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  1. That's a bummer- Rick was a nice guy and Metro Meds were a great product. Thanks for the details on the three active ingrdients in Metro Meds. I didn't have my old bag handy to check; I knew Metronidazole was the main antibiotic, hence the name Metro Meds ;-) It's good to know the other ingredients, though. I like to have certain products on hand in case an issue arries, then I don't have to wait for products to ship in order to treat. I do keep expiration dates in mind, though. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hello, I went to Rick's site to order some Metro Meds, but it seems he is no longer selling products any more? Is there another source for the Metro Meds? Are you using a comparable product? So far I've found SeaChem's MetroPlex and Hikari's Metro+. . . any thoughts? Thanks guys and gals!
  3. Sorry so late to respond. . . busy day. Big Goldie doing much better. Belly/butt still kinda mushy. . . fed Metro Meds. He's not floaty butt anymore though. http://s3.photobucket.com/user/Kiera_WoW/media/Goldfish/2013-08-21_08-16-23_750.mp4.html
  4. Hi DNA. . . I edited in the video to my original post. In my great haste I forgot to add the video and pictures >< Here it is as well: http://s3.photobucke...15_367.mp4.html
  5. Well, everything was going great until tonight :/ Big goldfish his floaty-butt issues and his belly is mushy. I did a 50% WC today, but have not added salt to get the concentration back to 0.3% as I wanted to check here 1st. http://s3.photobucket.com/user/Kiera_WoW/media/Goldfish/2013-08-20_18-51-15_367.mp4.html
  6. Hi DNA, I will start this treatment schedule today. Thank you!
  7. Just once so far. . . bottle says you can treat every 3 days.
  8. I did a 50% WC last night and will add the Prazi today. I did 50% because it made the math easier to add the salt back to get back to 0.3% lol! Now, How long should I treat with the Prazi? The entire 5 weeks of the salt treatment?
  9. UPDATE: Fish are all doing very well! Everyone is happy and swimming and all visual signs of Ich are gone. Prazi is in, shall I start that treatment? Thanks everyone for your help so far and well wishes.
  10. I think the salt is working. . . this is gross! Any special way I need to sanitize the fake plants in the tank?
  11. Oh really? Well you wrote the salt article so I will take your word on it. . . although I think I'm gonna do half the dosage now and half in 12hrs just because my luck I will kill everyone! Shall I still feed the Metro Meds? I need to weigh the big guy. . .
  12. I have aquarium salt for now, but will switch to the Morton's once I am out. I will slowly bring the salinity of the tank up to 0.3% by adding 0.1% salt (75tsp) to water and adding the water to the tank every 12hrs or so. Next week when I perform my 30% WC, I will have to add salt back. . . so 30% of .3%, again in 12 hrs increments. Repeat for 3 weeks.
  13. About a month ago. I treated for a week before coming to you guys for advice as I wasn't seeing any improvement with one fish in particular, then continued to treat.
  14. Yes, sorry, you are correct. The Ich attack until I had rec'd the salt, then salt. I will use salt, sorry!
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