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  1. So I've decided to Cycle my 29 gallon and not seed it from my old tank that is currently owned by my brother. He lost my black moore about a week or so ago. I don't want to take any chances infecting a new tank especially since I will be ordering 2 Ranchu from ECR. The 29 gallon will only be a temporary home for the two until I can go get another 55 gallon. I figured I might as well start my cycle and prepare. I'm tempted to become a subscriber again and enter the new Raffle! I've been keeping a log of everything I have done to the tank to ensure that everything is going well with the cycling process. My notes on here will be verbatim from my hand written log, mistakes and all lol. I am going to keep updating it on here so if I miss something, someone can hopefully go ahead and point it out to me 29 Gallon Tank with AQ110 Air Stone Two Tank heaters. Tank Temp about 80 Degrees F Started Cycling 8/12/13 ( Monday ) First Dosage of Ammonia 1/4 tsp. Will wait to see the results before re-dosing. Need to obtain 0.5ppm of ammonia. First Reading appears to be @ 1.0ppm Ammonia Will re-test to make sure its accurate. * Stirred the tank water around. Re-tested and it came down to 0.5ppm Ammonia PH Level is Currently @ 7.2. Cycling 8/13/13 ( Tuesday ) Re-tested Ammonia in tank. Still at 0.5ppm as expected. Added 1/2 tsp. Tank currently has 3/4 tsp of ammonia. Tested Ammonia and tank is @ 4.0ppm. Perfect. * Will leave tank alone until Monday or Tuesday of Next week to see where it is at. Cycling 8/19/13 ( Monday ) Tested : Ammonia = 0.0ppm Nitrite = 0.0ppm Ammonia and Nitrite Readings are not what I expected. Hypothesis was 4.0ppm of ammonia and possible slight Nitrite reading. PH = 6.8ppm ...... Ph has dropped. May need to consider using " Buff it up" Re- tested. Results came back the same. Added a 1/2 tsp of ammonia. Reading is now at 4.0ppm of Ammonia. Will check on 8/21/13 ( Wednesday )
  2. Oh that's perfect! I was unaware of that. Thanks dnalex! I will have to ask to see what she has available. I have only see the ranchu's on the facebook page.
  3. Thanks Tithra! I'm going to order it shortly. Looking forward to getting everything all set up. I will let everyone know how I like it as once I've had it for awhile. Really excited!
  4. Okay sounds good! I'm probably going to go with two ranchu... one black, I've had an obsession with them for quite some time! The other I'm not quite sure. Maybe calico or red and white. I already have and all red one in my brothers tank. I will leave space open for the possible and very likely impulse oranda purchase haha. Anyone hear anything positive or negative on the aquatop uv canister?
  5. So not long ago I gave my brother my extra 55 gallon fish tank and taught him all I knew about goldfish keeping. I was in the middle of a move and He said he would hold on to my GF for me. This helped out tremendously through out the move. Forward to two months after the said move and now I have an empty water-less 55 gallon that's begging to be stocked with some fish. My brother has grown fond of my fish and I told him he could keep them since he has been doing such a great job! He is totally stoked about it. So now My girlfriend and I are trying to decide on what we should do. I was originally going to see if I could trade my 55 for a 40B because of space. But, now that the whole apartment is setup we realized we have space for the 55g. I really want to get a ranchu again since my brother has mine. I will order from ECR. Would do you guys think of 2 ranchu and oranda? or should I just get one Ranchu and an oranda? I currently have an Aquaclear 110 and I'm thinking about getting this... http://www.petmountain.com/product/aquarium-canister-filters/11442-574797/aquatop-uv-canister-filter-cf-series.html The 500 series. Was wondering if anyone had any experience with this canister and the integrated UV filter? Another question that has been lingering in my mind is, If i only do two GF in my 55g, what would my water change schedule be like? Im use to doing it every 7 days. But, for only two in a large tank would it be okay to let it go longer? Thanks! Josh.
  6. Thanks! Yeah he was only 2.5 years old! Good food, frequent water changes, over filtered, and enough room to grow. Plus good genetics I guess haha. I miss my Pancho! Haha. I will be visiting him in a couple weeks. Can't wait to see how he is doing in the pond Selling my 55 gallon and getting a 40 gallon breeder. Due to me moving and space being an issue. Looking to get a nice ranchu and an Oranda.
  7. In my personal opinion, for the long term, No. Some commons can grow very large in a short amount of time. My common out grew his 20 fairly quickly. I then moved him to his own 55 gallon where he grew and grew and grew. It started to get small for him . I just had to re-home him to a friend with a Koi Pond. Even though the photo appears like there is enough room all he did was pace back and forth and it made me feel guilty. Can you picture him in a 29 gallon ? haha
  8. wteoh1 - Petmountain.com is def my fav place to order online! The little hex tank was just for transport. I now have two of these hex tanks... don't know what to do with them lol Thanks Isabella, Stakos,and motherredcap! I like Walter too! haha I am def. enjoying watching these two swimming about happily! I am very eager to put them into the 55 gallon! Must stay...strong... lol. I will have to post some pics of the two babies my brother wanted. He picked out a little red and white oranda and another red and white ryukin. They are in a 20 gallon qt. Thanks again everyone!! Josh.
