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  1. Has anyone tried both of these brands of sponge filters and know how they compare? Do you think the Aquatop sponge filters are as good as Hydro sponge filters?
  2. Thanks. I decided to keep the fluval 306, and replaced the Aqua clear with the Aqueon 55/75. I do plan on getting another tank, so five in there right now is temporary. I am diligent about my water changes, and they are healthy.
  3. I currently have a Fluvial 306 and an Aquaclear 70 on my 56g. I am tired of cleaning and dealing with the canister, and my Aquaclear isn't working so good (I have had it for several years). Do you think it would be a good switch to two Aqueon 55/75's? Currently my filters turn over 600 gph, and with the Aqueons it would turn over 800 gph. I have five goldfish, and I do think my tank could use a little more filtration. I would switch as much media from my current filters to the new ones. Or, would I be better keeping the Fluval 306, and getting one Aqueon 55/75?
  4. Is it OK to add tahitian moon sand with fish in the tank? If so, should I rinse it first?
  5. The bag I ordered from amazon has the larger grain size. It has some considerably sharp shards in it. Maybe this isn't an issue with the finer grain eco complete. I have it in my planted betta tank, but have decided not to use it in my goldfish tank. I don't want them to cut their mouth, or accidentally swallow a sharp piece.
  6. I have some of my goldfish in the exact fish tank you have for a couple years now, and they are doing great (even the telescopes)!
  7. Thank you. I think I am going to take it out just to be safe. If it feels sharp to my skin...then I am sure it feels sharp in their mouth.
  8. Is Eco Complete too sharp for goldfish? I am just noticing it is a lot sharper than the caribsea gravel I had in there before.
  9. I thought about that....but I am not sure it will look as nice, or be as durable in the log term. I might just have to keep them in glass containers, and deal with a little bit of the substrate scattered around. Or maybe I can put some rocks that are a little bigger on top of the eco complete to keep them from digging it out.
  10. There is a youtube member called goldfishhub that has green foxtail in his tanks, and it looks amazing! He uses black nylon fabric to wrap the green foxtail and dirt. I currently have green foxtail in my aquarium in little glass containers with ecocomplete, but the goldfish are making a mess picking out the substrate. I had ordered black nylon fabric from ebay, but it says it is coated in PU, and is waterproof. Now I am thinking it might not be safe for the fish tank. Does anyone know if this fabric will be safe, or one that is?
  11. I am about to set up another planted tank for my betta, but I am trying to decide on the substrate. Which one do you think is the best.....Eco Complete, Fluval Stratum, or the Dark Flourite? At the moment I am leaning towards the Eco Complete because I like that it is black.
  12. Thank you all. I think I will get another Fluval since I know they work good. I just wish they came with, or sold a good spray bar kit.
  13. I have Caribsea Kon Tiki, which is a little bigger than Peace River. It is also a tiny bit darker. I have liked it well enough, but have been thinking of switching to TMS for some time now. It actually has been in my shopping cart on amazon all day just waiting for me to click buy now . Kon Tiki and Peace River offer a more natural look, but I just love how the TMS makes everything pop.
  14. My 56 gallon currently has a Fluval 306 and Aquaclear 70 on it. I am wanting to get another canister, and possibly remove the Aquaclear. I have been really happy with my Fluval 306 so far. In looking for another canister I saw the API Filstar's get pretty good reviews, and are priced nicely. An API Filstar L is only $105 on Amazon, and the cheapest Fluval 306 I found was on wag.com for $125. I see the Fluval is rated 303 gph, and the Filstar is rated 350 gph. I would love to hear opinions on which one you think is better.
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