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  1. congrats they were a fabulous find. They were also lucky to find you!
  2. That oranda is probably about 9" long, and is the largest I have, he was probably three inches when I got him from RG. The red and white oranda is close, but most of the others are in the 3" to 5" range.
  3. 300 gallons 27 goldfish, yes I am aware its overstocked, its temporary while we are in the middle of moving. Unfortunately we couldnt put the house on the market with 10 aquariums in my house. Go figure. They like the pond a lot though. Since I made the video I added a few more canisters and another pond filter with air and some water lettuce plants.
  4. Hey Mikey there is hope, I sold my 50 gal today with stand and light fixture for $240 Edited to add, I just listed it yesterday on CL.
  5. Nothing common about them, they are gorgeous!
  6. Thanks Koko I decided not to try it. I cleaned it with a soft cloth and told the buyer that it had not been sterilized. He was fine with it. He bought three tanks and filters. Im down to four large tanks and my new pond. Fish are crazy happy in th eir pond.
  7. I don't know if I will be brave enough to try it myself unless someone with experience chimes in. I cleaned it with hot water today and wiped it down with a soft cloth so it looks good. I have someone that wants to buy it and I wanted to have it ready to go for them so they could just add their fish. I may just leave it like it is and tell them they need to sterilize it and let them decide how they want to do that. They want to come get it tomorrow so if I don't do it tonight.....
  8. She is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Congratulations !
  9. I was simply stating a fact, many folks here on the forum use bleach solution to sterilize tanks. I do not know why you took such personal offense at that, it was not meant in that way.
  10. Bleach solution is perfectly safe to use to sterilize fish equipment as long as you rinse well and declorinate the tank/equipment before adding fish. I use it for glass tanks all the time. I just don't know if it will discolor acrylic or not.
  11. I disagree with almost everyone on this subject. I would pay $150 - $200 in a heartbeat for a tank in good condition with all the extras. I say list it at what you want and you can always come down if it doesn't sell.
  12. Can I wipe the acrylic tanks down with bleach solution or will it cloud the acrylic? Thanks!
  13. If you lived near me your white oranda would have been fishnapped by now....
  14. The first four tanks listed are ready to go. Also have 8 gal nano with built in filter and led. The 75 and 50 seaclear will be available in approx two weeks.
  15. I know I have at least a dozen ac110 filters. Im excited I will have an 800 gal pond at new place. Im also going to be on first floor and and I plan to put a 300 gal tank in the house and split my fish between house and pond.
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