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  1. Hey everyone: I'd like to start off by saying I made a pretty big mess of my tank. It started about a week ago when I thought my tank had finished cycling (as the bacterial bloom was gone) and ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels were normal, everything except for pH and KH, which were a bit low. So decided put them on a mazuri 5ml6 gel diet, hoping that it would stop their floatiness. It didnt. As a matter of fact, it made things worse. They got even more floaty and water got cloudy. So I was wondering what I should do to 1.) clear up the tank and 2.) get them to stop floating. I think koko said the tank would never be completely cycled if pH and KH weren't right, so I was thinking adding crushed coral might help.
  2. I know the filter is an aqua clear 70 and the ammonia is <0.02 ppm, nitrites are 0 ppm and nitrates are around 5 ppm. pH is 5.8 ( I know it's low but I don't know what acid can be used to bring it up). All I know about hardness is that it has always been a bit soft, at least last time I checked hardness.
  3. Hey guys: About 4 weeks ago I was doing a water change and I noticed how low the ammonia levels, nitrite levels and nitrate levels were, and how little poo was at the bottom when I vacuumed. So, I decided to switch the fishes water changes to every 2 weeks (bad idea, I know). But then, I started feeding them this new food. By the next water change, the aquapigs had literally soiled their tank. I blew threw several vacuum batteries trying to get out all of the dirt, but the water was still foggy. Anybody have any suggestions? I cant use water clarifier because last time that happened we had a near-death experience. The new food is mazuri gel food. Oh by the way the tank has been cycled for about a month now
  4. I have the same problem with my Otto. I found that they can eat most vegetables, but not flake food. Although many people think gulping air is the problem, I think some fish are just naturally intolerant to wheat and soy, which is present in many commercial foods. I feed mine pees which allows them to pass the extra gas formed by the breakdown of the wheat in the bowels.
  5. Ya, I never knew fish had favorite foods. But if there was ever going to be a picky fish, it would be one of my goldies.
  6. Hey guys, I got some spinach because I noticed that my fish love peas. So I put it in the tank, and one fish loved it, but the other guy just ignored it. I'd like to give them foods to supplement their diet, but I don't know how to get the goldy who doesn't like it to try it. Also, I heard spinach is harmful to goldfish. Is this true?
  7. He's good. I got up today and went over to the tank and he came rushing over like he always does wanting food.
  8. Doing very good. Hope I didn't jinks myself. Swimming, still a bit of heavy breathing but moving around. And the vet got the rock out with a tiny Pair of forceps. Rock was pointy, should I worry?
  9. Hey guys, My goldfish got a rock stuck in his throat. I got it out but he's breathing heavy and not moving. Is this the stress or is he going to die?
  10. When they grow the plants they spray pesticides on it to keep bugs from eating it.
  11. Hey guys, I fed my goldfish peas yesterday, and to my surprise, they devoured them. I got some spinach in a bag (ready pac) and wondered If i could give this to them. Will the Pesticides harm them?
  12. Hi everybody, I have 2 black moors. They appear to be healthy and happy, and eat fine. The only issue I have noticed recently is white spots on only one side of one of the fish's Dorsel fin. They are only visible when light reflects off of them. The tank just finished cycling, and nitrates, nitrites and ammonia are fine.
  13. I finally got this account working again, and a couple of questions popped into my head when it was down. I have two black moors who (obviously) love to eat and beg for food. I'd like to improve their diet by including sugar snap peas. Is this safe? Also, the peas are not organic, so should I worry about pesticides?
  14. That's kinda ironic, doesn't knuckles have an eyepatch . But anyway he probably bumped it on something. I'd say take all sharp things out and (don't quote me on this) add some tetracycline to the tank.
  15. Can I get back to you on that by sunday or monday? I am busy this weekend for the holidays but will definitely answer those.
  16. Hi Guys: Recently I have been stupidly fooling with my fish tank in an attempt to clear up foggy water. I realize now it was most probably the nitrogen cycle, as th tank was newly set up. So after letting the tank alone for a month or two, I noticed it was starting to get foggy. It was then that in decided to add water clarified. I soon after noticed that my one black moore who has swim bladder problems was floating on his side, and the other was slow. I immediately got them out of the problematic tank and into a smaller one with fresh water. They eventually recovered, I replaced the water and filter media and they seem to be doing fine now. One of them is seeming to have some trouble ascending through the water (not the one with the bad swim bladder). Should I be worried? The ammonia is <0.02 ppm, and pH is a little low. Their feces is black. I have also started feeding them sinking granules as it supposed to help with air gulping. The tank is 10 gallons. I love these fish, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  17. Hello Everybody, I am new to the world of goldfish, and seem to have come to a bump in the road. I got my fish four days ago at petsmart, after letting the filter run for 24 hours and using spring water in the tank and conditioner to neutralize any ammonia released when I put the fish in the tank. For two days both fish seemed fine, But just yesterday, one, and only one, started yawning. Over the course of an hour he would yawn about five times. Now today the yawning has stopped, but he just sits at the top of the tank until someone touches or walks past the tank. Then he begins to swim around as he used to. He's eating fine, and they both speed up incredibly when I put the food in (eg. fast swimming and nipping at the surface blindly to find food) I also haven't noticed any signs of flukes, fish lice, damaged gills or flashing. Somebody please help.
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