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  1. Congratulations Susanne! Marty is adorable.
  2. Welcome to the forum. Youve got a beautiful bunch of fish.
  3. Too cool Angie!! This thread is so fun.
  4. I love it when you decide to redo your tanks, Angie. Can't wait to see the end result.
  5. Looks great! Do you have plans to add stuff, or are you just wanting to rearrange the existing pieces? Looking forward to updates.
  6. Congrats Chelsea. Can't wait to see the little one grow up.
  7. He's soooooo beautiful! Maybe you could get him a ten gallon tank and lower the water level a bit so there's less pressure or at least less distance for him to travel to the top?? Good luck with him.
  8. Very nice Mikey. Hope the plant growth explodes!! Your bird on the floor would make me nervouse. I'm always tripping over my dogs.
  9. Got my fish food yesterday. Thanks Koko!
  10. She's beautiful and I really love your tank.
  11. Thinking good thoughts for you and your little one, Sumya. Sorry if I spelled your name wrong....... It's been a while and I remember it, but don't know if I am right. At any rate, good luck!!
  12. Very nice! I can't believe that Honey went from mostly white to orange, that's a pretty interesting change.
  13. They're all so lovely, Shawn. Looking forward to watching Finster grow up and here's to hoping that things go smoothly for you in the fish world.
  14. So I already have a copy of Mr. Hess' book and I don't need two copies so I asked Koko what should be done with it and her suggestion was to pass it on to the next person in line. It looks to me like that would be FishMandy.
  15. Thanks guys. Holy cow, it's a post-Christmas miracle. thanks also to Koko, Chris and Mr. Hess for their generosity.
  16. It's looking so good Angie, the corals and such are so cool. Good luck with the new fish.
  17. Oh no, that's terrible news. Good luck and I hope Frenchy will get better soon.
  18. They're so beautiful! What a great trio.
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