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  1. Pearlscale will be completing #3, Oranda completing #2 Also - do I up salt to .3% for the "off" prazi days? Thanks
  2. Ill have to put an airstone in there - My pearlscale will be done with metro meds tomorrow. Is it ok if I finish the QT and Prazi cycles with both fish in the same tank?
  3. Just wanted to double check - .2% is OK with prazi pro?
  4. ok Ill up the salt - I'll post when I do it. These other angles show the fin outline a little better. Its not on the caudal, the bloody streak (in the previous post) is basically the lower limit of the caudal fin.
  5. New problem cropping up - Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates 0 pH 7.4 last WC - 95% monday night There is now a pustule on one of the anal fins, streaking still apparent in tail fin. On 3rd day of second prazi pro cycle salt at .1% Image 1 Image 2
  6. ok, will proceed as instructed - 4 days prazi - WC, 1 or 2 day rest, WC repeat kind of like lather, rinse, repeat
  7. Blood is completely gone from fins (huge improvement over the weekend, after the first WC) except for a few dark areas, but nothiing bright red. I did the 2 water changes and started the next cycle of prazi pro. Is there any reason to continue treatements after the end of this cycle? I've seen posts recommening 4-5 cylces of prazi. Why?
  8. Did the 2 water changes and started the next cycle of prazi pro. The streaking is gone from the fins. Is there any reason to continue treatements after the end of this cycle? I've seen posts recommening 4-5 cylces of prazi. Why?
  9. ammonia 0 nitrites 0 nitrates 5 He's still a little jumpy - runs away when I come over to feed him instead of typical FEED ME behavior. Also - can't find the food that well. - using a floating pellet right now, and he just mouths the surface in random places until he finds the foods.
  10. ammonia, 0 nitirites, 0 some pics - definitely showing improvement https://picasaweb.google.com/113191344967970993106/Pearlscale?authuser=0&feat=directlink
  11. So, WC Saturday, replace salt, then prazi monday - WC again before adding prazi?
  12. Ok, 100% WC saturday, then add back prazi or leave him alone for a while? Friday marks 2 weeks on the metro meds, so should I stop that too?
  13. ammonia 0, nitrites, 0 looks like less blood in the ventral fins - the distal portion still has "islands" of blood but the proximal portion seems to be clearing. I will try to post pics tonight. BTW I clicked to "follow" this topic, but haven't gotten any email updates.
  14. Didn't test nitrates, wouldn't expect much after 24 hours. I will check tonight. Ok, so on the 4th day do a big water change, then again on the 5th, and then add the prazi pro back in ? So one day with no prazi? Why back to back WCs? Thanks, I saw him Monday, and decided Tuesday to go get him. I was stressed all day that someone else got him. What goldfish type is he? Calico Oranda?
  15. 35 gallon tank is up 24 hours with cycled AC 70 filter 0 Ammonia 0 Nitrites feeding oranda pro Took home a beautiful new fish yesterday - he is in a 35 gallon qt with prazi pro and .1% salt, prime This morning I noticed faint blood lines in tail fins, which I had not noticed before. Do I ... a)wait and see b)run another prazi pro cycle in 2 days c)up the salt d)start medicating with metro meds e)none of the above f)some of the above Thanks!
  16. API drops ammonia < .25 (very light green) nitrite < .25 (pale blue) nitrate - 5
  17. Let me test again tonight when I get home (in about 5 hours), but assuming no Ammonia, anything else I need to do when adding the Prazi Pro?
  18. After about a week, I checked the chemistry in the qt tank - I was getting nitrites between .25 and .5. Obviously the cycle didn't transfer, - I am making nitrites, but not converting them, so I have been doing 50% water changes for the past few days to keep them down. Should I start another cycle of prazi-pro now or wait for the cycle to stabilize?
  19. Here is a really boring video, sorry. For the first minute I got mostly a rear-end view (I had just turned the lights on, I don't think he liked that) https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/NIr1TpdrDl85b9NDjad9s9MTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0?feat=directlink
  20. Update: Been on MetroMeds for 1+ week. (since last Friday) No real improvement in the fins, maybe some of the red on the belly cleared up. The left pectoral, which had been clear, is now bloody as well, but the dorsal seems to be clearing up. Fish is active and eats well - no signs of distress.
  21. I think it was just flopped over a little when I got the shot, but in the second picture, you can see the little white pimple about halfway back on the wen.
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