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  1. I bought a new plant. It's the one in the video by the spitter. What kind of plant is it?
  2. I finally got rid of the pea soup. I got a bigger pump and filter, more plants, and some stuff called algeacide. It was pumping too much water for the spitter, so I cut a hole in the hose that goes from the pump to the spitter, so only about half the water goes to the spitter. I didn't realize that that hole in the hose would make something kind of like a man made spring. The fish like to swim through it. When they swim through, it pushes them upward a couple inches. Sometimes they keep doing it over and over again. I think it's fun for them. Here is the video...
  3. Picture I took a few days ago. I've seen this snail twice, both times in the morning. He likes the pond.
  4. I've seen this guy in the morning at the goldfish pond, so I took a picture.
  5. I do want a larger pond. I figured that I would start small and after I get this right, then go bigger. This pond doesn't get a lot of sun, about 1 or 2 hours a day. I got this pond at the end of last summer. I was pumping out about 40-50% every two weeks and replacing with clean water, but during the winter I didn't do it at all. The cold weather kept the algae down. Now I have pea soup. I got a better filter, and I plan on getting more plants. There is one plant that the local nursery has in their pond. I think it's called creeping jenny or something like that. I may get that. Also I want to add a dwarf water lily this spring. This pond is 91 gallons, and I have 6 comets in it. I think that 6 is a good number for 91 gallons, I don't want to over populate. The pump that I had before was really small. It is for fountains. Now I got a pump that is 210 gph. It is really pumping some water. I am thinking about building a waterfall . Does anyone know if 210 gph in a 91 gallon pond is too much? (the pictures was with the small pump, not the new one)
  6. I pulled the African Iris from the pot and washed most of the soil from the roots. Then I drilled holes in the pot and put the Iris back in the pot with gravel. I think the roots will get their nutrients from the water. Here are some pictures. I want to add at least two or three more plants to the pond this spring. I also added a fish fountain from Lowes.
  7. During the winter, I noticed that not much filtration and cleaning of the pond is needed. When it's cold, the algea doesn't grow. I've been waiting for spring to plant some new plants. I figure the more plants in the water, the less filtration I will need. I want to plant Iris in the pond, and a winter hardy water lilly. Anyone ever plant Iris in a pond? Specifically African Iris.
  8. I just bought an African Iris. I read that Iris can be planted in a pond. Is this true? I want to put it in the pond, but if it won't do well in the pond, I'll plant it next to the pond. I think that if they do well in ponds, I'll cut some holes in the sides of the pot so the roots can get to nutrients in the water. Has anyone tried Iris in ponds?
  9. Here is a link to some pics of my fish. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/94859-some-pics-from-the-pond/
  10. Here are two pics. The first one is when I first put the pond in, a few months ago. The second pic, is what it looks like now. It's a work in progress. I work on it on the weekends.
  11. We finally got some rain here in central Texas. I actually changed the pond a little to be better prepared for rain. Now I'm glad that I did. The place were the plants are next to the pond, I lowered the level of dirt and covered it with that white landscape gravel, so the dirt wouldn't wash into the pond in the rain. Also when I dug the hole for the pond, I made it so the pond is slightly tilted, so when it rains a lot, it will over flow away from the back porch, because the pond is right next to the back porch. I have been hoping that it would rain a lot so I could see how the pond would do. I felt like I prepared for it pretty good. I wondered how the fish would do in a heavy rain. I figured that rain is a natural thing and they should do good. I was right. The pond was so full, it was running over. The fish did fine, the water lilly bulbs that were doing nothing, all of a sudden, started sprouting.
  12. Yeah, and when they get big, I gotta convince my wife that I need the 300 gallon rubbermaid. So far, she is not going for it.
  13. Yeah, they love feeding time. They go crazy.
  14. It's not a rubbermaid pond. It's a 91 gallon pond from Lowes. I would like a bigger pond some day. I think the rubbermaid 300 gallon would be a good choice.
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