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  1. My 20 gallon tank has no nitrates 24/7. Even if I miss a water change I still will have zero nitrates. I have fast growing plants that readily absorb the nitrates. I still do weekly 80% water changes BUT I have missed a few days with out any worry because my plants are helping. I would recommend duckweed (the larger kind). Watersprite, and Hornwort. I can get them to grow on a 9watt LED marine land double bright system. These plants are called fast growers and some times nuisances. The only problem with the large duckweed is the fish have been eating it faster than I can grow it. All of these plants can be bought from eBay. I don’t know much about elodea but if its a slow grower it wont absorb the nitrates fast enough. I also have a similar setup as Sakura's gravel bowl except I choose to use smaller containers for separate plants. My tank doesn’t really look beautiful but it is functional for the fish and that works for me. .
  2. Day 1 of goldfish on 8/23/11 http://www.youtube.c...bed/IKUUvdhG4LM Roughly 2 months after size doubled. http://www.youtube.c...bed/ivAMtZUT8c8 The vidoes dont really do the tank justice. The camera on the phone up close shrinks the tank. Its a big tank in person but on the video it makes it look small to me. You can use the thermometer as a size reference.
  3. Why do you not need activated Carbon for your 50 gallon? Do you need activated carbon at all? Do I need it in my 20 gallon? I bought a 3 months supply for my AQ50 because I assumed I needed it.
  4. No I didn’t try the EX series. They only had the Tetra FS2040 and some smaller models and larger models. At the time Tetra seemed the best thing there and probably still is. So yeah I compared a Tetra 20-40 which I believe had a 200GPH, which was physically larger and louder with less media. To a AquaClear 50 which has same GPH but smaller, quieter and more media. I think its a pretty fair comparison. If you have 25 bucks to spend your better off with the AquaClear 50. Oh yeah all I can hear are the bubbles in my tank also now. I am kind of thinking I should make those quiet now haha.
  5. I do need to extend the intake tube. I have just been to lazy to search the net for it.
  6. I have made green water with a tank that had 2 watts per gallon with plant growing bulbs 6500 and 10,000. I also put co2 in the water but I don't recommend doing this because you will kill the fish in a empty tank. Don t put any plants in the tank and just wait, it should happen. Also don't keep changing the water so you have zero nitrates because you will need it for the algae to grow. No nitrates = no fertilizer I believe. Long story short, high watt per gallon at least 2 watts, with plant growing lights with nitrate for fertilizer and no live plants to compete and I think it will happen.
  7. After reading a lot of your guys reviews and opinions I decided to upgrade my Tetra Whisper 20-40 to a AquaClear 50. Man what a difference between night and day. First thing I notice is the AquaClear requires less wall space. Its roughly ½ free space from the wall now. Then there is the lip portion, it doesn’t hang so far into the tank its really nice. I think the lip portion saved another ½ space also. The noise difference. Tetra Whisper is a miss leading name. Compared to the AquaClear it should be called Tetra Screamer. Biological value? You all probably know it but the aqua clear just has a lot of media going on, the surface area alone is greater when you factor in every thing inside it. End result is I am incredibly happy with the purchase.
  8. I am using Greater Duckweed, Horn wort and Water sprite. I am using greater duckweed because the smaller one seems more filter clog able and the bigger one seems to be working out for me. Right now I suspect duckweed and horn wort is real low light and Water sprite is Medium light. But I have had zero nitrates no matter what. If your looking for beauty then these plants are not your thing.
  9. I am not a expert on plants but I use to dabble in it. I don’t know the wattage on your tank lights but if all your plants are slow growers and your goldfish is producing waste, the fastest growing plant will consume the waste at a higher rate. Because you left open a viable section of your tank for plant life to grow, green algae consumed it. Shutting off the lights means algae and slow growing plants still compete with exactly the same amount of lights. So if you ran the light 1 hour a day, the algae would consume more waste over your slow growers in that 1 hour period. I was doing homemade co2 planted tank with high wattage. I started off with many small plants and green water started. Once my plants finally grew the green water went away. I did put in some fast growers in the tank too, that also helped. I didn't need a UV sterilizer since green water isn't a bad thing. I just waited it out. This is just my theory of what I remember.
  10. Nah its not a closet. I live in a big 4 bedroom house. Just this side of the house is 100 years old so there is no closet in this room. I have a huge two row garment rack against the wall and the tank near the garment rack. My computer desk is to near the tank so I watch the fish while I am on the PC a lot.
  11. Tank is running 1-2 months. The light I had on it was strong for a 20 gallon, at least I think it was. Alright I will tone down the feeding. Theres a lot of duckweed on the surface, I assumed they would eat that up but so far they don't seem to have put a dent in it.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDTa6a391JM
  13. Also I notice that the bigger fish is pushy over the feeder ring. There is no damage being done just pushing. Not even biting. Its kind of like watching a baby fight another baby, it non effective. Think its pushing it to put in a small third gold fish into the twenty gallon? I plan to upgrade to a 30 gallon in December. The urge to buy another fish is incredible even when I know its not the best. Ill make a new video in a little bit.
