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  1. It's on her left side just under her nostril flap area. I think it's a bee sting.
  2. Smoky my 9 year old goldfish has something going on. Yesterday I saw him barrel roll in the pond as he was going through the cement block hole...he came out backwards. Then he was swimming erratically for a few seconds after that. Today I noticed he has a darker black circle on his top mouth/nose area that is surrounded by slime coat (white/grey shreds of slime). She is not acting herself. She is last to come eat and is usually first. She isn't staying with the others. We have our neighbors honey bees all over our plants in the pond and I wonder if she's been bit. The 20 fish in the 700 gallon pond have all been prazi'd every 4 to 6 months. I will upload a pic in a bit. She is the only fish acting unusual and with this mark on her upper lip. The dark circular mark is larger than a good sized pea. Smokey is black and the circle is a darker black surrounded by slime coat pieces. I'll post pics in a bit. We recently (in december) lost our 9/10 year old Elmo common and don't want to lose Smokey too :(. Thanks.
  3. I did metro blood worms again this morning. I also added prazi back in the tank to do a second run of it. 2 hours later I checked and Elmo was upside down. This is the first time I've seen her upside down other than when the tank water was lowered. When I approached her she did right herself but she is struggling to stay upright. Now she is upside down again. Should I do a water change to take the prazi out? I still have seen no poop in the tank...but I can't imagine she'd still be alive if she hadn't pooped yet. Maybe she ate too many bloodworms this morning...she only ate two clumps of them...but if she's not pooping? Any thoughts?
  4. Okay...thank you....i thought I did a bad thing leaving her with the metro :).
  5. Koko - am I changing the water because of ammonia or because of metro in the water. Water changes are stressful for her it seems. I'd prefer to do it every 2nd day if I can get away with it.
  6. I held off on the metro since she seemed to be swimming around a little bit more instead of constant bottom sitting. Then she started bottom sitting more again. I did her every 2nd day water change today and thought I might try lowering the water in the tank. Before I noticed that she seems to go nose down and works to stay upright as the water level goes down as I'm changing it. Today after I did a water change and the water was low... about 10 seconds later she flipped upside down and couldn't upright herself...i gave her a bit of time before refilling the tank. As soon as the water got filled up again, she flipped back upright immediately. She has some sort of swim bladder problem for sure...but I don't know how to fix it. I started her on metro and focus and garlic bloodworms after i saw she was flipped during the water change...and she ate two big clumps of those. I started her on them after the tank was refilled and she had righted herself. Is she supposed to eat everything in order to get the whole scoop of metro? How many times per day do I feed the coated bloodworms? If I do it twice a day i will definitely have to get more metro and focus powder since I'll be using 10 scoops of focus a day. Can I also feed her just garlic soaked pellets during the day for other feeding times? She is still bottom sitting most of the time unless I walk over and she thinks I'm going to feed her...then she comes to the top hoping for food. I can only get her to eat the pellets and bloodworms when they fall right to the bottom in front of her nose where she sits...her movement is very awkward. Here are some videos. One shows her flipped over after I had just drained water out of her tank (no change in water other than depth). One shows her after when water depth was returned. The 3rd one is showing the blood worms and metro and focus to see if I'm doing it correctly. Thanks again for all your help....she looks really rough.
  7. Sharon - the tap pH drops really quickly to below 7. The kh is only 37. Even though the pH is high...the low kh makes it drop quick. Before when I had indoor tanks, buff it up used to keep the kh high enough for a longer time than baking soda. I guess I'll try baking soda and see how it goes.
  8. Here's the video of Elmo's kinked spine. I did do one dose of prazi for 3 or 4 days and did a water change yesterday and didn't replace it. Should I do another dose in a few days? If I lower the tank to 1/2 way I won't be able to use the ac 110 filter anymore...would that be worse? I am also struggling keeping the kh in the tank up. I was using an old buff it up from when I had indoor tank before and it was working well. I ordered a new pond buff it up since that was all I could find, and I've added enough for a 300 gallon tank and the kh has only gone from 36 to 73. I can't seem to get the kh higher. Before I was able to get it to 120. I've been checking the pH though, and luckily it hasn't fallen by much in 2 days...only 0.2 (8.1 to 7.9).
  9. Thank you for the comments and suggestions. There is a new symptom today and that is a kinked spine at her tail. Of course I googled it and now I'm panicked that she has TB. I read that it can be transmitted to people and of course I have tons of scratches on my hands and constantly have my hands in the tank. I will post a video shortly of the kinked tail.
  10. Here is Elmo today. She doesn't constantly bottom sit now but the following symptoms still concern me: She bottom sits other than when I come over and she wants food... and after eating she also bottom sits. She has difficulty swimming ...she works hard and it's awkward. She can't maneuver well to find and get food...sometimes she falls to her side. She comes up and out of the water quite far (whole head)...quite often. She can't eat very much at a time and struggles chewing even though food is mushy. She has a lot of black marks on her that weren't on her outside in pond. It looks bad. There has been some ammonia in tank (.25 to 0.5) even though I do 50 to 75% water changes every 2nd day... but i use double prime. There was 0 ammonia in pond. How often can I add a dose of prime in tank? If it has been 24 hours since last prime dose...can I do another single dose of prime to protect for another 24 hours? Or can you only do a double dose of prime and then need to do a water change after 24 hours again? I haven't tried mixing metro with focus and putting blood worms in it. I'm nervous she'll eat too much metro and I'll hurt or kill her...ack :(. But I do have it available at home now :). She does have duck weed...but doesn't seem to eat it. No poop seen yet. I am soaking pellets in garlic and feeding bloodworms in garlic but I have to get them to land exactly a bit in front of her face or she misses them and doesn't find them. I also have to feed only a few at a time or she loses interest.
  11. Hi Koko. I have seachem metroplex is that metro? I do have a petstore that sells the seachem focus and also duckweed. How long would I do metroplex for? Is Focus a waterborne medication or do you put it in food? Can I do both metro and focus at same time? Thanks for your help.
  12. There is definitely something wrong. He can't actively swim and just sinks to the bottom and clamps his fins constantly. He can't even swim around to get the bloodworms...i have to drop them exactly in front of his nose. Then he chews and chews awkwardly and very exaggeratedly. Still no poop. About 4 times a day he swims awkwardly to the surface and pushes his whole head out of the water grabbing air...then just lets his body sink to the bottom again without even trying to swim. I'll keep feeding him but I'm concerned he hasn't pooped even with 2 days of Epsom peas.
  13. Thank you Dawn...she was our first goldfish many years ago :).
  14. I'm really concerned that there has been no poop for the whole time he has been inside....Dec.24th. I have given him 5 pieces of pea with small granules of Epsom and still nothing. Plus he has eaten some pellets and many peas without epsom. The Epsom granules were about the size of a grain of salt...should it be a bigger Epsom piece? How many granules of Epsom can I try? Koko- do bloodworms and garlic help constipation? I haven't heard of that...but I'm willing to try :). Sharon - I'm worried about bringing a friend in and stressing out another fish too. With the tank not being cycled I'm doing large water changes every 2nd day and i only have an ac110 filter in the 45 gallon long...will that be good enough for 2 fish...or will I need another filter? Plus I worry that if he has something parasitic that I might make another fish ill. Thank you for fixing my d and d report :).
  15. Here is a video of Elmo. He is constantly tilted on the bottom but when I approach he moves a bit and gulps at surface because he wants food.
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