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  1. Update: Laverda returned today in her pond! Her tail has grown back. It has not the perfect shape but is functionnal and healthy. I tried to take pics but has it is now a very healthy and activ fish, i can't obtain other things than blurr pictures. All other wounds, injured fins etc...have 100% healed. For example, the destroyed anal fins you can see on pics is now 100% mint condition. Her swim bladder disorder has also disappeared, so she now swims in a normal way. Laverda seemed to enjoy the quarantine tank but as all is OK now, she had to come back in her pond-world. The lesson to learn from this story: Even if finrot has reached peduncle, a fish CAN heal and can be saved.
  2. Fresch pics! A comparativ pic: The day she has been "abducted" from her pond VS Today.
  3. Update: 2 weeks since Laverda has been transfered in a new quarantine tank, bigger, better, with a fully cycled external filter (no more ammnonia nor nitrite issues). The day of the transfer, she has injured her left gill cover, bumping in her former filter (in tank). I was very disappointed, her skin was widely scrapped. So, i've immediately treated her tail and gill cover with propolis powder: that's a complete success, the gill cover is healing without any infection and the tail is growing back !!! I don't think the tail will fully grow back but the new living tissus growing right now on the upper part is not simple healing tissus but fully functionnal finray and fin flesh. Will try to take pics of this.
  4. I've encountered a similar issue last year with a pond fish (born at home, looks like a white/red tiger with red vertical stripes on white body). I found him with jaws locked in "O" position with a black thing obstructing his mouth. I caught him, inspected him carefully and discovered the black thing was a bug. While i was considering QT tank, the fish spited out the bug then immediately took it back in mouth and this time crushed it fair and square. My opinion is your fish will chew this pea once it is waterlogged enough.
  5. Thank you all for your kind comments. Today, i've used for the first time propolis powder and done a 100% water change. It was difficult. First, i tried to catch her in the aim to apply propolis.......she disagreed So i've tried another thing: Water to the minimul level, i've accustomed her to my physical contact, even petted her as a dog or cat. Then, i've gently lifted her tail and sprinkled powder on her tail and on her anal fin (the two heavily damaged area). Even if i had to act fast, i've managed to put the propolis at the right place. Then, i've caught her with hands and transfered her in a bucket, that let me the possibility to perform a full water change.
  6. That's a good question Arctic Mama: the reason i don't do 100% water change is the fish himself. Even if she seems to be calm, it's very difficult to catch her and put her in a bucket: it's a true missile and i want to reduce the risk of injury. But this situation is far from ideal: the QT is not big enough, the water params are challenged....that doesn't help healing. Tomorrow, i'll give a try to the propolis. I will have to take the fish out of water and apply product.
  7. Update: Laverda the Koi is still in QT Tank. Even if there is no visual real improvment but no sign of infection, she behaves in a normal way. She seems to be used to this far from perfect space. There's no more treatment in water but i struggle to maintain water param good. First, ammonia was a problem even with a 120% water change a day (60% in the morning, 60 in the afternoon) (0.2 ppm/L but as the PH is around 7.2 it's not too dangerous). I've added a filter with a bit of filtration media from another filter + zeolithe. Of course, the filter is not big enough and i have to fight nitrites (again, no big figures but there the liquid test doesn't remain bright yellow and turns very light orange). Just received today propolis stuff from a professional koi products retailer: Liquid Propolis and Powder Propolis. I've gave up the hope to see his tail growing back one day. My goal is now to seal the wound and allow healing tissus growth.
  8. I've seen dorsal OR pelvic issue on floating fish. While the exposed fin is drying out of water, slime coat dries too. As finnage is relatively vulnerable, it is more easily damaged...and breaks. Just a theory but it makes sense.
  9. I seriously doubt the tail could grow back, it's too much destroyed. But, if i can stop the infection and allow healing process, i think she could have a "normal" life, at least not really worse than before. As previously said, her swimming is really bad since two years....as if she had already lost strength in her back and in her tail. There was a slight achievment last summer, with an almost normal swimming, but it has not last. Right now, her behaviour in QT is not too bad...but sometimes she lays on one side (anyway, she exhibits this behaviour for 2 years). She eats but only diving pellets (while she ate floating pellets while in pond). That's sad...i remember the day she was in "full power, full glory mode", fighting to be the first to eat, intimidating fries (perhaps for fun...or more), a fast and very beautifull fish to see swimming.
  10. Thanks Jared. The later pic shows infection has reached the root of the tail. I even think the root itself is away and know it reaches the body. It would need a sealant. Antibiotics for aquatic pets are not allowed in my country (You have to see a veretinary.......for experience, most of them in my area even don't know what is a koi). I have amoxyciline in stock, human antibiotic. Could it be used?
  11. Thanks Motherredcap. The QT container is not big enough, 50 litres. I change water every day. I have only human antibiotics, amoxiciline and norfloxacine. Another pic, you can see the damage are really extensive. For the time he his in QT, i have not witnessed a real progression of the issue. It remains the same.
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