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  1. A beautiful fish no matter what it's color is. It is just gorgeous before and now. Only time will tell what color it will end up!!
  2. Wow, they're beautiful!! Best of luck with them.
  3. Oh.... congratulations, they are adorable and well worth the wait. It is so fun to watch the tiny ones grow up! The red cap is so cute!
  4. Thanks guys, Rai took most of the pictures, my camera wasn't co-operating for some reason. She is better at photographing the fish(steadier hands). She definately has my parents photography genes! We think Asher is a ryukin. we just couldn't pass him up. I am really enjoying my goldies. I've always had tropicals, so this is all new to me. Rai and I hope to try our hands at breeding our goldies for fun, hopefully some day!
  5. Thanks!! Rai's got her grandmother's photography gene. Thank you! We just couldn't pass him up. Such a beauty.
  6. Well, I thought it was a good time for an update on my goldfish. Rai and I have a new acquisition who is in quarantine at the moment. His name is Asher, we found him in a Petsmart we don't usually go to. He is a chocolatey metallic Ryukin. We couldn't resist him. I will be getting another tank when I go back home to New York in the beginning of June. A friend has a tank to give us! So, I'll split my guys up then. I have 7 goldies in all now. Piggy was my first one, she's a calico fantail. Next is Fozzy, he's an orange oranda. Then Cerebus, a calico ryukin with a extra tail lobe. Then I found Victor who was a black oranda that has become more bronzey in color. The Rai and I went on a lfs expedition and we found Victoria, a large blue oranda. We both wanted her ,but I had room and she didn't, so..... We kind of share her. I then found Princess Peach who was a tiny white oranda that was in poor shape. She had a rough shipping experience. She was missing scales and rather thin. She just finished quarantine and went into the big tank. She has done wonderfully in quarantine and has grown and popped a wen to boot. She is very energetic and friendly. Asher is our last one. He is doing well now in quarantine and has learned that there is more than just floating food. He has been eating his metro meds and is doing well. He will let me hand feed him now. Victoria and Princess Peach. Victor! Check out those breeding stars. We hope to breed him with Victoria one day! Ms. Piggy This is little Cerebus. She's not as little as she used to be! She has three lobes to her tail. It's hard to capture in pictures though. Rai tried. And here's our newest guy. Isn't he something? His name is Asher. Thanks for looking!!
  7. They are so pretty, I love the red color that RG has. You have 2 lovely fish, congrats!
  8. They are adorable, congrats on your good lucky find!! BTW Ping and Pong are cute names.
  9. What lovely fish and a beautiful tank I don't think I have an individual favorite, they are all so nice.
  10. I love the before and after pictures. Their changes are absolutely amazing. Rai and I are going to split a progold package. Congratulations on their obvious good care!
  11. Congratulations on all your new babies! They fish are cute. I agree it is so much better and cheaper to build your own stands, the pet stores are flimsy and expensive. We picked up some old stereo cabinets from the 60's-70's that work great with a little work. You can usually find them very cheap and solidly made.
  12. What a wonderful Valentine's Day gift. It was meant to be....
  13. Congratulations, he's absolutely beautiful. I have a soft spot for blue orandas
  14. He is! No problem holding him.
  15. Rai and I have had an eye on this fish for months now and we finally caved and brought him home. We couldn't resist that cute face! He doesn't have a name yet! Suggestions?! He'll be going in my 55 after QT! Can't wait!
  16. Wow, that is an absolutely stunning fish, just gorgeous. Congratulations Give him a while and they usually let you know what their name should be.
  17. They are looking good. I'm so happy your rescue is doing well
  18. Your commons have very nice coloring and Floyd is adorable
  19. That is a beautiful tank Congratulations!!!!!! Your fish will certainly enjoy it, as you will them.
  20. Your tank looks great! Your fish are so cute, they be big before you know it in their new tank. It's ok, I sneak behind my husband and take care of his Angel fish all the time!! Enjoy watching them grow. I just got a 55 gal for my 3 and am very excited.
  21. Wow, what a stunner! He is aptly named. I like Friesians too, currently own a 25 yr. old 7/8 Arab.
  22. Oh, they're all beautiful, your pearlie is amazing, I have a soft spot for Calicos though.
  23. Thanks everybody, I feel a lot better that they are now in a big tank. I should have a new filter and a piece of driftwood coming this week. Our well water is quite acid here, so when I went to local pet shop for plants I asked if he had any loose crushed coral I could buy and he just gave me a small bag. They are so nice there and are starting to get nicer goldfish because Rai and I always go in and look at them.I'll probably put 2 filters on so that I can put the crushed coral in the bottom. I'm also using some chemical removing resin because I know we have copper from old pipes in our water and also some oily film. So far the fish are loving the new tank and there have been no problems. I'm still monitoring the ph and ammonia and nitrate levels.
  24. Finally found a tank! It was a good deal and it's in great condition. Rai help me set it up and we went shopping and picked up some gravel and some plants. Acclimating to the new tank's lower Ph. Raising the bar~ Note the tanks in the background. Miss Piggy! Blood worms!!! (video coming later) They're all doing great and loving the extra room!!!
  25. Such a beautiful pearly white and such a big change.
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