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  1. Hey everyone, I just thought I'd let ya know Miss Wiggles passed away last night. She had been doing fine and seemed to be healing and then just all of a sudden seemed to not be doing good and died. I guess the injuries were just too severe. Thanks for all the support. I'm really bummed, because I was starting to think she was gonna make it.
  2. ok, if it's ok with you, I'm gonna go lay down a while and then I will. I think I caught the flu when I went out to find the meds the other night. Now I'm throwing up and so cold and achy. Just being on here is making me want to throw up again. When my hubby gets home tonight I'll have him test the water and I'll post everything. I think I might know what's wrong though. We've been doing water changes but hubby had been too busy with finals and my grandpa's funeral and Christmas to clean the filters. I bet they are really gross and it's affecting the tank. We are gonna do a water change tomorrow and I'll be sure to make him clean them. I'm not trying to put you off, I just can barely function today, I feel so sick.
  3. Hey, DNAlex, we ae getting along ok. Ms. Wiggles is still alive and eating, seems to be doing good. I am concerned though, my daughter's telescope eye, Raspberry died last night. I don't know if it's related or not. We've had her about a year and a half and she seemed fine. Then Picasso pineconned. We are gonna do a water change tomorrow, but everything has been normal for so long. We do regular water changes, feed them good food. I don't get it. I just feel awful because my daughter loved her fish and it had gotten to be so big and pretty. I noticed last night it was slightly pineconing and so I isolated her and started her on metromeds. She seemed just fine. This morning, she was dead. All I can think to do is waterchange and the metromeds. If I salt the tank I'd have to remove all the ramshorn snails right?
  4. She is in there swimming around like a champ. She gobbled up the metro meds, so nothing wrong with her appetite, lol. Just still wobbly with the floaty problem. I'll get the salt added right now. Was that a yes to the prazi pro also?
  5. Wow, thanks for the list DNAlex. I'll call the ones within driving distance of us and check. We live pretty far out of Dallas and already drove out once and with no results. The problem is the earliest we can go look again is Saturday. It's an all day kind of thing to go all the way out and get the stuff. The other option is to order it on the interenet, but everywhere was saying it's 5-9 business days for shipping and my husband refused to pay for anything quicker because it was like $25 and up to ship that once little bottle to us. I wish we didn't live so far away. I do have the pickling salt and will start that. How much should I use? Also should I start her on some rounds of prazi pro again to see if it will help get riding of the floating from her bottom? She floats staight up and down unlike my others that float on their bellies when they eat pellets (I usually feed gel food). She's always been different though in the fact that she floats straight up and down. Will metro meds help in the mean time to get some antibiocs in her system?
  6. Thanks everybody for the well wishes. I did isolate the attacker and it is in the basket of shame until I decide what to do. Good news is my fish is still alive, but the bad news is I looked all over the metroplex and the Petsmarts and Petco and couldn't find that medicine. I talked to managers at every one and they hadn't even ever heard of it. So my options now are order it online and get in a few days or if there is another kind that is easier to find? I will go ahead and put her in the 5 gallon with the double prime until I hear back from ya DNAlex.
  7. Ok, that clears it up. I am headed out to the Dallas area...a ton of petsmarts and petcos. Good to know about the pump, my husband was starting to get the freaking out this is going to cost a lot of money face.
  8. Just to get this straight, we need to buy Kanaplex (petsmart) and also the antibiotic Kanamyacin? Is that sold at Petsmart? Also will I be using a pump to filter the water (I assume?)?
  9. I'm on it boss! Thanks so much for the help. We live a hour away from fish stores, so let me just check with the hubby really quick about heading out there this evening and picking up the meds and buckets.
  10. I can move her down to my 10 gallon or pick up a pastic bin and use it as a hospital tank, pick up an extra pump, whatever. I want to try to save her. So what do we do? She's floating by her rear end, and I couldn't remember if that was swim baldder or something else. I keep their water clean and I had done 5 rounds pf prazi pro to treat for parasites last summer, so I didn't think it was that but I never no with these little guys. Thank you so much for helping.
  11. Hey everyone, I haven't been on here in a while. Life has been super hectic and my tank has been doing great until now. I walked by the tank and found my little oranda attacking my ranchu. She's always been sickly and she has trouble with swim bladder. She was having trouble today and the little fish came up and attacked. He has ripped two huge patches of scales off and I'm not even sure if this is an injury she can recover from or if she needs to be put down. I took some pictures so you can see the damage. I don't have the water perameters off hand right now, but can get them in a little while if you really need them. The main thing is I just need to know if she can recover from this or if she's just suffering. I'm so upset. =( What do I do for my poor fish?
  12. I like him, he's unique! I am no expert on pop eye but it kid of looks like little telescope eyes to me.
  13. I have a couple of those and my problem was always that when the leaves grow up to the top, the fish bite the stem off of them! ARG! I hope you have better luck. They look great.
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