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  1. i don't have wood in the 125. i do in the other tanks though. i just didn't want the ranchu to run into the wood. would wood be ok to keep with them? i do have some decorations in that tank. i'm going to try and transfer some. if all else fails i am going to completely empty the 5 and just submerge it inside the 125. lol
  2. i have a 5 gallon tank with just water in it by my kitchen window and it has a TON of green algae. how can i trasfer that to my 125 gallon? how can i seed the ranchu tank with the nice green algae? is that possible?
  3. they're very nice!!!! i don't think i've ever seen blue gf before.
  4. then you wouldn't know their names
  5. the ranchu are all named after big bang theory characters. lol haven't named the other fish. my daughter calls them all cindarellie though. and she calls the plecos queen.
  6. yes they are in this tank. i have a couple of other tanks. i have an oranda and a moor in one (they are best buds) and a deformed goldfish (don't know what kind) in the other. the deformed one's face looks like it had a stroke and its fins are all shriveled up. i bought him like that a year ago. i bought him because i thought no one would ever want him. he actually belongs in the ranchu tank but he's been floaty the last week so i separated him.
  7. here's the tank as of ten minutes ago. i may grow it again if i feel like it.
  8. it's gone don't worry about it. i have a 4ft shop light with two 32 watt t8 bulbs as my light source. the ranchu are fed repashy they love it.
  9. i basically wanted to see how much i could grow. i got the shoplight and went nuts on it. i've also been feeding the ranchus ALOT. the tank has been running for almost a year now, but it did have sand and decorations at one point. i took the sand out when i went back to goldfish. it had oscars in there before. i took the sand out over the course of a week, i couldn't do a cup a day. lol the goldfish were all over it, skimming the bottom and picking at it all hours of the day. it was fun to grow but i like the tank clear like it is now.
  10. i have a shoplight as my aquarium light and with it being on for 12 hour daily intervals for a couple of weeks yielded me this lol it's all gone now though i have some plecos and they cleaned it all up in two days. now two bristlenose plecos reside in the tank full time. just thought i'd share
  11. thanks! i give them alot of care. what happens when the algae layer gets too thick? i have a pleco in my other tank and he can clean it up when it gets too crazy. i just want to know what is bad about thick algae layers and what is thick exactly?
  12. thanks everyone. here is a pic before the pleco went at it. growing it again though. i have a 4ft shop light with two 32 watt t8 bulbs on 12 hrs a day.
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