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  1. I've got two form pacific aquarium already- a red and white oranda and an orange ranchu, and I probably will check back in eventually to see what they have. they are a great place to buy from/deal with. I'll try calling coral aquarium to see what they have when I start looking again, thanks for the recommendation. its not really high quality goldies I'm looking for, more along the lines of larger fish who are healthier than your average petsmart/petco buys.
  2. yeah, I had heard only good things about it, so I figured I would give it a try, but wow does it work fast. I wasnt expecting to start seeing a spike in nitrite at least until tomorrow!
  3. well, good news on the 40g: I'm already seeing a spike in nitrite, so the cycle is well on its way! this morning there was 0ppm nitrite, now its around .25ppm! the ammonia is still between 4 amd 8ppm, much closer to 8 than 4. I must say, I'm really impressed with dr. tim's one and only so far.
  4. I can start salt treatment at least, I suppose. I'll try to get some within the next few days.
  5. I know of raingarden and goldfish connection/dandy oranda, but the former doesnt have anything that really catches my interest and the latter doesnt seem to have anything at all. granted, this is on their sites, I'm not sure if it's considering okay to email them asking if they have anything not listed on their sites? a web search for other distrubutors didnt come up with much. I'm looking for a place with WYSIWYG fish of decent quality. I am most interested in ranchus and lionheads (calico, white or mostly white), orandas (white, black/white, nice calicos), black/white panda telescopes, moors that come from good lines and will retain a fair deal of black, however am pretty much open to any fancy breed.
  6. I think I'm actually going to move the dragon into the 29g, as the tank is taller and I think it will look a bit better in there. also, I think I've somewhat settled on names for the big guys: Mushoo (oranda) and Chunk (Ranchu). as for the little guy, I'm considering naming him Stark, Bran or maybe Arry (he's grey and white, for those Game of Thrones fans out there you'll get the references).
  7. oh, ok, I knew it was something like that. I'll see if the 29g ends up being stable. if it is, I'll go ahead and treat in there. if it isnt, them I'll probably wait to treat until I dont have to worry about ammonia/nitrite. I really dont like to medicate unless I know the tank is stable, because I think thecombination of the strain of medicating and the stress of unstable parmeters is enough to do most fish. anyways, onto the pics: got one nice pic of the ruykin baby, who still have yet to get a name. I've considered Castor and Chiquito, but I'm not 100% stuck on anything yet. and now, onto the new guys... the first will probably end up being called Cheddar Fish. he/she was being sold as a lionhead, but the tail tuck looks almost like a ranchu, no? regardless, I love the little guy. it's a bit floaty, but I decided to take a risk in getting it. I'm glad I did; I just love the chubby cheaks and the body shape (I've always wanted a ranchu/lionhead). not the most stand-out color-wise, but that's okay with me. the second is an oranda whom I have yet to setlle on a name. I fell in love with the white face. I think its just adorable! one of the 29g: one of the 40 (the dragon will bubble eventually, right now the heaters take up all the extra space on the power strip, so I dont have the air pump plugged in): everyone is swimming happily around in the 29, now. the two big guys were just rooting around in the sand quite happily name suggestions continued to be welcome! and thanks for all the kind words!
  8. I definitely plan to salt and prazi everyone, but i'm thinking I will wait until both tanks are stable (am I right in thinking that the addition of salt can make ammonia more toxic?) and I may wait until I have everyone setup in their permanent tanks as well, with 1-2 in the 29g and 3 in the 40g.
  9. I lost the little oranda this morning, and decided that the little container wasn't worth it. I had been toying with the idea of getting rid of my tropicals in my 29g for awhile and finally bit the bullet. gave them to a nice, privately owned store in manhattan (pacific aquarium, in chinatown, one of my favorite LFS's by far). me being the impulsive idiot I am, I decided to get 2 new goldies while I was there, since I fell in love with them and knew I wouldnt be able to go down there at least until next weekend. anyways, all 3 are in the 29g. both the 29 and 40 will be goldfish tanks, but I'm not sure who will be living where. for now, they will wait in the 29g until the 40 is cycled. I'm planning daily testing and probably daily water changes in the 29g, which is cycled and has a good amount of plants, but I'm worried about a spike in parameters while the 40 cycles. I know moving them immediately to the 40 with the established filter would be preferable, but the 40 is setup with dr. tim's one and only and I've dosed ammonia to between 4 and 8ppm. I dont want to do a water change until the one and only has had a change to colonize the substrate, etc, so theses three will wait in the 29. ###### me and buying fish before I am ready. anyways, stay tuned for some pics of the new additions! and pics of the ruykin under proper lighting!
