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  1. Just a quick update... Boiled water then measured into a mixing container, nuked it for 15 seconds to make sure the water and container were very hot. Added the powder, mixed and it worked perfectly.
  2. My guess is that steps 1 and 2 in the NLS instructions cool down the water too much for it to gel properly. I add agar agar and boil it for seval minutes before the seaweed powder (like NLS or Soilent Green) & other additives. It is trial and error to get the right gel-set (not to chewy, but doesn't fall apart on hitting the water) for your unique recipe. I have not used this powder, but am just offering general gel-powder advice re: setting the batch. If your batch doesn't set.... no worries. Freeze it as a slab in your freezer on a board. Then cut it up as blocks. Then freeze again in a closed container until ready to thaw for feeding. You can carefully chop a block to drop v.small slightly frozen 1/4 pea sized pellets in since they'll thaw instantly when they hit water. Thanks Yeah, I have no issues when doing DIY gels with agar agar, just thought this stuff would be easier LOL Good plan - I will give this method a try tomorrow do you nuke in the microwave for a few seconds once mixed??
  3. Hi all, I have successfully made my own Gel foods in the past, but thought I would try the NLS Algae/Gel which is new to me since I have rejoined the fishy world. I am having a bit of difficulty setting it! Which is pretty weird as it seems like there really is no room for user error when following the directions LOL. It seems to form a very soft gel, and won't cut into cubes like I am used to. I have found it was very thick and coarse when I did exactly 1 tbl spoon of powder to 3 tbl spoons of boiling water. So coarse that it wont pour or spread into a container to set. Its not a cheap product here so I don't want to keep throwing out unusable batches. Do any users here have any tips or advice for me... please
  4. Thanks for that - which of the get types did you use?
  5. Hiya, I haven't been here for ages, My prized 5yr old Ranchu passed 2 years ago and my 5yr old Oranda passed last year. But now getting back into the hobby. I have been out of the food loop for a while. I have 3 small ranchu currently and have some new foods ( I like a lot of variety LOL) I have the following New Era Goldfish Pellets 1.5mm NLS Algae Max Pettets 2mm - just bought today Fluval Goldfish pellets 3mm (probably a tad big) Frozen Premium Bloodworms Frozen Premium Brine Shrimp I really haven't seen much by way of reviews on the Fluval pellets but the ingredients look very good. Has anyone here used it? Also thoughts on the above foods. I have also noticed that NLS do two Gel foods which sound good - anyone used them? The Repashy can be bought from NZ as I discovered in a thread here, but if the NLS is as good then it will be easier to get it and I won't have to pay $20 odd for shipping. Having said that if it is better I will probably get some LOL Probably will get some 2mm Thera A ... just because Might get some NLS Goldfish Pellets too LOL Anyway, good to be back and please let me know what is new and exciting in the world of Goldy food
  6. LOL, it takes me about 5 minutes. But yeah I don't think it would be possible with small pellets.
  7. Hi Lionchu Great to hear from another West Aussie! Yep NLS is New Life Spectrum. THe NLS Jumbo are floating, Their goldfish variety is 3mm which is sinking but I have better results with the bigger soaked tablets. My fish will eat from my hands but it is just easier on the stick with different size and speed fish. Cheers Jase
  8. Hi all I thought I would share my goldie feeding method. My problem was that my oranda is super piggy and he was getting nearly all of the food before my similar sized ranchu and the smaller ranch could get any. I feed NLS Jumbo and alternate with gel food, vegies and weekly shelled peas. With the NLS food, I desired amount put in a small tea cup and add a very small amount on tank water, using only enough water so that the pellets absorb the water and leave no watery soup filled with nutrients that would be wasted (usually around 3ml). Normally around 10 mins. THis is enough for the pellets to be soft but not mushy. Occasionally I will add a drop of fish liquid vitamin or amino acid to the soaking water and this gets directly absorbed into the food. With the gel food, I cut prior to freezing into 5mm cubes and thaw before feeding. Now, the key is the feeding method. I use disposable wooden skewers that are around 30cm in length, they are thin and look like a very long tooth pic. I pierce a pre soaked pellet or gel cube on the skewer and dangle a couple of inches below the surface of the water, the fish immediately change the food and the oranda is always waiting and gets first piece. I then just repeat the process lifting out of the water when the oranda comes up and move it to where the other fish are. You will want to dangle vertically so they attach the food from the side. Everyone gets their appropriate food intake, there is no surface gulping and no waste in the tank substrate or water column. Anyway it's pretty basic and fun to do... and probably been used by others?? For vegies, I just use a vegie clip and everyone gets to pick at that so there is no special method to that. Cheers Jase PS I bought some Omega but the pellets are too hard even after a soaking and they then just break - ###### waste of money that was.
  9. Really nice - congrats on the new beauties
  10. Wow!!!! Amazingly beautiful clan you have there - great photography skills as well. Cheers Jase
  11. THanks everyone for the kind comments - much appreciated! Cheers Jase
  12. Hi all Here is a poor quality iPhone photo of 2 of my prize goldies ! Top is a thai style oranda - read and white with a blonde/yellow face. Bottom is a Edonoshiki chinese ranchu. These are some more of the same fish but again pic quality is poor, but it gives you some idea of the finage and colours. Cheers Jase
  13. Great, many thanks Cap! and yes the Zits are on the wen. The fish seem to be starting to settle now after the stress of the shipping, they are eating and moving about quite peacefully. Cheers Jase
  14. Hi again... Just a quick question in regards to the above. I have been doing the 70% water changes and keeping up with the .1% salt. Zits are still present but I know this is way too early to expect recovery. I am just a little concerned about the stress I will be causing with daily 70% water changes. Can I reduce this to 30 or 40% or 70% every 2nd day? Also, what exactly are these pimples? Many thanks Jase
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