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  1. I did a 2% dip - he barely lasted 30 seconds. How soon can I repeat? Should I? He is now back in double prazipro with 0.2% salt
  2. Sorry to report that when I woke up this morning, Panda was gone. I was quite surprised, but glad the decision was out of my hands. Thanks to everyone for their help and support.
  3. ok, thanks for the reply, I have to decide what to do.
  4. It turns out I made a bad situation worse. When I saw him in the vac, my first instinct was to turn off the valve at the vac end. his lips were in the valve when I did this, and turning off the valve severed his upper and lower lips. I discovered his complete "lip assembly" inside the valve. As far as how he is doing - He is still weak, but seems to be holding his own. I think we are in for a long recovery if it is even possible. I would like to know a couple of things if you have the answers - 1) Is it possible for him to eat? 2) will his lips grow back? If recovery is not possible, is it better to euthenize him?
  5. We are talking about what percentage salt? 2%? I'm asking because I have the kosher salt which is 2.8 g/5ml, so the usual measurements don't work. I have done a 2% dip before on my moor. - the moor only lasted 30 seconds before fainting. Do I have to do the whole holding tank thing? - the fish is going to go back in QT, not the main tank. Thanks again for all your help with all my various problems - you guys are great.
  6. no, I can put one in though, thanks
  7. moved back to main tank today - only concern is black tip on dorsal and small black at base of caudal fins. ammonia, nitrite, nitrates 0
  8. Change water last night - for some reason it was really cloudy - I am going prazi free till Saturday night. pimple seems to be healing - no change in blood in fins behavior seems a little better
  9. Some pics of him from before -
  10. Update - When I left he was only barely breathing Now, 1) looks like both gills are pumping normally 2) no longer floating at the top, but swimming weakly mid tank My main concern now is him just surviving. His lower jaw is a wreck, looks like it is half missing - can he possibly recover from this?
  11. yes salt is in He is being pushed around at least as much by the bubbles as the filter flow - he is floating at the surface but dorsal up, not on his side. I am more concerned about him getting stuck on the filter intakes - in the few seconds before I got him out of the main tank, he had already gotten stuck on one. I need to leave to work now, but just to be clear - you want me to obstructs the filter output?
  12. i have 2 ac minis in there, cycled, just moved my pearlscale back to the main tank and did a complete WC before putting the oranda in. I have set the minis to low flow and put an airstone in that corner to keep him away - he IS being pushed around by the current bec. he has very little movement, Should I turn off the filters completely? Maybe I should wait on the melafix - he is very weak now and I don't want to put anything in there.
  13. I was doing a water change - ran down to get some prime - heard the sound of the flow change - sure enough my little panda was stuck in the gravel vac. Shut everything down, had to take the thing apart to get him out - wen is shredded, bleeding from gills - which stopped. lower lip is torn - only one gill seems to be working, fish breathing only once every 10-15 secs, very weak moving him to qt with .1% salt any additional advice welcome!
  14. I'm using diamond crystal kosher salt, couple of dollars a box. BTW, I didn't know how to embed that video, thanks. For future reference, you just use the media tag?
  15. Ok, I'm out of salt, So i need to pick up some more tomorrow before the WC - You go through this stuff fast.
  16. It was at .2% since the start of the second round of prazi pro, so almost 2 weeks now. My water changes have been down to dorsal, and the last one I did right before prazi round 3 was 100%. I will clear out the prazi water tomorrow and start fresh at .2% for the off day. Is it ok to restart prazi again friday?
  17. Here is a video of the crazy swimming - he is rubbing his face against the glass https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/gUHDUzt-WtWGqls4T-msMdMTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0?feat=directlink I have a video of the bottom sitting but I have to convert it.
  18. I will try to get a video up tonight or tomorrow, I'm getting home late tonight. - Not seeing much poop, but if I remember correctly it was normal The bottom sitting is basically hovering just over the floor of the tank, with maybe his fins touching. I don't think his belly touches the glass.
  19. This is the end of round 3. I added it Saturday night, so I will finish tonight (4 days) or tomorrow night.
  20. Pretty much the same - 1) No change in the pimple on the fin 2) Fish sleeps on the bottom of the tank, but gets active when the lights are on 3) Still pretty jumpy and when I am around, will slam into the walls and the filter tube, but seems chilled out when I turn the light off and walk away 4) Eating fine 5) Still has the blood in the fin 35 Gallon tank is dosed with .2% salt and double prazi pro Running AC70 and air stone, No heater, so temp ranges 65 - 68 F
  21. no they have been separate all along the pearlscale is in a 10 and the oranda is in a 35
  22. BTW paramaters were 0 for ammonia/nitrites/nitrates before WC, ph 7.8 More active this morning, still jumpy, ate fine.
  23. I did a water change Friday afternoon. I was away today and was going to do the second change tonight - the fish was sitting upright on the bottom of the tank. He was like this for a few minutes - seemed very listless and lethargic. He even just kind of drifted over to the filter intake and got stuck there. I turned the power down and he swam away, then started going bananas with the flashing - he keeps swimming into the wall of the tank. I am going to finish the water change now, but I am nervous about what's going on.
  24. I'll probably keep them apart, do one more cycle for the pearlscale, and put him back in the big tank next week. The Oranda is still flashing and darting and seems to be rubbing against the filter intake pipe. Is there something else here that needs to be treated?
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