  10. my reasoning is that a fishless cycle with high temps will likely be quicker than a fish-in cycle with low temps, so they will be exposed to poor water quality for a shorter span of time if I fishless cycle the 40g. I have a 10g I can put them in temporarily along with some spare plants from my tropical tank, but I wont be able to do 100% water changes if they go in there. I can do large water changes, though, just not ocmpeltely empty and re-fill the whole tank every day. still preferable? part of my reasoning for the small tank was that I could do 100% water changes instead of just larger partial water changes.
  11. as I said, tomorrow I have a bottle of dr. tim's one and only coming in. I'm going to run the tank in the mid/low 80's and fishless cycle it, keeping ammonia above 4ppm while it is cycling. the hope is it wont take more than a week to cycle. I know it's not 100% optimal that they be housed in such a tiny container, but its not for more than 5 days; they're getting small portions of food once a day, and daily water changes to try and cope with the small container. should the big tank take more than a couple days/a week to finish the cycle, or should I begin to notice ammonia burns/worrying behaviors, I will move these two to a larger container immediately. on another note, thanks for the kind comments. I'm actually surprised by how nice these two look, being that they are from poor petsmart stock. name suggestions are welcome; I have a few ideas of my own, but its nice to hear what other people might name them
  12. several months ago I rescued a fantail one of my neighbors had been keeping in a .25g bowl for several months without changing the water. I got a 40g and started cycling it for him, but unfortunately he died, and once he was gone I decided to make the 40g a tropical tank. fast froward to a few weeks ago, I decided to setup a 29g in my room and move my tropicals from my 40g into the 29, and use the 40 for goldfish like I initially planned. anyways, the 40 has been re-cycling with some seeded media from my old filter, which I moved to the 29g. I had to run to the petsmart by my house to get some bedding for my rats, and of course I checked out the goldfish. two caught my eye, and since this store has a pretty high turnover, and you can't put a hold on fish, I decided to get them. right now they're in a small, bare 15L rubbermaid with a sponge filter and daily water changes. I have dr tim's one and only on order to be delivered tomorrow, so the tank should be ready by the end of the week. anyways, here are the two little guys: my pretty little tri-color oranda, who I'd really hoping will retain the black coloration instead of fading out to orange and white: and the second, sold as a calico ruykin, though I'm thinking may just be a fantail. either way, I think the coloration on this little guy is just beautiful. I picked this little one because of the blue eyes, the tiny black freckles, and the tail, which I think is just stunning. and a shot of the two of them together in a container during their first waterchange http://i925.photobucket.com/albums/ad96/Brooklyngal_photo/DSC_0038-1.jpg[/img
  13. the pieces are more pebbles than chunks of rock, and will be mostly if not completely covered in java fern roots. most are about 1" by 1" by 1". their only purpose is to serve as a weight to hold down the ferns. there wont be more than 4 or 5 of these small pieces of rock. there is pretty much no way they could hurt the fish, because they are so small and will be mostly sunk into the substrate/covered by the java ferns in the paces not sunk into the substrate. from the reading I've done, it isnt likely to alter water chemistry much, if at all, being that the pieces of rock are so small in relation to the size of the tank. I'm going to test it out during the cycle (fishless, so no fish will be harmed) and if I see large pH spikes happening, then I'll take them out before the fish are added.
  14. the only plants I currently plan to use in my 40g goldfish are java ferns; the plan it to tie them to very small pieces of rock that I have. the rock is this kind, left over from a saltwater setup (will be rinsed well to get salt residue off it): http://www.marcorocks.com/keylargo-2.aspx now, the pieces are all under 2" long/wide/high, and when I poured vinegar onto one is barely bubbled/fizzed, leading me to think they probably wont do much in terms of affecting water quality. my normal pH out of tap is around 6.8; should I worry about a handful of small aragonite rock based pieces raising it to the point that a 50% water change will cause a pH swing severe enough to harm my fish??
  15. okay, I'll probably end up adding at least 2 initially, maybe 3 if I find all of them at once. if they are not added altogether, I will wait to salt/prazi treat until they are all in the tank. also, I am having some trouble with how to decorate their tank... the tank was a planted tropical community before the re-vamp, so has about an inch and a half/two inches of gravel/sand mixture which I'm going to keep for now simply because I dont have the energy/time to take it out, otherwise I would go barebottom. if it becomes a problem, I'll remove it little by little until the tank is barebottom, but I think I should be okay just because there isnt a lot of decor intside the tank to create clutter. so, right now it has eco-complete/sand mix as substrate, a small piece of wood loaded with java ferns, a 24" bubble wand, and the filters, as well as some rooted philodendron growing up and out of the tank. I'm thinking I'll leave the interior with minimal decor, may or may not keep the log with java ferns, I might just add a handful tied to small rocks instead, maybe add one or two floating plants like a smaller water hyacinth or water lettuce, and maybe a few larger terra cotta pot caves just to give the fish some sense of security and have something in the tank besides water and fish.
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