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  1. http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/192/pdz.mp4/here is the video i took, the females are the red ryukin, the red oranda, calico pearlscale. i suspect they are full of eggs because they look fatter then 1 week ago, also they have like thin white poop. my lionhead also have the same poop when she have eggs
  2. does anyone have a picture of egg poop? i think females are full with eggs but i can't really tell for sure (belly looks fat, and thin white poop) i am concerned that if my females does have eggs, is there anything i should do? i don't want to try hand spawned method, since last time i did it i lost my lionhead. please help
  3. Ok, so all 3 of my females is full of eggs (oranda, ryukin, pearlscale). Unfortunately all my males are either too young or not interested in them. I am considering to hand spawned them, but I have bad experience in the past (my lionhead died after I hand spawned her). What is my choices? Are they gonna be able to release the eggs on their own? What is going to happen if they can't release the eggs? Please help!!!
  4. Hmmm, ok so that's what he is a cross breed. Too bad someone beat me to it, the store owner lose my number and some other guy bought it. Even tho I always go to that store every 2 or 3 days to buy food or supplies , that is so messed up I keep telling him to hold it to me. I probably will try to breed one just like him. So I will need demekin and what is tiku pearlscale?
  5. i mean i will bring them back to my new home. the aquarium is set in my store right now. hopefully by december i can start looking for new aquarium for now i think i will try to get the storage bins just like you say. just for temporary
  6. right now i have 30 gal, with 2 ryukin, 1 oranda, 2 pearlscale, 2 bubble eye, 1 telescope. i know the tanks is too small for the fishes, which is why i do 30% W/C twice a day. they used to be in 2 tanks, 50gal and 30gal. but right now i am in the middle of moving, so i have to let go of my 50gal however once i settled in my new house, i will get 75gal and rehome and this guy looks really good, so i figured if i let this one go, i will probably regret it.
  7. btw that tank is a 10gal, this fish make it look small. so this is a hybrid fish? is it healthy? or is it just bloated? should i buy the fish then? it is sooo big, i am not sure if its going to be okay with the rest of the gang. your opinion please
  8. okay i got some video, here it is http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/80/wqh.mp4/ i tried to take video from every angle but it was kinda hard since the store was really packed. please if somebody here knows, tell me is this some kinda hybrid goldfish or is this fish really sick? thank you
  9. Hmmm, a fish with dropsy? That is scary thought cause that fish is sooooo big. I have never seen a dropsy fish before but how big can it get? It looks really fat and round. How can I tell if the fish is dropsy? Anyway I am going there again now. I will see if they will let me take pictures.
  10. Okay, I think the one with joined tail is supposed to be Tosakin. But I could be wrong
  11. Ok, I just got back from my LFS today and I saw a huge orange size pearscale goldfish. But I was wondering is it really pearlscale goldfish, since it doesn't have the pearlscales? It have like normal goldfish scale instead. I will go there again tomorrow and I will try to get photos, maybe even buy him LOL. But my question is there any breed of pearlscale with normal scale?
  12. Any update on the goldfish? Did you finally decide to get it?
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