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  1. Those are some amazing fish. I love the photo of all the celestials together.
  2. Do you know what type of crypt is on the right side of Cee's tank and the left side of Moomoo's tank ( the large ones with purple-ish stems and leaves)? I just got one of those recently and was curious enough what it is.
  3. They look great, Mandy! It's really cool to see how much the colors deepen.
  4. Really nice, Angie!! Do you have water lettuce in there? If so maybe we could arrange a plant swap of some sort this spring??
  5. I like buckets as the job gets done faster, but I bet a python is less messy and easier on the back.
  6. I think ranch have more of the curved back and a tucked tail whereas lion head have straighter ones. I the lines are often blurred with a lot of fish..... I'm no expert though and maybe someone else will have some more concise info. Cute fish though, congrats.
  7. They are beautiful! Hope QT goes smoothly.
  8. So sorry to hear this, Mandy. [emoji17]
  9. Congrats on the new fish. Redcaps are one of my very favorite fish, and it's great t see people on the forum with them.
  10. Dang! That is a beautiful betta, congratulations. Really nice photos as well.
  11. Great group of fish. Have fun with the tank upgrade.
  12. They are adorable, thanks for sharing.
  13. Those are fine and noble looking fish!! Welcome to the forum and good luck with the spawning.
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