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  1. That must have been amazing. I'm kinda surprised by this, but my favorite koi is the big solid orange one. His scales are so very sparkly! Thanks for sharing.
  2. Congratulations on the new fish! Looking forward to the promised pics.
  3. He's amazing Jared, and the name is PERFECT! (Sorry for yelling the last word )
  4. Nice video Lisa! Your fishes are so adorable, squishy and there are for days. Just beautiful.
  5. It's looking amazing Angie!!
  6. He is so cute and the tank looks great, Wilbur must be very happy in the new digs.
  7. Triops are awesome!!!! I was just thinking about those little guys the other day. How fun, thanks for sharing Lisa.
  8. If it's just diatoms then it's not harmful, just the remnants of tiny little organisms. You can clean them off, but they will come back especially if the tank is new. Water changes and making sure you don't over feed will help slow their growth. If you can get a nerite snail then they will clean up the diatoms for you.
  9. Beautiful tank Cheryl! Can't wait to see it as it grows in.
  10. Look at him go! He's got such great coloring Susanne.
  11. I think there's a fine line between begging and giving one the stink-eye for withholding food. they're adorable Chelsea.
  12. Thanks for sharing the pics, those fish are beautiful.
  13. They're sooooo cute. Congrats and good luck with them Fang!
  14. OMG she could be in an "Anaconda" video with Niki Minage!! That is too much.
  15. They're so cute, I love the spots and the names are perfect. Congratulations!!
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