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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know that MuShu passed away this morning. I'd had her on Maracyn-2 for 7 days, but she just never got any better. She was pineconed terribly, and stopped eating the last 2 days. I'm going to miss her. I want to thank everyone here for their good advice. My goal now is to make sure MuShu's tankmates don't get dropsy. I took MuShu out of their tank a week ago; is there anything special I need to do? Thanks, Kristi
  2. Where can I get Medigold or Romet B? Does mmm or vvvv have them? I know I can get the Maracyn there. I have Mushu in a 10-gallon tank. I followed the advice in the pinned thread and used 4 1/8 tsp of epsom salts. Should I do a water change before adding more? Thanks, Kristi
  3. She pooped some yesterday. I fed her a little while ago and she just ate a little. She's really pineconed now. I feel like I'm going to lose her. My daughter is just beside herself. I'll add some more salt tonight. Thanks for the advice. Kristi
  4. Well, unfortunately she's no longer acting normal. She just sort of "treads water" in one area of the tank and "glubs" a lot. I added epsom salts to her tank last night, and gave her a dose of Melafix. Should I add more epsom salts tonight? She's really pineconing now--I'm afraid I'm losing her! Please advise! Thanks, Kristi
  5. Laurie, She's not doing anything out of the ordinary--you'd never know anything was wrong just by watching her. The swelling is around the outer part of the eye, not the eye itself. So I guess it's more like a bagel. She's been bloated for weeks, but I just noticed her scales standing out today. I've moved her to my hospital tank. What meds should I give her? Thanks, Kristi
  6. Hey, everyone....I have what I think might be an emergency with one of my goldies. It's Mu-Shu, my female oranda. She's 2 years old and is so bloated that she looks like she's going to explode. She hasn't let go of any eggs in months. She gets pop-eye frequently, but it always goes away in a few days. But now she has pop-eye and she's hugely bloated. Can anyone help? :crp 30-gallon tank, running for 3 years 0 ammonia 5 Nitrate 0 Nitrite 7.5 PH (normal) 2 Aquaclear 300 filters Weekly 50% water changes I use Tetra AquaSafe to dechlorinate 3 fish in tank (including MuShu): both male orandas, 4-inches long No new fish added--all 3 have shared the tank for 2 years I feed my fish spirulina flakes and ProGold Scales are sticking out a bit, but I don't know if that's just because she's so bloated. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kristi
  7. I was doing my weekly water change this morning when I noticed a whitish spot on his side (like a piece of skin) with a red spot on the scale side, which looked like blood. I have no idea what this is. He loses scales on a regular basis, but it never looks like this. Ammonia level= 0 Nitrate level?=10 Nitrite level?= 0 Ph Level? = 8 (always) Ph Level out of the Tap?=8.0 Tank size(How many Gals) and How long has it been running?= 20 gallons, 2 years What kind of Filtration? = 2 Aquaclear 200 filters with sponges How often do you change the water and how much?=Once a week, 50% What kind of Water additives or conditioners?=Novaqua+ Any Medications add to the tank?= No How many fish in the tank and there size?= 3 (2 male moors, 1 is 4 inches long, the other is 2.5; 1 bushy-nosed pleco, about 4 in) Add any new fish to the tank?No What do you feed your fish?= Tetra Color Fin and ProGold (I alternate) Any unusual findings on the fish? Such as "grains of salt", bloody streaks, frayed fins, fungus?= bloody spot, little bit of frayed fins Any unusual behavior? Like staying at the bottom, not eating, ect..? = No Thanks, Kristi (and Buddy and Stevie the moors, and Spot the pleco)
  8. shnookylu


    I use canned peas, but I make sure they're the No Salt Added kind. My fish love 'em. Kristi
  9. <bump> Should I take out the other fish while I'm treating Buddy with antiobiotics? Kristi
  10. An update on Buddy: His eye looks awful. It's completely opaque--I feel sure he can't see out of it at all--and the bump on it is much more pronounced. It's not a large bump, but it sticks out from his eye like a pimple. He looks very alien. The Medigold hasn't arrived yet. I did a 25% water change yesterday and have been making sure the water in the tank is really extra pristine (0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 5 or less nitrate). I'm continuing to salt the water. Maybe now is the time for an antibiotic? What will I do with Stevie and Spot--I'm assuming they shouldn't be exposed to the antiobiotic? Thanks, Kristi
  11. Ranchugirl, Buddy's a bit better today I think. His eye is almost completely white (opaque), and it looks like there's a little bump on his lens, but I'm not seeing anymore red or blood-looking pooling. The pooling and spots were on the inside of his eye, so I'm going to skip the antibiotic for now. I've removed all the rocks from the tank. All I left in the tank is a smooth, tall piece of driftwood. I also did a 20% water change and salted the tank (4 tablespoons of Aquarium salt, dissolved in tank water). I've ordered the Medigold food--I'm just going to watch him carefully. I hope i don't lose him; I love all my fish but I'm especially partial to my moors Buddy and Stevie. Thanks for the help! Kristi
  12. Okay, gang...I sure hope someone can help... My black moor, Buddy Guy, isn't loking so good. I've had him for about 6 months now, he's about 3" long, and has always seemed pretty blind. He scratches his eyes occassionally, but one or both of them will just appear cloudy for a couple of days and then clear up. But tonight I looked at him and one of his eyes is very cloudy, and rimmed with red, it literally looks like there's blood pooling in the eye. What should I do? Buddy shares this tank with a smaller moor and a bushynose pleco: 20-gallon tank, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 10 nitrate--no new fish added Ph is 7.8 (8.0 out of the tap) 2 Aquaclear 200 filters I use Amquel for water changes; just did a water change Tuesday (25%) No meds; I feed these guys Bioblend for goldfish Other than the eye, he seems fine (normal behavior), eating well Thanks, Kristi
  13. Bettas are great fish, and they really can live quite well without an air pump or filter. You just have to give them plenty of water and frequent water changes. On the whole, though, they're a LOT less trouble than goldies (though I love my goldies, too). I have 2 bettas in a 10-gallon, divided tank. Each side has its own air pump--more for my personal preference than their needs. From what I've read, they don't really need the air bubbles. I test their water every other day and do 100% water change every 2 weeks. I've had these two guys for almost a year and they're doing exceptionally well. Enjoy your betta--get him a 5-gallon tank if you can. Kristi
  14. I've noticed something similar on my two black moors, Buddy and Stevie (I just returned from a 10-day vacation; my mother took care of the fishies while I was gone). Buddy has a small patch of missing scales (maybe 2 or 3), and Stevie has a white slash-type mark under his eye. Since Spot, my bushynose pleco is in that tank, I have 3 small pieces of driftwood and a large solid rock in there. I'm guessing they injured themselves on one of those. I really don't want to use Melafix--call me stupid, but I've used it twice before and both times it seemed to make situations worse--and both times my sick fishies died. Would salting the tank help? Kristi
  15. One final thing about Amquel+ (at least from me)... Maybe I'm just a big doofus (okay, I am), but I didn't realize that the stuff stains. I spilled a bit on one of my favorite pillows (just a bit, mind you), and a couple of days later I noticed the color was completely blanched where the Amquel spilled. I always have old towels covering things when I do water changes, but this ONE time, a few drops got on a pillow and the pillow is ruined. I've also noticed it has a "bleaching effect" on some of my old towels. So be careful! Kristi
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