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  1. Sorry you're having so much trouble Mikey. I would just get a rubbermaid container at walmart. Something long and low so you can have enough water but less depth. Seems like those make some of the best Hospital tanks. Especially for fish that head stand and have bouyancy issues.
  2. If you were to gently lift her up to the surface and then let her go what happens? does she sink like a rock?
  3. Haha[emoji4]. I use a mesh media bag. I'm a Single guy... So yeah it would be weird if I had some pantyhose hanging around lol
  4. Haha, no worries. I appreciate the help! I have powdered kana, but only metromeds food. Should I also gradually increase the salt again since the has been without salt through the night?
  5. She was starting with the 2nd round of prazi with salt at 0.3%
  6. Right now the R&W butterfly is in a 20 gallon long filled half way. Airstone, and prime after yesterday's events. I was treating her the same as the other fish that passed until I noticed the pineconing. That's when I separated them.
  7. Haha! Thanks! It is the Caribsea super naturals. After two weeks the water finally looks nice and clear
  8. Thank you. I felt like there was a problem from the start with the one that passed. The other however, has been doing extremely well. Should I continue with the salt and prazi? She is in her own tank with out meds at the moment.
  9. Do you think the qt procedure was to harsh for him? Benny suggested not doing so much and just letting the fish be in a qt tank with clean water.
  10. I just picked up the Epsom on my way home from work. Should I still treat with prazi while doing Epsom? I don't have metronidazole powder available right now [emoji53]. Do you think I should still dose with kanaplex?
  11. I'm still having problems with butterfly #2 [emoji17].Last night he stopped eating and has been bottom sitting ever since I started up the prazi pro treatment again. Today is day 6 of treatment in the 10 gallon qt. 0.3% salt Double dose of prazi. I also added kanaplex to the water because now I see some pineconing but, only on the left side. I tried to feed metro meds. The other butterfly seems completely fine and happily ate them up. Should I separate them? This is also the email I sent. I just received a response. Joshua, Let me know how it goes. Your quarantine procedure is quite elaborate. Sometime medication and excessive water change can be stressful to the fish. I usually let the fish rest and recover then preventive medicine only if needed. Benny On Jul 2, 2014 7:00 PM, "Joshua Gonzalez" wrote: Hello Benny, My two butterflies have been in QT since I got them. I keep having problems with the orange and black one. Lots of bottom sitting. The other is completely fine an active. They are both eating. My qt consist of salt, which was raised in 3, 12 hour increments to 0.3% and praziquantel. Today I noticed some slight pine coning ( raised scales on the left side). I went ahead and treated with kanaplex. They are both in the same 10 gallon qt and they get daily 100% water changes and the re-addition of prazi for 4 days straight one day off. Always having 0.3% salt in. I usually do this for a month straight before adding to main tank. No filter, just an airstone, bare bottom. I attached a video so you could see. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you! Josh. Your thoughts are much appreciated. Thank you
  12. Seems like they are both doing well! 10 gallon qt with daily water changes. First day at 0.3% salt and a double dose of prazi fingers crossed!
  13. I'm using the liquid so double dosing. Thank you[emoji4]
  14. OK, So I will be adding salt every 12 hours until up to 0.3% salinity. I Just added 9 teaspoons of salt now which brings me to 0.01%. Once I get to 0.3%, I will be adding a total of 113.7 grams of salt after each 100% Water Change. after 4 days at 0.3% I will start with the Prazi treatment again. Does this mean I go back to 0.1% when starting Prazi? or should I just double dose and leave at 0.3%? Just wanted to make sure I got it right Alex. I've QT'ed in the past but, apparently if you don't use it you lose it haha. One other thing I wanted to ask. I want to make sure I buffer my 75 gallon tank appropriately. My KH is at 4 drops which puts me around 71.6. In your baking soda link it says you want between 100-150ppm. So for my 75 gallon I would have to add between 3 and 4 teaspoons? Just want to verify I did that right. btw Thank you for all of the helpful links!
  15. I would purchase from him again. I purchased the fish from the " by picture" selection. The fish are definitely the exact fish that were pictured. The shipping was a flat rate of $54.00 overnight from California. Thank you! I have an obsession with the butterfly telescopes haha.
  16. They are both active again. I'm thinking I should go ahead and salt the tank to 0.01% tomorrow and continue up to 0.03% over three days and then leave it there for two weeks. Then re attempt the prazi treatment. Wait to see what the reactions are and if bottom sitting reoccurs then also add kanaplex.
  17. I just got home. He was swimming around but, I also think I saw some darting
  18. I just put both of them in there 2 hours ago. I'll wait to see what you guys want me to do. I have salt, baking soda, kanaplex and prime.
  19. I bought them from buygoldfishonline.com he said they have already been QT'ed and that they should be ready to go. They arrived fine and looking lively from the beginning. That is until I started with the prazi.
  20. Bought a 10 gallon. Fresh water and prime with an air stone. Nothing else.
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