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    72 gallon bowfront. 5 - 2 fantails, 1 oranda, 1 blackmoor, 1 lionhead. 26 gallon - 1 ryukin (Hikari Lionhead seems to make him floaty! - Has his own special diet)

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  1. For my tank...it seems like they all circle it until one decides to be brave and takes a nibble. Soon as he goes back for a second nibble then the swarm happens.
  2. Yay!!! Can't wait to see updates on your littles ones!!! I love fry
  3. Yay for the ICH...I wish I could help with the rings...
  4. Jealous doesn't even describe what I am feeling!! Looks fabulous! And I love your blackmoor
  5. Love the open mouth pictures but this one is my fav!!! Beautiful colors
  6. And my pond envy once again rears it's head....one day...one day!
  7. lovely!!! I wish rainbows and GF had similar requirments - think of how stunning that tank would be!
  8. Once again a reason to thank the python! I was getting exhausted just thinking about the work it would take to manually change the water on that many tanks! Only way to keep sanity would be to do some each day I think lol
  9. What kind of rainbowfish? I used to keep threadfins and if I ever do a tropical tank again I am definitely grabbing more of those! I loved the males coloring and clicking to the females
  10. Looks fantastic! What are your stocking plans?
  11. Holy cow...or should I say fish!!! Applauding you now as I have a feeling you are going to be exhausted in a few weeks. What type of set up are you going to be using for rearing? even if you do a 80% cull rate...that is STILL over a 100 GF!!!!
  12. His poos haven't been massive poo trails but when I do start feeding him them it will be in small amounts to see how he handles it. I wasn't really surprised (wasn't expecting it but had read up on others having similar issues). All goldfish are going to tolerate different foods in different ways. If it's just his tummy can't handle it then I'll keep it from his environment
  13. Thinking of using this thread to keep an overall record of the tank, figured I might as well. In the original posting, I have 6 GF in the tank - 2 fantails, 1 oranda, 1 lionhead, 1 blackmoor and 1 ryukin. I have noticed that since adding in Hikari Lionhead to their food rotation, they ryukin sometimes exhibits floaty/hovering behavior after eating. He quickly swims up to the front of the tank if I approach or move the lid as if going to feed them, no other symptoms and normal poo. The other five have been acting normal. When I feed Omega, peas, spinach, zucchini or bloodworms there is no floatiness. Water parameters on the 72 gallon last night were = ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate between 5-10ppm. (I do my main water changes on Friday evenings / Sat mornings so the readings were taken yesterday on Weds night with tomorrow being Friday - just added this bit so I can look back in the future and not need to whip out a calendar to see when I was posting this!) To test the food theory, I have moved him back to the 26 gallon tank last night after checking the water parameters. (It's the tank I use primarily for QT - has a cycled filter and is ideal for him considering he, the moor and the lionhead just came out of it on Sunday). I am withholding Hikari Lionhead from his diet for a few days to see if his behavior continues like normal then I will experiment with a small feeding of Hikari to see if any floatiness results. If so then he may end up living in the 26 gallon with his *special* diet.
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