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  1. I was way off! I need to get a postin so I can get me a t-shirt!
  2. They're amazing! Congratulations and good luck with the breeding project.
  3. Huh, they must still be hungry. They're really beautiful fish. Congratulations.
  4. I always say the same thing, but when they're that cute it's hard to say no. Congratulations.
  5. I always ask for a pony and one day I'm gonna get one and then I'ma be all, "crap, what am I gonna do with a friggin pony??"
  6. Oooooooo a mystery raffle! FUN! I hope the prize is a pony!
  7. Sorry for your loss, this same thing happened to one of my fish. Left for work and he was gone when I got home.
  8. Can't wait for full tank shots. I agree with fish Mandy, you're betta girls are super beautiful.
  9. That was a great story, thank you for sharing.
  10. Oh, Jared, that fish is freaking amazing!! Wen and fins for daaaaaaays! Congrats.
  11. I have 10. I had 11, but one disappeared. I have never found a trace of her. I had that happen a couple of times in my sorority. Gone without a trace Now I have to go back to the pic and see if I can spot any more.
  12. Very cool, Rob! How many betta girls do you have in there? I think I saw five. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Lookin good, Angie. How fast do coral and anemones grow/multiply?
  14. Beautiful fish and amazing photos! Thanks for sharing.
  15. Those are too cool, Charlie, well done!!
  16. Congrats on the new guy, he's beautiful.
  17. You don't have to have an account on FB to see the pictures. https://www.facebook.com/fancygoldfishstore.yan Thanks for posting that link!!! Those fish are so dang beautiful.
  18. Man, sometimes I wish I had a Facebook account. I wanna see these amazing fish too.
  19. Beautiful fish and lovely set up, with the picture and bamboo! Really nice.
  20. It looks great , Dawn! I absolutely love the way that pea gravel and larger river stones look together. Nice job.
  21. That's a sweet set up. Can't wait to see it with some fish in it.
  22. That is pretty slick! I'm looking forward to updates.
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