  14. Update on my tank. Gravel removed. Makes cleaning easier. Halved the plant horn wort because it was to much and collecting debris’s. Change 50% water on Monday and Thursday due to a lot of free time on those days. Removed 40 watt t5 light system which was hot and sucking up electricity. Replaced with marine land Double Bright Led 24-36 inch light http://www.amazon.com/Marineland-Double-Bright-24-Inch-36-Inch/dp/B0032536QK/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top I gotta say I like the LED lights. I like the shimmer affect and the fact that’s its cooler and saving me money. Since I am only growing duckweed, hornwort and watersprite I hope it has enough watts to do it. What I notice now is I have a lot of brown algae all over the place, I have been wondering how to get rid of it with out scrubbing. I was thinking a otocinculus until I read the goldfish will eventually eat it killing both. Maybe the LED lights wont be as powerful and it wont grow. Also feeding habits. I read it takes 16 hours for something to be digested by a gold fish. I feed twice a day, once when I wake up and once before I go to sleep. Its a decent amount too. They still seem to be extremely hungry and super beggars for food. All they do is beg. There’s no way I am underfeeding. Its got to be a trick they know if they swim towards me for hours on end I will break down and give them food.
  15. I think I caught my gold fantail sleeping on the top surface under the duckweed but laying on floating hornwort. He was completely still when I came home from work. I tapped on the glass after no movement for a while and he came back to life. I thought to my self okay he was just napping because it was comfortable there. My other theory is the fish get to sleep the same time I sleep. So if my sleep hours are good enough for me, it better be good enough for them haha.
  16. I would love to see a photo of a ideal fan tail. Thanks for a detailed response also.
  17. Wondering if fat bodied fish have a slower growth rate verses there longer counter parts. When I see a long bodied fan tail, I just assume common, comet, is mixed in there and it will be a much bigger fish than a normal fat bodied one. I am also noticing fan tail could mean any thing at this point.
  18. The pet smart near me is better. The fish always seem happier and healthier. I saw the same goldfish with a twisted fan tail for one month straight. Nobody has adopted him but he is growing kind of fast and very healthy. It leads me to believe they keep water quality good and are feeding him regularly. The employees seemed to have worked at pet smart long enough that the girl who seemed uninterested by fish actually told me quite a bit of info, The same employee who seemed bored to death by the fish, also talked a customer out of buying a goldfish because their tank wasn't even cycled yet. She said she would sell it to them but she thinks it will die so if you want that I will net him. I do suspect some one higher up in the store looks over and manages that fish section so it doesn't go bad. The petco always has fish on quarantine due to ICH. There clearly never has been some one in charge at my petco to keep things in shape. I think their fish section is ran like walmarts.
  19. I am glad to hear that. I wanted fantails because every thing I seen, they appear to be the smallest of the breed. And I know every genetic is different and for all I know they grow into super monsters. I just want normal size. In a month they both have doubled in size roughly.
  20. I will just have to wait and see what they both turn out to be. I am hoping they are regular fan tails but if they turn into Ryukins I wont be unhappy. Maybe in a Month or two I will upload a new video. But in the fan tail tank I purchased it out of, they had all sorts of small sizes and shapes, some were clearly different style. Like I was pretty sure one was a lion head fan tail. I almost purchased him but the little gold brown one was so fat and round and healthy.
  21. The hump from what I have noticed has grown. I don’t remember it being so prominent.
  22. So after reading more over this site, when attempting to look up videos of large fantail goldfish has confused me. I now am confused as to if what I bought at petsmart really are fan tails? Here is a quick video of them. I had to feed them to get them to sit still. Video quality is poor because its from a t-mobile g2. I don’t think it was meant for recording small items while filtering the tanks lights perfectly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOby56aCe1Q
  23. I am thinking about adding the pots into the tank instead of gravel. I think I am just going to put some of the plants into pots and let them go from there. I kind of suspect the tank is easier to clean with less gravel.
  24. Okay so bad bacteria build up. I was hoping the plants I had kept the bio-load in check while they were small, which means less work for me. The plan is soon as I see Nitrate build up, purchase a bigger tank.
  25. Hello, thanks for the welcome. Ammonia has been zero since maybe 3-6 days after the tank was started. Didn't post results for it since the tank has been cycled for a bit. As for the test being inaccurate, I have faith they are working some what with in acceptable range while not being perfect. Explain to me why 50% water change every week. Was this rule derived from a assumption that a tank will have a nitrate build up? Theres bacteria on every thing. Theres bacteria covering both our entire bodies right now. So that statement while true can mean any thing. As for tank size, the 20g is just while they are small, I have plans for a 30G acrylic. A bigger one if they continue to grow.
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