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  1. The camera doesn't pick up their colors like I wish it would. Their red looks orange in the video, but in real life it's a true, vibrant RED. Thanks for watching!
  2. They are adorable! I love Adolf. The fish, not the dictator lol
  3. I don't turn my light on until it starts to get dark out, because my tank sits right next to a window, which lets in plenty of light for most of the day!
  4. They're beautiful, Helen. I love to see happy, healthy fish.
  5. The fins are just beautiful! I'd love to have a Butterfly Telescope!
  6. I'm just curious, what time of the night do you all turn off your aquarium lights? I typically turn mine off around 9ish, but sometimes I will leave it on until midnight or past when I forget...which I know is bad, but I'm working on a more stable light schedule!
  7. Not rambling, it's very helpful! I will definitely look into those snails. The plate with the algae wafer is a great idea. How are snails when it comes to Prime? And if I ever needed to use salt and/or Prazi, how are they with that? And do they produce much waste? Thanks, again!
  8. So my tank has some serious Brown Algae issues. It sits right next to a window, so it's to be expected. And I actually like the look of some Brown Algea... it gives my tank a more aged and natural feel. I'm not into that crystal-clear, perfectly clean tank look... I love the more natural tanks that look like they have their own ecosystem... if that makes sense. It's also nice that it helps with nitrate levels. But my Brown Algae has gotten worse than I would like. Where it used to be small patches on the back of the glass and a little on the plants and decorations, it's now EVERYWHERE. So instead of it having a roughed-up, natural feel, the tank now just has a dirty feel. I would like to stay away from chemicals. What are some great fish/snails I could add to the tank to help with the algae? These would obviously have to be compatible with goldfish. Also, what would the QT procedure be like? How are they when it comes to salt and other additives one might put in a goldfish tank? And could these fish live completely off the Brown Algae in the tank (trust me, there's a lot), or do I still need to supplement with algae wafers and whatnot? Thanks.
  9. Lookin' good! I'm glad they're happy in their cycled tank. Thanks for sharing.
  10. LOL, I love the music you added to the video. The fish are beautiful, Alex. Good luck with them... I hope they make you many beautiful babies!
  11. As long as your tank is properly aerated, you could quintuple the dose.
  12. I don't think not being attached to your fish is a BAD thing, per se. I don't really get attached to my fish. I mean, if they die it's more annoying than anything, because I know I did something wrong... but I never feel SAD about their deaths or anything. *Shrug* idk, I guess I'm just trying to say that it doesn't make you bad or wrong to not be attached to your new fish.
  13. Thanks, Helen! I will mess with the settings on the camera and see what I can do.
  14. Am I the only one who thinks they look EXACTLY the same in the API kit? Well, actually, it looks like 10ppm is darker than 20... How do I differentiate? I've tried all sorts of lighting, but I just can't tell the difference. Same goes for the higher level Nitrites, and the high-range pH.
  15. Congrats! I love the Telescopes. I'm planning on getting a calico Telescope to finish off my tank, as soon as I know I have the time to deal with QT (which I will later this month).
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