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  1. Edie does not look thrilled with you!
  2. Fingers crossed for you! Sounds great.
  3. very cute video, maybe its blurry because your battery was low? That happens on my camera. Or maybe not quite enough light in the room might do it too.
  4. CindyGen

    Fish torture!

    Thats so cute, I can just see it LOL .
  5. I moved to my new studio today, well mostly, I still have to move the tv and fish tanks, I need help with the heavy lifting for that. So hopefully that will be done tomorrow. I am so excited to have a walk in closet! !!! Oh and my nano tank arrived!
  6. Fabulous pics, glad you had a good time and your fish sitter was good!
  7. I love bloodworm night, they are so funny with those. I especially love the orange and white petsmart oranda, she grabs a big clump of them and just inhales LOL!
  8. http://youtu.be/coGHoMk9Se4
  9. I stink at taking pics of them, but I am in the process of uploading some video to youtube now I promise. Didn't get much of the Oranda and Pearlie, the Oranda is still recovering from the trip and is being pretty quiet. She hides when I turn the tank light on, so I tried to get a little bit of video of her with it off, it's not very good video, but I want to give her more time to recover and settle in before I do anything to stress her.
  10. I will soon, I want to let them adjust for a while. The butterfly has a name already, it just fits him, it's Itherial (yes I know that isn't spelled properly, but hey who cares right?)
  11. My butterfly from GC and the HUGE oranda and pearlscale from Rain Garden arrived about fifteen minutes ago. They are floating in their QT tanks at the moment. I can't wait to release them and get a really good look at them.
  12. I have discovered a down side to having them all within watching distance. It puts them within BEGGING distance too. They are staring at me as much as I'm staring at them. LOL I do feed them daily, I really do, they however would tell you they are NEVER fed and are STARVING.
  13. Since I'm doing daily almost 90% changes on their tank anyway, I found a better spot for it and moved them. Now I can see them from my bed while I'm working or watching tv or posting on Koko's. It's so cool! I can see all my fishies from bed except for Norma Jean who is in the 10 gal QT in the bathroom. Not only do I enjoy watching them, but my pitt mix puppy also loves to watch them. She is so cute laying on the bed cocking her head back and forth while watching them swim. My boxer on the other hand is jealous of the attention they get. I have to make sure I give her as much attention LOL. I started working on my 75 Monday, got the tank cleaned and bleached, but it's been too cold to paint the stand. I am really anxious to get it done so I can set it up.
  14. I must admit I am responsible to bringing the treadmill in, one of the guys at work gave it to me, and I about killed my dad and myself getting it up the stairs, so it really has to stay. The 3' stack of magazines and clothes that are a size too small can definately go though, along with a couple of old chairs that I no longer needs and all kinds of nicknacks that just collect dust.
  15. I'm sitting on my bed looking around my room this morning no wait its afternoon already, how is it already 3 pm? Anyway I had a spot picked out for my 75 gallon tank and after measuring this morning I think there is not quite enough space between the bed and the tank space to make it easy to do tank maintenance. So I am looking around trying to figure out if there is a better way to rearrange my stuff to make room for it. I have a lot of stuff that is just clutter. I come from a family of clutterbugs and my ex was one too, so I have an aversion to clutter anyway, but having moved three fish tanks into my room I am getting crowded out by too much other stuff that is useless junk. My mom buys me a lot of stuff, that I end up never using or wearing, and about twice a year I have a big decluttering fit and get rid of lots of stuff. Seems like it's about that time of year for me now because I am looking around thinking OMG where did all this stuff come from? It's overwelming to get rid of stuff because of having to carry stuff down the stairs and way out to the parking area before I can haul it off to donate it somewhere. But oh well, I have to get it done because I need more room for my 75 gal tank! Anyone need a giant treadmill?
  16. CindyGen

    Dec 17 2011

    She is so gorgeous!
  17. Think we should start a new line of "lipstick" fishies? I'm not 100% absolutely sure mine is female just yet, but I think so.
  18. I gave the dumb woman driving the Fedex truck an earful, she had the box upside down, even though there are UP arrows on it and it says LIVE FISH on the side. She was an idiot, even after I told her she was like oh... At any rate, fish is in good shape, she's adorable, she is a white red cap oranda about 3" and she has red around her lips like she's wearing lipstick. At the moment she is floating in the QT tank in her bag. Can't wait to turn her loose in a little bit and get a good look at her.
  19. All along I have wanted to move the veils into the bigger tank with Gastone, but I have been afraid he would be too much of a barge So tonight water temps were the same in both tanks, and water chemistry was a close match. I decided to go for it. I moved the veils and their filters to the 59 gal tank with Gastone. I put Fifi in as well. They are all getting along well, the biggest worry I have right now though is that Gastone is too interested in Victoria and he is going to wear her out. All three big fish are in a little huddle in the corner and Valentino is running interferrance with Gastone which gives Victoria a little break. Do you think he will settle down soon and back off? He isn't really chasing her, he keeps nudging her and she moves away and he goes and nudges again and she moves away. She is clearly annoyed by it, but although he is very persistant, he is not being too aggressive. Fifi is exploring the whole tank and she's so small, the larger fish have not even seemed to notice her presence. I put her little cave in the tank and there are lots of plants to hide in, but she is basically vacuuming the bottom of the tank looking for food. If everything goes well with this group in the larger tank, then tomorrow afternoon I'd like to move my new telescope male to the 26 gallon tank for his QT. He is currently in a 10 Gal and he would be much more comfy in the 26 I am sure. Gastone had gone to the other side of the tank to nibble on the anacharis, so I am hopeful that he is going to settle down and let Victoria have some peace tonight. At the moment he is back in the huddle though bothering her again.
  20. Check out the video in the betta page of the forum. I am not sure if its male of female. This is what happens when I have an empty (well except for plants) tank.
  21. They are darling, I would have a hard time choosing a fav.
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