  9. Wow absolutely beautiful Goldfish! Love the black Oranda with the giant wen! Josh
  10. Thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments!! Yeah, I didn't plan on feeding them the Hikari cichlid food lol... Just came along with the package. The previous owner said she was using the "new life spectrum" brand and seemed to be doing well. I fed a little today but, I felt like the pellets are just way to small and they get sucked up into my filters intake tube really fast. Right now on my other fish I have been using some API Pellets but, I'm planning on ordering some Hikari fancy and Hikari wen growth pellets in the near future Also got some flakes in the package but I'm not a fan of the flakes anyway. I really have no Idea how old they are. The lady said she had her for about 8 months and she was way smaller before.. I would guess maybe 1.5-2 years? Love the Shrek idea ahaha!!! I will keep everyone updated on how they are doing Thanks :0) , Josh
  11. Thanks everyone! Can't wait to put them all into the 55 gallon together ... Must be patient!!! Drowsy - I'm a pleco for red and white fish myself! haha I guess you guys are right. I can def see it being a cross between Ryukin and Oranda. I was stumped when I first saw it but it was so pretty I GLADLY accepted Any name suggestions for the red and white gentleman lol.
  12. Thanks everyone! Appreciate all the support on this forum ... I started a new thread in the Goldfish pic forum. Take a look !!!!!!
  13. So I drove about an hour today to go pick up My new little Ranchu Her name is Fiona! Previous owner named her and I guess I will just keep that name. When I arrived to pick her up there was quite a few extra bonuses waiting for me. I will let the pictures explain themselves. Oh yeah not to mention another fish!! Re-homing fee for everything was $30.00... I really really can't complain Both are so stinking cute! Fiona - Needs to be named! I think its a male. Pretty sure I see some breeding stars QT Tank Pic Please let me know what you think! And, Name suggestions if im correct on the breeding stars.. Hopefully you can see in the pic. Yayay! So happy right now haha. Josh.
  14. Sorry for being away for so long! Delilah is currently at my local exotic animal vet's personal home I formed a great relationship with the vet and she said she would do everything possible. The vet has had her for a little over 2 weeks and says she seems stable but is still very swollen. She also said she may never return to her normal state and if another two weeks go by and she is the same then she would recommend putting her back into the main tank and live her life normally. She said that the information and advice that I received on this forum was truly great! Turns out that my vet also put me in contact with a fellow Goldfish lover who has to re-home her Red Sakura Ranchu. Guess who she's coming home with??? haha Can't wait for tomorrow! Will try to keep everyone who has been following up-to-date as I find out more info on Delilah. Thanks again everyone! I will post pics later of the new Ranchu if everything works out tomorrow
  15. Oh okay lol... I was almost worried for a second!
  16. I didn't really pay attention to be honest. The fish tank lights were off and the room was not very well lit. I just kinda opened and dumped the packets. I'm pretty sure the powder was white though.
  17. No its not yellow... Its still clear. Is that what usually happens??
  18. Hmm.. The bulb that is in there now is a Marineland Natural Daylight F15T 8/18 inch.
  19. So I have my 55 gallon up and running for about 3 weeks now. The only resident in this big tank is Steve my Black Moore. He is def loving all the swimming space My only gripe is that I purchased two 24 inch hoods that came with bulbs pre-installed so I used them. I am really not happy with the way they light the tank. It could def look better, clearer, brighter. I would still like to use the two 24inch hoods since I just purchased them. What kind of bulbs would work best for this type of situation. P.S I do have some plants in my tank that are attached to a small piece of drift wood. The tank is pretty boring right now since I have been dedicating most of my time to my other sick fish Delilah. Thanks for any info and help! Josh. I was going to post a pic... but, it makes me look like a total liar lol... the tank looks pretty bright in pics.
  20. WC is done and MarycnTwo is in Lights are off and will remain so. Will check Ammonia tomorrow after work. Wish us luck! Josh
  21. Ok, Perfect. I Have tons of aeration in her tank. I will keep the lights off. The tank is located in an area of my home that doesn't get much light anyway. Should I do a WC to get the Prazi out of the system? Just didn't know if the interfere with one another. Thanks again for being such a help!
  22. Its been one week for prazi. I did two WC and put prazi in twice so far. It says on the directions no more than every three days. Picked up the MarycnTwo and a 30 gallon tank They had no clue it was the dollar per gallon sale so I had to argue with the associates that it was... I won lol Just waiting for the OK on putting in the MarycnTwo. Thanks, Josh
  23. Thank You so much Lola_Granola! Really appreciate it dnalex... I am on my way to petco and pick up some tanks, possibly a 20 gallon long and a 30 gallon.. Will also be picking up the Maracyn2. Will I be able to administer it today? Or will I have to finish the Prazi treatment? Will either interfere with one another? Thank You!!
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