practically bust the glass trying to get at them. The store also had the most gigantimus orandas I've seen in a very long time. Easily 5-7 inches each with outstanding fins and head growth and puffy cheeks. They were only $49 each. Had to come from a local as they were huge, fat and in excellent condition. If I had the tank space I would have snapped them all up. Of course it's always fun to buy small and grow them out myself.
  2. I just finished googling the question as to whether super glue is toxic to fish. Boy, there are so many mixed responses. Seems alot of Salt Water enthusiasts use it to glue live rock, but also seems like alot of Fresh Water people have had bad experiences. I think I will stick with aquarium silicone.
  3. cmclien, isn't super glue toxic to fish? Always thought it was, don't know for sure.
  4. Being of larger mass myself, I can agree that it takes more effort as my "mass" gets larger. Just sayin.
  5. Thanks! I'm so glad I can view your videos now. OMGee! Your bubble eyes freak me out! They are gorgeous but I would be a nervous wreck thinking one of the sacs would get deflated. Now on the other hand, that GIANT Ranchu! Well, I'll just say I choked on my tea and nearly burned myself. It is awesome! Also, I especially like your tank decor, so much easier to clean that way, I do the same thing.
  6. Awesome looking little fellows, lots of potential. Here's hoping you can fatten them up. I just love fat, pudgy fishies. Especially with such nice finnage.
  7. Very sorry to hear your news. No matter our age or how many years we've been in the goldfish hobby, it is always difficult to be in any situation that involves downsizing our fish collection/tank setups. We can all certainly understand how you feel, however, you are still quite young and I'm sure you will have many opportunities for larger tanks and awesome fish in the future. Hang in there, at least with 1 goldfish you are still considered a goldfish hobbyist.
  8. Pro Gold also clouded my tank when I overfed (which is a terrible habit cause I want my fish to be fatter than me so I will look thinner when I stand beside their tank) (ps: that is a secret so don't share it with anyone else). Now I feed them just enough for each to get a few pieces and no more cloudiness.
  9. Sorry you lost one of your little fellas. I agree with those who think he needs a new companion!
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